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Some Politically INCORRECT Cartoons and Memes You May Have Missed


See Why A “Politically Incorrect” Sign A Business Owner Posted On Door Has Liberals Going Crazy


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Something is seriously wrong with our country when a business owner has to warn people that they might be offended when walking inside due to Christmas music, Easter greetings or special consideration for our veterans…
The Kewaskum Dairy Queen posted a sign on the door calling the restaurant ‘politically incorrect’ is generating business and conversation.

The sign reads: “This restaurant is politically incorrect.” It warns potential customers that staff may say things like “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Easter,” and will also offer free sundaes to veterans on Veterans Day. It also says “In God We Trust.”

“I felt the sign was appropriate to hang in terms of being transparent about the views of the owner and staff supporting God and country,” said owner Kevin Scheunemann.

“It just seems that those kinds of values and principles are becoming controversial in society,” he said.

Watch Dairy Queen franchise owner Kevin Scheunemann explain his decision to post the sign.

The sign was posted close to four years ago after a customer was upset when he heard Christian music inside the restaurant. Scheunemann decided to post the warning and said he hasn’t had many problems since then.

One time, a customer was upset at the offer of free ice cream for veterans, but Scheunemann said he is open to talking with anyone who may have concerns about the sign. He says he’ll even make arrangements for a customer to come in without witnessing any expression of God or country.

Other business owners in town say they support Scheunemann’s right to run his business the way he sees fit.

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Some Memes Worth Sharing

This Famous Music Star Has a New Song Out… Atheists Are Going to Hate It [LISTEN HERE]


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Atheists have a new target in their sights and it’s country music star Carrie Underwood, who recently released a new song expressing her Christian faith and values.In the song, titled “Something in the Water,” Underwood discusses baptism and being “washed in the blood,” both of which are key symbols in the Christian religion. Lyrics throughout the song paint a picture of someone coming to the desperate realization they are hopelessly lost without God and need Him for salvation.

According to TheBlaze, Underwood has always been an outspoken defender of singing about religious themes and has a message for all the liberals and atheists who are whining and complaining about the lyrical content of her new hit, saying, “Country music is different. You have that Bible Belt-ness about it. I’m not the first person to sing about God, Jesus, faith or any of that, and I won’t be the last. And it won’t be the last for me, either. If you don’t like it, change the channel.”



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Government bans calling terrorists ‘jihadis’



Forbidden ad was based on Washington’s own wanted list


Bob Unruh joined WND in 2006 after nearly three decades with the Associated Press, as well as several Upper Midwest newspapers, where he covered everything from legislative battles and sports to tornadoes and homicidal survivalists. He is also a photographer whose scenic work has been used commercially.

A federal appeals court is being asked to reverse a lower court decision that banned the American Freedom Defense Initiative from featuring in a bus ad the faces of men already identified by the U.S. government as suspected terrorists.

“This case is a classic articulation of political correctness as a form of tyranny, which violates our fundamental right to freedom [of] speech guaranteed by the First Amendment,” said Robert Muise, co-founder of the American Freedom Law Center, which is working on the AFDI case.

“Simply put, the government’s position is inconsistent with reality – namely, Shariah-adherent jihadists pose a significant threat to our national security.”

The King County, Wash., transit system, in the Seattle area, had rejected AFDI’s ad that featured a most-wanted list of terror suspects compiled by the FBI. The transit agency claimed the ad was “false,” “demeaning” and “objectionable.”

But the transit agency previously had posted essentially the same ad when it was prepared by the government, which generated political pressure from Islamic groups.

Appealing the ruling from Judge Richard Jones to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, the lawyers explained that the ad included “pictures, names and a similar message from an earlier anti-terrorism advertisement sponsored by the U.S. State Department, which was accepted for display on King County buses.”

“The State Department advertisement depicted the ‘Faces of Global Terrorism’ in an effort to ‘stop a terrorist now’ and ‘save lives.’ In addition, the advertisement offered an ‘up to $25 million reward’ for helping to capture one of the FBI’s most wanted terrorists,” the appeal explains.

AFLC now is asking the 9th Circuit to reverse the lower court decision and tell King County’s transit operations to run its own ad, which was based on the government promotion.

The lawyers, who have fought similar battles in other cities around the country over the past several years, said that there is nothing materially false about the advertisement. They note the ad says nothing more “than the State Department’s ‘Faces of Global Terrorism’ advertisement, which the county accepted.”

Second, they explain, the idea that identifying terror suspects listed by the federal government as suspects was “demeaning” is entirely subjective.

