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Do You Hear The Drums Beating?

More disturbing news today.

  • A Congressman claimed Conservatives, especially the Tea Party, want to hang men like him (or was he referring to his race and the coalition he represents?).
  • There are some that want to classify “Ugly People” as a special class entitled to special treatment.
  • Two children are suing their mother, claiming her unfit, because she only sent them a card for their birthdays, and she didn’t include gifts.
  • President Obama wants to have his national (and international) jobs program proposal Special Presentation next Wednesday Evening during the Republican Debate. He claims it was not planned that day. Said he wanted to do it Thursday evening, but that’s the Season opener of the NFL.
  • More serious flood recovery and there are some in Washington playing politics with the situation.
  • The anger of the Left is getting more and more vicious. The verbiage used in their blogs and opinions sounds more and more confrontational, and not welcoming in a discussion.
  • The Right and Left rhetoric is getting more and more nasty. The Left is pulling out all their big guns;
    • Class warfare; The rich are to blame and they are the only people the Republicans care about.
    • Conservatives only care about money and those that make money.
    • Conservatives want to take away Social Security and Welfare leaving grandma to struggle for herself.
    • Conservatives hate
      • people of color,
      • “gay” people (can’t afford a lawsuit),
      • unions,
      • people’s right to work,
      • poor people,
      • immigrants,
      • endangered animals,
      • puppy dogs
      • apple pie.
    • Conservatives want to create a theocracy and do away with our Constitution.
    • Yada, yada, yada, yada.
  • I discovered a new “hurt” in my right foot. Well, that’s disturbing me.

I’m concerned.

Is the Left trying to pick a fight that goes beyond typical politics? Are they trying harder than ever to get their followers to riot? Their discourse says so, as well as their posture. Where are we heading? Are the drums we are hearing the drums of a culture war? Is the Left feeding the drums?

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