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This Labor Day Weekend Watch Out for “Living Wage” Surcharges on Restaurant Bills

waving flagBy Bethany Blankley September 2, 2016

Yep, it’s happening. To deal with the pressure of offering $15/hr. and or increased wages to employees, one Pacific cause of deathNorthwest restaurant chain decided to add a one percent “living wage” surcharge to all bills.

Restaurants Unlimited, Inc., a Seattle-based restaurant group, operates restaurants in 10 states. It owns Henry’s Tavern, Newport Seafood Grill, Stanford’s, and several others in Portland.

Regardless if it’s food or just drinks, diners can expect to see a one percent surcharge applied to their entire bill– before sales tax. The income from the surcharge is added to a separate payroll account, the company states.

The Oregonian reports that restaurants in Portland are taking similar approaches to offer “living wages” to their employees.

Restaurant Biwa and Nonna added a “health and wellness” surcharge to all bills. The surcharge is designed to fund health insurance and other employee benefits.

Le Pigeon and Park Kitchen, other eateries in the Portland area, ended the option for diners to tip, instead increased its prices. They hope the adjustment will compensate its servers and kitchen staff more fairly.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Bethany Blankley

Bethany Blankley is a political analyst for Fox News Radio and has appeared on television and radio programs nationwide. She writes about political, cultural, and religious issues in America from the perspective of an evangelical and former communications staffer. She was a communications strategist for four U.S. Senators, one U.S. Congressman, a former New York governor, and several non-profits. She earned her MA in Theology from The University of Edinburgh, Scotland and her BA in Political Science from the University of Maryland. Follow her @bethanyblankley &

Oregon’s Poor Will Soon Feel the Effects of a New Minimum Wage

waving flagMarch 8, 2016By

Last week Oregon Governor Kate Brown gleefully signed into law a progressive statewide minimum wage increase. It will be phased in over the next six years, starting this July. “I’m proud to sign into law my top priority of the 2016 Legislative session — raising the minimum wage,” Brown said in a statement. She said the new law “is a path forward – so working families can catch up, and businesses have time to plan for the increase.” Plan to close down or lay off half their staff maybe.

The current Oregon minimum wage is $9.25/hour. I say progressive because the area of the state will determine the base “living wage.” If one works in rural Oregon the wage will increase to $12.50/hr. – small cities and towns, $13.50 and large cities like Portland, the hourly minimum wage will top out at $14.75.

But as is being reportedsome are still not satisfied. And why would they be? We should know by now that the far left can and will never be placated. No matter how much wealth government redistributes, it will never be enough.

A left wing advocacy group, “Oregonians for 15,” is unsatisfied with both the amount and phase-in time. They want $15/hr. in three years. They are threatening a State ballot initiative this November if they don’t get what they want.

Justin Norton-Kertson is the groups leader and says the Governor’s measure is “too low and it’s too slow. It’s not insignificant. It’s definitely a victory in its own right but, you know, it’s not what we’ve been fighting for … $15 an hour is really the bare minimum that a family needs without relying on government assistance.” So $14.75 just won’t do? It’s $15 or bust?

toon140221aWell, if that’s the case, why not make it $20/hr. or $30 or $50? The fact is that the $15/hr. figure is arbitrary. Someone just picked a number and everyone ran with it. It’s low enough as to not look too ridiculous, but high enough to appear to be sticking it to “the man.”

And what will happen when the $15 goal is finally achieved? Will Justin and his gang of “Oregonians for 15” then disband? Don’t be silly. They will just shift their attention to some other perceived malfeasance.

Still, the working poor in Oregon must be happy about it – so happy they will soon be laughing all the way to unemployment line. This is what will occur in Portland and elsewhere in Oregon because it’s happening everywhere the minimum wage has been jacked up.

California has recently seen a slight net increase in jobs, except in Los Angeles, where a citywide $15.37/hr minimum wage was instituted for companies with at least 300 employees. L.A. is losing jobs, which might explain the net increase outside L.A.

“Chicago, which passed a $10 minimum wage last year, and San Francisco, which upped its minimum wage to $12.25, are witnessing five-year lows for employment in economic sectors like leisure and hospitality — areas with a high number of minimum wage workers.”disasterous

This will continue to happen all over the country as more cities and states buckle to the left’s cries for a “living wage.” And really, it doesn’t seem to matter what the consequences are. Even those who agree that a hike in the minimum wage will cost jobs somehow legitimize it as the price that must be paid for progress. Oh, not by academic and think tank experts, but by the working poor, being once again used as pawns in the progressive game of redistribution.

Leftist troll Robert Reich even admitted that dramatic minimum wage hikes might risk destroying large numbers of jobs, but “that is a sacrifice worth making so that all workers can be safely out of poverty without government assistance.”Alinsky affect

These people are insane. Do they even listen to themselves? How are “all workers” going to benefit when some are now not working at all because of these policies? I’ll bet the unemployed would say they’d rather have a job making less than no job.definetly

Still, regardless of the real world consequences, the left will continue to push for ever higher minimum wages. It’s a feel good policy that sounds compassionate. Despite our bemusement and all evidence against it, the argument for mandated wage hikes works on a whole lot of people.

The reason is simple. Workers making minimum wage make up less than 4% of the overall workforce (most are school-age kids), therefore the overwhelming majority of working Americans will never be personally affected by a job loss due to a mandated wage increase. Until they are, the left will continue to push for ever higher mandates.

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This Went Unnoticed: President Obama Added “Living Wages” to the Bill of Rights

December 16, 2013


The White House issued a presidential proclamation declaring December 15th Bill of Rights Day. That’s very nice except that he added Karl Marx’ living wages to his interpretation of the Bill of Rights. He can never simply talk about the US Bill of Rights without adding propaganda.

By doing that, Mr. Obama is attempting to change the meaning our Founding Fathers ascribed to the document.

The proclamation is fine until it the third paragraph (emphasis mine):

We learned that our Nation, built on the principles of freedom and equality, could not survive half-slave and half-free. We resolved that our daughters must have the same rights, the same chances, and the same freedom to pursue their dreams as our sons, and that if we are truly created equal, then the love we commit to one another must be equal as well. Americans with disabilities tore down legal and social barriers; disenfranchised farmworkers united to claim their rights to dignity, fairness, and a living wage; civil rights activists marched, bled, and gave their lives to bring the era of segregation to an end. As we celebrate the anniversary of the Bill of Rights, let us reach for a day when we all may enjoy the basic truths of liberty and equality.

Since when did Thomas Jefferson include a living wage in the Bill of Rights? When Mr. Obama mentions farmworkers, Mr. Obama is referring to people primarily here illegally, also not what the Founders had in mind.

There is nothing in here about entitlements which is what a living wage is:

bill of rights

It might do Mr. Obama some good if he thought about what the Founders actually did say. For instance, they said taxation without representation is tyranny.

Obama is propagandizing the Bill of Rights to convince the American people that a guarantee of living wages is part of our Constitution.

The right to work hard and have equal opportunity is guaranteed, not entitlements.

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