“What prompted plaintiffs to propose this advertisement in the first instance was the State Department’s willingness to acquiesce to political correctness by accepting the ‘viewpoint’ that it is improper to highlight … (that Islam that is practiced by the jihadis),” the argument explained.

“Indeed, there is ample evidence in the record that these most wanted ‘global terrorists’ are aligned with Islamic terrorist organizations,” the brief explained. “Is it the district court’s viewpoint that those who engage in terrorist acts in the name of al-Shabaab (which is formally aligned with al-Qaida), the Abu Sayyaf Group, the Taliban, or al-Qaida, as examples, are not jihadis? Based on what? As plaintiffs demonstrated below, the use of the term ‘jihadis’ to describe the global terrorists pictured in the advertisement is not only factually accurate, but, more important, it expresses plaintiffs’ viewpoint on the issue of global terrorism.

“It is clear to any reasonable person that the use of the accurate descriptor ‘jihadi’ in the context of global terrorism does not disparage those Muslims engaging in a self-reflective internal struggle. And to further illustrate this point, federal court opinions in cases prosecuting self-described ‘jihadis’ routinely utilize that descriptor.”

The brief said the principle “that has emerged from [Supreme Court] cases is that the First Amendment forbids the government to regulate speech in ways that favor some viewpoints or ideas at the expense of others.”

“When the government targets not subject matter, but particular views taken by speakers on a subject, the violation of the First Amendment is all the more blatant,” the brief said.

“Here, the content of plaintiffs’ message (and thus its subject matter) is permissible in this forum, as evidenced by the fact that the county had previously accepted the same message content that was submitted by the State Department (‘Faces of Global Terrorism’), and the county subsequently accepted another State Department advertisement (‘Stop a terrorist. Save lives.’) that addressed the same subject matter: terrorism.

“Consequently, it is not the subject matter that is being restricted, but plaintiffs’ viewpoint on the subject. This is a classic form of viewpoint discrimination that is prohibited in all forums,” the brief argued.

The ad is one among many that AFDI executives Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer have used across America to spread warnings about the threat of Islamic terrorism.

The government’s ad:

The AFDI ad:

The AFDI ad pictured a long list of suspects compiled by the government, including “30 out of the 32 listed terrorists [who] had Muslim names or are wanted for terrorism related to organizations conducting terrorist acts in the name of Islam.”

Geller and Spencer repeatedly have been forced to fight for their speech rights.

One recent conflict was in Detroit, where Geller, of Atlas Shrugs, co-founder with Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer of the organization that placed the ad, were opposed by Detroit Transit.

The ad stated: “Fatwa on your head? Is your family or community threatening you? Leaving Islam? Got questions? Get Answers!”

During depositions taken in the case, SMART officials testified that “political,” for purposes of its advertising guidelines, means “any advocacy of a position of any politicized issue.”

But Muise argued there the U.S. Supreme Court has warned “the danger of censorship and of abridgment of our precious First Amendment freedoms is great where officials have unbridled discretion to determine which messages are acceptable and which are not.”

“Indeed, a speech restriction violates the First Amendment when it grants a public official such broad discretion that the official’s decision to limit speech is not constrained by objective criteria, but rests on ambiguous and subjective reasons, as in this case,” he said.

The legal team has pointed out that the Detroit transit system already had accepted political ads, including one from the Detroit Area Coalition of Reason, an atheist organization which, by its own admission, engages in “separation of state and church activism.”

As WND has reported, AFDI has fought other related ad censorship battle in several other locations already.

In each case, efforts to censor the ads have been struck down by courts.

Get Pamela Geller’s “Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance,” from the WND Superstore!

In a commentary on WND, Geller wrote that the original ad was “a publicity campaign sponsored by the Joint Terrorism Task Force for the State Department’s Rewards for Justice program, or RFJ.”

“But then the leftists and Islamic supremacists complained that the ads were ‘Islamophobic,’ and they came down – and unbelievably, Seattle is refusing to allow my group, the AFDI, to put them back up.

“We have asked that the ads be put up forthwith, as the county’s refusal to run them is an unconstitutional restriction on our freedom of speech. Moreover, the RFJ program has been successful: Through it, the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security has paid more than $125 million to more than 80 people who offered genuine information that led to jihadis being jailed and prevented acts of jihadist terror. This program was instrumental in leading to the arrest of jihadist Ramzi Yousef, who is now in prison for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center jihad bombing. In short, this program has saved lives,” she wrote.

Geller said the FBI “is putting Americans at risk by submitting to the outrageous demands of Islamic supremacists.”

