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Grassroots parental rights groups achieve school board victories across the country

By CANDACE HATHAWAY | November 10, 2022


Co-founders of Moms for Liberty Tiffany Justice and Tina Descovich (Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images)

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In Tuesday’s midterm elections, grassroots parental rights organizations successfully secured key victories in school board races across the country, reported the Daily Caller News Foundation. Moms for Liberty, a group fighting to preserve parental rights in the public education system, and the 1776 Project PAC, a political organization fighting against critical race theory in classrooms, supported school board candidates in several races. While not all midterm election results have officially been called, the organizations reported that many of their endorsed nominees already won and successfully flipped school boards to conservative majorities in Florida, Maryland, Indiana, and Michigan.

“Last night was a disappointing night for Republicans in many parts of the country, but we’re happy to say we were very successful in key races in Florida, Oklahoma, Ohio, Maryland, which were by far the biggest places we targeted,” Aiden Buzzetti, head of coalitions and candidate recruitment for the 1776 Project PAC, told the DCNF. “We also officially flipped our 100th school board since our first election in November 2021.”

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The 1776 Project PAC reported that four of its endorsed candidates in Brandywine, Michigan, were victorious in Tuesday’s midterm elections, which successfully turned the school board majority. Similarly, the Carroll County school board majority flipped after all three endorsed candidates won their races.

The group raised $3.2 million through the end of October to support campaign efforts for school board candidates in about a dozen states.

Of the 67 candidates Moms for Liberty supported in Florida school board elections, 41 won. The organization stated that it backed more than 270 school board contenders across 15 states in the midterm elections.

“We’re thrilled,” Tiffany Justice, Moms for Liberty co-founder, told the DCNF. “We were able to endorse over 500 parental rights candidates so far this year with 270 on the ballot yesterday. For us, starting an organization a little less than two years ago, and then having chapters across the country that have vetted and endorsed candidates in 270 races was a really big deal. That was an accomplishment in and of itself.”

Leading up to the midterm elections, Justice urged citizens to “vote like a mother” and elect officials who would give parents the most say in their children’s education.

“There’s no truer love than that of a mother for their child,” Justice told the DCNF. “When we say, ‘vote like a mother,’ it means vote, unabashedly, for parental rights and for your children’s future. Don’t allow the hate or the noise to take you away from what you know to be true and right and good.”

Moms for Liberty Uncovers “How to” Sex Manual Previously on 7th Grade “Book Tasting” List in Charlotte, NC. – Book Also Appeared in a Massachusetts School…**Warning: Graphic**

By Brian Lupo | Published October 24, 2022


Last week, The Gateway Pundit published a story about a man dressed in drag talking about his “p*ssy sweet…good enough to eat” at an *all ages* event.  There was a young child seen directly over his shoulder as he lifted his skirt, revealing himself to the crowd as they waved dollar bills.  How is that not child abuse?  One could argue “well, you don’t have to bring your child…it’s a private venue!”  But now this (notice the man in the crowd who plugs his ears during this explicit reading.  He was reportedly there for the renaming of a school but seems to have found this too embarrassing to listen to):

The YouTube version here has a slightly longer introduction

“This Book is Gay” by Juno Dawson was found in a 7th grade middle school classroom at Collinswood Learning Academy, according to a parent during public comment at a local school board meeting earlier in October from a member of an organization called Moms For Liberty.

The concerned parent also stated that it is on the ELA recommended reading list for 7th graders at JM Robinson Middle School.  It was actually found on a “book tasting” list in September of 2020 and labeled as “PG-13”.

The parent goes on to describe some of the writing in the book.

*WARNING* This is graphic.

From Chapter 9 “The ins and outs of gay sex” (page 201, part 1 “boy on boy sex”):

“Perhaps the most important skill you will master as a gay or bi man is a timeless classic: the handjob.  Good news is you can practice it on yourself.  The bad news is each guy has become very used to his own way of getting himself off.  Learning how to find a partner’s personal style can take ages.  But it can be very rewarding when you do.  Something they don’t teach you in school, in order to be able to cum at all, you or your partner may need to finish off with a handy.  A lot of people find it hard to cum through other types of sex.  That is fine and certainly not something you have to apologize for.  A good handy is all about the wrist action.  Rub the head of his cock back and forth with your hand.  Try different speeds and pressures until he responds positively.  A bad “handy” is grasping a penis and shaking it like a ketchup bottle.  Finally, my misunderstanding about rubbing two peens together wasn’t far off the mark.  Rubbing them together in one hand feels awesome.  “Mega combo handy”.  Trademark pending.”

