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Clarence Thomas Turns The Tables On Biden – He Just Reminded America Of Joe’s Performance During His Supreme Court Confirmation

Reported By Adam Casalino | October 12, 2020

Clarence Thomas Turns The Tables On Biden – He Just Reminded America Of Joe’s Performance During His Supreme Court Confirmation

Today makes the beginning of Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Rest assured, even as Democrats try to stop it tooth and nail, Republicans will quickly get her on the bench. 

As senators battling it out on Capitol Hill, we are reminded of something Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas said about his own hearings. Back then, he was grilled by another group of Democrats. One of them happens to be running for president today. Slow Joe won’t like this:


Justice Thomas on Supreme Court confirmation hearings:

“One of the things you do in hearings is you have to sit there and look attentively at people you know have no idea what they’re talking about.”

A clip from a recent film about Clarence Thomas reveals how he endured his Supreme Court hearings. Thomas took the time to talk about how Democrats went about questioning him. He took a shot at then-Senator Joe Biden who rambled on and on about “natural law” in an apparent attempt to goad Thomas. Thomas hit back by saying he had to sit there and “look attentively” even though Joe Biden was making no sense.

Just a short listen to what Biden was saying would prove Thomas’s point very clearly. That is just true today as it was back then. Democrats don’t want ACB on the court, but they can’t stop it. So, they will use their time today to drag out the process, plague Republicans and the nominee with pointless rabbit trails, and perhaps try to get her to say something that will make her look bad.

Joe Biden did it back then, and his allies use the same playbook. Instead of using the time to really learn about the judge, it seems they just want to bother and slow down the process.

Is that what they were elected to do?

Key Takeaways:

  • The confirmation hearings of ACB start today.
  • Clarence Thomas discussed his experience being question by Joe Biden.
  • Democrat senators will drag out the process with aimless questions and accusations.

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Adam Casalino is a freelance writer, cartoonist, and graphic designer. He is a regular contributor for the Patriot Journal. Find his other work:

Who Mike Pence Chose To Swear Him In For Inauguration Sends Huge Signal About Supreme Court’s Future

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Who Mike Pence Chose To Swear Him In For Inauguration Sends Huge Signal About Supreme Court’s Future

According to a story in Western Journalism:

When President-elect Donald Trump is sworn into office next week, the man holding the Bible will be Chief Justice John Roberts, the author of two of the most infamous court rulings in recent history, as far as conservatives are concerned.

But the justice swearing in Trump’s vice president will symbolize what for many was the key issue of the 2016 election – and why Trump won it in the first place. According to Reuters, Vice President-elect Mike Pence has chosen Justice Clarence Thomas, the court’s second black Supreme Court justice and an icon to American conservatives, to do the honors on Inauguration Day.

And that can only be good news for the United States Constitution.

The makeup of the Supreme Court was one of the biggest issues of the 2016 election. With the court vacancy still open after last year’s death of Justice Antonin Scalia, the winner in November was guaranteed at least one Supreme Court selection.

APPLY COLD WATER TO THAT BURN: Justice Clarence Thomas Doesn’t Hold Back in the Dissent for the Gay Marriage Ruling

waving flagWritten by Rachel Wingenbach on June 26, 2015

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Clarence_Thomas_official_SCOTUS_portrait1Justice Clarence Thomas didn’t hold anything back when he and Justice Antonin Scalia wrote the dissent for the historical Supreme Court ruling to invalidate same-sex marriage bans. He challenges liberty, stating the petitioners “have in no way been deprived” of their liberty. He also says:

“Since well before 1787, liberty has been understood as freedom from government action, not entitlement to government benefits,”

“They have been able to travel freely around the country, making their homes where they please. Far from being incarcerated or physically restrained, petitioners have been left alone to order their lives as they see fit.”

He has a point! You should apply cool water to that burn, gay marriage supporters. Big Gay Hate Machine

But if that wasn’t hash enough, he goes on to challenge  human dignity. What he has to say will make gay marriage supporters angrier than ever.


Thomas shows these people had their dignity all along and there was nothing the government could do to take it away…or grant it to them. If they didn’t have their dignity before, they won’t have it after this ruling. That is something they need to find on their own.

So that leaves the question; is this fight really over with? This case will not grant them dignity and the only way they know how to search for it is to find something the government can do for them. You haven’t heard the last of these people, I guarantee it.

It HasNever Been About Marriage Supreme Court Decision freedom combo 2

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