“It is not the fault of the FBI that the world’s most dangerous terrorists are jihadists. That is the reality. You cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality,” she said.

“Capturing these mass murderers is significantly more important than propping up the fictional narrative of victimhood and the nonsensical hurt feelings. People are being slaughtered every day in jihad attacks,” Geller wrote.

Teacher Doesn’t Let Student Drink Water, “Not Fair” To Muslim Students Fasting For Ramadan

As reported by The Blaze, 10-year-old in England was not allowed to drink water in school because his teacher didn’t think it was fair to students fasting for Ramadan.

The boy’s mother, Kora Blagden, said her son Luke came home extremely dehydrated on Thursday (one of the hottest days of the year). He told his mother that his teacher at Charles Dickens Primary School in Hampshire told him he wasn’t allowed to drink water all day.

Mrs. Blagden said, “We were talking last night before bed about Ramadan and my son Luke came out that he wasn’t allowed to drink at school. I said, ‘Hang on, why aren’t you allowed to drink at school?’”

“He said his class teacher refused it because one of the kids was fasting,” she continued. “I think quite a few were fasting, but one in particular had a headache. They said it would be unfair if the other pupils were to drink in front of that child, Luke agreed and he took it that he couldn’t drink water all day.”

During the “holy month” called Ramadan, Muslims do not eat or drink during the daytime.

Mrs. Blagden said, “I do not agree with it, by not allowing Luke to drink because it would be unfair on other children therefore makes it unfair on my child. I am not racist, I respect their religion if that is what they want to do, but do not force it on my child.”

Since the concerned mother complained to the school, her son has received a formal latter of apology.

Craig Duncan, the school principal, said, “We do everything that we can to ensure the welfare of all of our children and we would never prevent them from having access to water. In this case, water was available and pupils were just reminded to be respectful to their classmates who were unable to drink in this hot weather.”

It seems like this was a case where political correctness got out of hand, to the point where student could have been hurt.

Do you think a letter of apology was enough?

At least one Milwaukee mom won’t be sending her child to school on cross-dressing ‘Switch It Up Day’

By Ben Velderman and Steve Gunn ///

MILWAUKEE – Deidri Hernandez’s seven-year-old son won’t be in school today, after officials at Tippecanoe School for the Arts and Humanities confirmed they’re still holding “Switch It Up Day” – a time for students to come dressed as members of the opposite sex.

EAGnews Gender benderHernandez tells EAGnews the day was originally billed as “Gender Bender Day,” but Tippecanoe officials made the name change after she called Principal Jeffrey Krupar to complain.

The Milwaukee mother was not impressed.

“I didn’t have a problem with the title. I had a problem with the activity taking place,” Hernandez says.

She says it’s “ridiculous” and “creepy” to ask elementary boys to come to school dressed as girls, and vice versa, and predicts that having students dress as “transvestites” will distract from the learning process.

Hernandez knows of at least one other parent who shares her concerns and plans to hold her child out of class, too.

But it’s the motivation behind “Switch It Up Day” that has Hernandez most concerned.

She wonders if it is being done to promote the acceptance of homosexuality to students in school, which runs from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. Hernandez thinks it’s inappropriate to expose young children to these issues, even in a light-hearted manner.

“They might as well call it ‘Transgender Day,’” she says.

gender bender day second flyerAccording to Hernandez, when she called Krupar with her concerns, she was told the day was chosen by the school’s student council and is only meant to be fun.

Hernandez also complained to the superintendent’s office, but was told “by someone in the office” that the school wasn’t breaking any rules.

Hernandez says she’s “never stepped out like this” to challenge school policy, but decided somebody had to.

“Every time something’s bothering a liberal or an atheist, they come forward to complain. And somebody always has a problem with Easter or Christmas,” she explains.

Hernandez says her son won’t mind the day off from school, but she regrets that he’s going to miss a day of learning because of the controversy.

Tony Tagliavia, a spokesman for Milwaukee Public Schools, told EAGnews that “this is an idea created by students as one in a series of school spirit days” and participation is not mandatory.

We don’t believe the school meant any harm in approving the cross-dressing day. And we don’t believe the children who came up with the idea are trying to promote alternative lifestyles.

But we are concerned about student comfort. There are undoubtedly children at the school who felt like they had two bad choices today – either dress up as the opposite sex, which might make them feel uncomfortable, or dress normally and be out of place with the rest of the school, which might also make them feel  uncomfortable.

The third alternative – skipping a day of school – means they are missing a day of important instruction.

School officials should have thought this one through before giving it the green light.