The concerned parent then goes on to claim that this is the reason 92% of CMS graduates aren’t college or career ready is because they are teaching this type of filth instead of how to add and subtract.  Shockingly, as her time closes out, she says that this book was “brought into the classroom without intent of allowing children access”.  This begs the question why is it in the classroom in the first place, private or public?  If a teacher had a Playboy or Penthouse in their desk and a student saw it, would that teacher be held accountable?  And why was it once recommended as a “book tasting” in 2020?

Lastly, when the parent is cut off despite them shorting her about 15 seconds of her time while she allowed parents with children in the room to leave, as a responsible adult should do (unlike this drag queen who allowed a toddler to rub his genitals publicly), she finishes off her speech by stating “We will vote you out November 8th”.  The Board Chairwoman brazenly responds with “I’m not on the ballot November 8th.”  I’ve been watching a lot of public comment over the last several years from across the country and I have never seen a public official lose their bearing quite like this and respond in such a smug way to a concerned citizen.

The member who responded is confirmed as Elyse Dashew.  According to the Mecklenberg Board of Education website, she was elected in 2015 and re-elected in 2019.  She is on the ballot again in 2023.

I reached out to Moms for Liberty for comment and asked what their reaction would be if this was heterosexual in nature.  They responded:

“It doesn’t matter.  Manuals for sex don’t belong in classrooms.  I would have as much of a problem with the Kama Sutra being found in a classroom.”

Moms for Liberty Chapter Chair Brooke Weiss will be joining my podcast tomorrow (Tuesday) at 6:30pm EST to talk about this and much more!  Their organization also has a solid plan to arm parents to combat this type of grooming.

The book, which ironically was also found in a Newburyport, Massachusetts school, has explicit instructions on how to create a sex app profile on how to chat with and meet up with local homosexuals.

Through Open Records Request submitted by Moms for Liberty, it was disclosed the principal of the school sent out an email to 7th grade parents concerning the book:

The email claims this book is kept in an “off limits” section of the classroom, however, this does not indicate whether or not it is visible to the children so they may inquire with the teacher to spark a conversation or even perhaps check it out of another library on their own.  Furthermore, the email does not disclose why the person responsible for moving it from the personal library and into the “in-classroom student library” did so and whether or not they’ve been investigated and reprimanded.  This seems to be, at the very least, grooming 7th grade children to wildly inappropriate sexualization and simultaneously giving them step by step instructions on how to partake in this themselves through the above “dating app.”

Moms for Liberty also obtained through Open Records that the book was in fact assigned as a “book tasting” assignment by a teacher no longer with CMS back in September of 2020, as mentioned above.  The official responding goes on to apologize for this and assures parents this book has been erased from CMS schools.  The problem is there are others, as The Gateway Pundit reported about Gender Queer being found in Michigan schools (among many others, including Orange Co, FL), where AG Dana Nessel has stated she wants a “drag queen for every classroom”.

And without the diligent research done by parents, it seems to go under the radar.  This is probably because teachers are encouraging students who join “gay and transgender clubs” in schools not to tell their parents about the clubs, as reported by the Washington Examiner.

It is clear that there are, at the very least, factions of people embedded in our public schools that want this “grooming” of children and they seem to have the support of the Mockingbird Media, who rarely, if ever, report on these disturbing, borderline criminal, findings.  Whether it was the Mockingbird Media mislabeling HB 1557 as the “Don’t Say Gay Bill”, which I refer to as the “Don’t Say Straight Bill” since it doesn’t mention heterosexuality either, or the Gender Queer book found in Michigan schools as mentioned above, or a field trip in Broward County, Florida to a gay bar for 10 year-olds.  I wonder if the bar, Rosie’s, took down their signage:

Thankfully, there are organizations like Moms for Liberty who are combing through our public schools to help ensure our children are not learning about sexual indoctrination, regardless of the sexual preference, or being taught about critical race theory, which teaches children that blacks and other minorities are inferior to whites and therefore need special consideration to ensure they have equal opportunity.


Brian Lupo

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Wallace B. Henley Op-ed: Who is the real ‘enemy of the people’?

Commentary By Wallace B. Henley, Exclusive Columnist| Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Scott Smith
Scott Smith, whose daughter was raped by a male wearing a skirt in a girls’ bathroom at her high school in Loudoun County, Virginia, appears on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle,” Oct. 12, 2021. | Screenshot: Fox News

When the Quisha Kings and Scott Smiths in a nation are considered by the regime in power to be the enemy, it says more about the danger of the regime than those the rulers consider as threats.

Quisha King is a Florida mother and a leader of Moms for Liberty, a group seeking to inform and inspire mothers and fathers to assert their parental rights in the face of a ravenous government and its allies, lackeys, parasites, and sycophants.  