Student Told to Change Abstinence T-Shirt Because it Violated School’s Dress Code

abstinence t-shirtSummer Schreiner of Cocoa, Florida attended the Silver Ring Thing Conference, a Christian event that promotes abstinence only.  At the conference, she obtained a t-shirt that read:

“Don’t drink and park… accidents cause kids”

Summer believed in what the shirt said and was proud to wear it to school the next day.  Everything was going well for her at Clearlake Middle School until just after lunch.  On her way back to class, the 8th grader was stopped by the vice principal who told her to go to the office and change her shirt because it was inappropriate.  She was given a t-shirt that read:

“Tomorrow I will dress for success.”

Summer tried to explain that the shirt is not offensive, but that it promotes abstinence, but her words fell on deaf ears.  She felt angry and humiliated the rest of the day.  When she got home she told her mom, Angela Hogan, who said her daughter had dressed for success.  Angela contacted the school and asked them to change their decision or apologize for wrongfully humiliating her daughter.

However, school officials said that they would not change their ruling nor would they offer an apology. Their school dress code forbids ‘clothing which contains sexually explicit, or oriented wording,’ and ‘clothing that infringes on the rights of others.’ According to reports, Michele Irwin, director of communications for the school district said:

“This is not a situation of whether or not the district agrees or disagrees with sexual abstinence among teenagers.  It’s about the fact there is sexual innuendo on the shirt, and so we believe it violated our dress code policy.”

A vast majority of public schools, including middle schools are involved with organizations like Planned Parenthood who promote sexual promiscuity.  I don’t know if that is the case with Clearlake Middle School, but Summer did say:

“If they teach you about sex in the textbooks and stuff, and that’s in a textbook, why can’t I wear something that is related to it on a t-shirt?”

Had I been Summer, I would have told the vice principal that the shirt saying about dressing for success was offensive to me as it did not insinuate the same set of values for success that I believe in.  That’s what I would have done, but then again, I was somewhat of a rebel in school if I didn’t agree with the philosophy or politics being taught.

What you have done?  Would you have caved in or stood your ground for your faith?

My own 2 cents.

What does it say about a society that does NOT protect ALL SPEECH? How far have we fallen from our Christian foundations as a nation that the promotion of the message of abortion is more protected than abstinence? Why has the Church become so lukewarm and lost saltiness, that it is no longer the center of influence of our society?

Salt’s primary use is for the preservation of meat. Salt slows the process of PUTREFACTION. When the Church went to sleep and we stopped fighting the good fight, our society started to putrefy. The stench of our rotting society is a testimony against the Church.

Proof Positive That the Inmates Have Taken Over the Asylum

Students Suspended For Wearing American Flag Bandanas And Chanting “USA!”

usflagA group of Camarillo High School students were wearing American flag bandanas at a school basketball game, and their principal pulled them aside and told them either to remove their bandanas or leave the game. Mind you, this is in America. In California, in fact. So, why would a group of high school boys be told by their principal to remove their American flag bandanas? Because it’s racist. And there were students of other ethnicities that attended both schools who were competing in the basketball game, namely Hispanics. The boys complied and returned to the game where they began chanting, “USA! USA!” That also was racist. So, the 4 boys were all suspended for 5 days.

Both the Camarillo High School principal Glenn Lipman and the school district Superintendent Gabe Soumakian believed there were underlying “racist” overtones in the boys’ actions:

“There was symbolism there with the bandana and the chant. …It has nothing to do with being patriotic or unpatriotic,” Soumakian said. “it has to do with the fact that they are making a chant regarding that we are from the USA and you’re not. Whether that’s the implied intent, that’s the way it comes across. …They have to respect everyone. When you go to a game – you cheer for your team and you don’t make any derogatory comments or make inappropriate comments toward the other team.”

They’re in America. We haven’t joined Mexico in a North American Union…yet. We’re still the United States of America. And people come here from all over the world, because they still view this country as the land of the free. It’s OK to be happy that you’re an American. Even if you’re Hispanic. Ironically, two of the boys that were suspended were Hispanic. One was Austin Medeiros, and the other was Stefan Valenzuela.

And by the way, this is Black History Month. So, if you’re white or Hispanic (I didn’t capitalize “white” because that would be racist), don’t show up to school, because that would be racist. The school district superintendent said that the USA chant was racist because it was saying, “We are from the USA, and you’re not.” A white kid showing up to school during Black History Month would be like saying, “I’m white, and you’re not.” Only in America, the Land of the Free, would chanting America’s name and wearing America’s colors be considered derogatory.

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