The regime now consists of the elite establishments of Big Entertainment, Big Information, Big Academia, Big Government, Big Corporations. The leviathan is bloated with the muscle of all those entities and seems to grow steadily in its capacities of repression. Together, they become the consensus establishment, the regime that determines what is permissible and what is not so a compliant culture can cash in its liberty and acquiesce to the demands of the regime.

Within that cluster is the National School Boards Association (NSBA).

Moms for Liberty, among other things, resists the mandated teaching of critical race theory (CRT), forced mask-wearing and other incursions against parental rights in the public schools their children attend. NSBA sent a letter to President Biden suggesting that, in accord with the Patriot Act, such people and their ilk should be handled like domestic terrorists because they demand their school boards be accountable to parents.

Scott Smith’s daughter was assaulted in a school bathroom by a transgender boy, and was also labeled a “domestic terrorist” because he rushed into a school board meeting and demanded that the board take responsibility for what had happened to his daughter.

As Smith was being pulled down to the floor and arrested his wife cried out, “My child was raped at school, and this is what happens!”

Apparently, all citizens so concerned about the direction of public education in America that they challenge the authority of their school boards, suddenly become, in the eyes of the leviathan government and elitist establishments, enemies of the state—itself increasingly the enemy of the freedoms established in the constitutional system.

The Biden White House sent the NSBA letter to the Department of Justice. Attorney General Merrick Garland instructed the FBI to get involved, exacerbating, and strengthening the resolve of the parents whose response shook the political barometers at the White House.

The outcome was an apology from NSBA, regretting their letter, and acknowledging that “there was no justification for some of the language included in the letter.”[1]

Quisha King believed that if NSBA’s apology was genuine, instead of “calling us domestic terrorists, they would have investigated and questioned these school boards to see if there was any validity to any of what the parents are actually saying.”

There is something chilling here: NSBA’s suggestion that people like King are domestic terrorists who need to be reeled in under the Patriots Act calls to mind other regimes that have regarded the people of their nation as the enemy of the state.

For example, the Soviet Union under Stalin.

In 1956, Nikita Khrushchev (who would later prove himself as a totalitarian), then new leader of the Communist regime in the Soviet Union, shocked his fellow Marxists with a speech that revealed the monstrous nature of Stalinism. In doing so he exposed characteristics of any regime that sees its own people as the enemy.

“Stalin originated the concept ‘enemy of the people,’” said Khrushchev. Actually, the wording could have been, “the people are the enemy.” That term, Khrushchev continued in the Communist Party Congress speech, “made possible the usage of the most cruel repression, violating all norms of revolutionary legality, against anyone who in any way disagreed with Stalin, against those who were only suspected of hostile intent, against those who had bad reputations…”

Khrushchev went on to say that “this concept, enemy of the people, actually eliminated the possibility of any kind of ideological fight.” Thus, the bottom line is that anyone labeled an enemy of the people or of the state were judged as guilty and pushed out of the public square where they might have defended their views.

Today’s regime in the United States has also pushed those considered as public enemies out of the public square, and, as much as possible, cut off their voice. Consider, for example censorship by Big Tech sites of groups deemed not worthy of public exposure because of their religious, political, or social views.

Silencing the enemies of the regimes is also the aim of the Cancel culture and Wokeism. Men and women who violate the value system and worldview specified by the high priests of Wokeism are ridiculed and banished. The regime cluster even turns on its own, like JK Rowling, who once helped build the Woke culture. She was cancelled for giving public support to Maya Forstater who said, “men cannot change into women.”

In an eyeblink, Rowling became the enemy in the eyes of the cultural regime.

However, when the regime considers the people as the enemy, then it is the regime that is itself the enemy of the people. That means action must be taken.

Throughout the history of civilization, the “public square” has been the locus of revolutionary resistance. So, the public square has to be the place of resistance in this current battle. Presently, however, that “square” has come under the censorship of authoritarian regimes. Under this repression the church and the home must be the primary places of resistance… forming worldview that will awaken a slumbering mass who at times seem not to want to be disturbed.

Churches must wake up to what is happening and recover the prophetic voice. Discipleship ministries must teach the biblical revelation concerning nations and cultures, and dare address the spiritual foundations of the nation. Parents must make their homes centers of worldview teaching and formation for their children.

Without this, we face a Stalinized future with the elite consensus establishment imposing its will upon us and our posterity.

[1] Florida mother says she does not accept NSBA’s apology for letter that likened parents to domestic terrorists | Fox News

Wallace B. Henley, a former White House and Congressional aide, is the author or co-author of more than 20 books. His latest is Who Will Rule the Coming ‘Gods’: The Looming Spiritual Crisis of Artificial Intelligencejust released by Vide Press.

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