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Ann Coulter Op-ed: Jeffrey Epstein and the Mainstream Media Cover-Up, Part I

Commentary by Ann Coulter | Posted: Jan 05, 2022

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Jeffrey Epstein and the Mainstream Media Cover-Up, Part I

Source: New York State Sex Offender Registry via AP

Question: Is our ruling class trying to make us to think they’re a bunch of pederasts? Our media could not be less interested in Jeffrey Epstein’s child molestation ring, and with the sole exception of the Palm Beach Police Department, every arm of government has bent over backward to bury the case. (Who says our media and government can’t work together?)

The jury’s courageous delivery last week of five “guilty” verdicts against Epstein’s pimp, Ghislaine Maxwell, was a sort of reverse jury nullification. The U.S. attorney’s office — the prosecution — did everything it could to get an acquittal, but the jurors defied them.

As for media coverage, did you even know that the FBI found Epstein’s cache of sex tapes labeled “(name of underage girl) + (name of VIP)” — and then lost them? Immediately after Epstein’s arrest at Teterboro Airport in July 2019, the FBI executed a search warrant on his New York mansion. Following a daylong search, agents discovered a hidden safe in the closet of a fifth-floor dressing room, used a saw to break into it, and found an enormous collection of photos of naked girls, and CDs of the girls apparently having sex with influential men. Then, the agents left — abandoning the photos and CDs, with Epstein’s employees free to wander about the place. As Kelly Maguire, FBI special agent in charge of the search, explained during Maxwell’s trial, they only had a warrant to search the house, but not to remove evidence — evidence at the heart of the entire sex trafficking scheme.

It didn’t occur to Maguire to leave a single agent behind to guard the CDs? How about the intern who just gets coffee?

You’ll never guess what happened next.

The CDs and photographs disappeared. By the time the FBI returned with a new warrant — four days later — to remove the CDs and photos, they were gone. Later, after a few phone calls, Epstein’s lawyer, Richard Kahn, “returned” the cache in two suitcases. I had no idea they were important! I was just tidying up!

Were the videos tampered with? Were all of the photos returned? Who knows!

This was testified to by Special Agent Maguire. That’s the last time I trust the lawyer of a pedophile! Boy, is my face red! Darn it! … Oh well, what are you going to do?

(Before moving on, let’s take a moment to honor the historic appointment of Kelly Maguire as FBI special agent. Another glass ceiling shattered!)

How could any search warrant for Epstein’s residence fail to specify videos? The reason the tapes are kind of important is that it was perfectly clear — certainly by 2019 — that Epstein had no legitimate source of income to fund his Caligula lifestyle, and further, that he was farming out underage girls for sex to the rich and powerful — with hidden cameras running everywhere. It sure looked like his underage sex ring was a blackmail/kompromat operation.

Obviously, the most important question is: On behalf of whom? The tapes of “(underage girl) + (important person)” would have gone a long way toward answering that. What did the search warrant specify, if not videos and photographs?

If I didn’t know better, I might think that those in power don’t want us to know anything about Epstein’s sex-trafficking operation.

As further evidence that there is ABSOLUTELY NO COVER-UP: The New York Times has never breathed a single word about the CDs lost in the FBI’s botched search. Nor has The Washington Post. Nor the Chicago Tribune. Nor the Los Angeles Times. Wait — I’ll make this easier: Here’s a list of all the major U.S. newspapers that did report on Maguire’s breathtaking revelation:

1) The Miami Herald

2) The New York Post

The end.

Oddly, media in the rest of the world seemed to find Maguire’s testimony about the vanishing CDs somewhat more newsworthy. The story of the missing tapes was covered — repeatedly — in The Daily Telegraph (London), The Independent (United Kingdom), The Daily Mail (Ireland), Economic News (Russia) and the Daily Mail (U.K.), among others.

The totally not-a-cover-up gets weirder and weirder.

Epstein had vast wealth, and we still don’t know where it came from. Normally, the IRS is extremely curious about unexplained flows of riches. Did the IRS decide in this case, Well, he may be a committed and energetic pedophile, but as far as we know, he’s a conscientious taxpayer!

Similarly, there are vague claims that he made his money from “investments.” The SEC wasn’t the least bit interested in finding out how he got this rich from secretive “investment” services?

And this: Epstein spent decades aggressively cultivating powerful, important men, quite a few from foreign countries — evidently taping all their activities. Why wasn’t the CIA concerned? Couldn’t he have sold dirt on U.S. politicians to foreign intel agencies?

Finally, it’s odd that our government wasn’t concerned about how much blackmail material Epstein had gathered on high-level U.S. officials. Doesn’t the FBI try to prevent that sort of situation? Or the Secret Service?

How was it that all these agencies let Epstein keep up his activities for so long?

There’s much more to this story. Stay tuned for next week!

Horrifying: The Special Outfit Epstein Wanted Teen Girl to Wear as She Serviced Him – Testimony

Reported By Isa Cox | December 6, 2021


Jeffrey Epstein will no doubt go down as one of history’s most notorious sex criminals, preying on vulnerable young women. However, while up until this point a picture has been painted of a man who used and abused teenage girls, testimony provided during the trial of his longtime confidant and accused accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell, underscores that twisted financier may have been even more infatuated with children than we realized.

Brace yourself — this is highly disturbing, even for an Epstein story.

A woman using the pseudonym “Kate” took the stand on Monday morning, who, according to Reuters, is the second of four women listed in the indictment against Maxwell. Because she was 17 at the time of her reported sexual encounters with Epstein, above the relevant age of consent, the jury was instructed to consider that she had not engaged in “illegal sex acts” with the now-deceased pervert.

While the Times reported that was some disagreement between prosecutors and Maxwell’s attorneys over whether “Kate” could be considered a victim when she says she was lured into Epstein and Maxwell’s clutches, her story nonetheless paints a picture of a man who decidedly enjoyed at least the idea of sexual acts with children.

“It follows that Ms. Maxwell’s role in grooming Kate to engage in sex acts with Mr. Epstein was a part of, and therefore constitutes evidence of, the conspiracy charges against Ms. Maxwell,” prosecutors have written in court documents, according to The New York Times, and have noted that Kate was still a minor when she was allegedly groomed by Maxwell and Epstein.

Whatever the legal technicalities, it’s clear that “Kate,” who said she was initially “exhilarated” by Maxwell’s friendship when she was promised help with her aspiring music career, was clearly taken advantage of and fetishized for her youth.

The New York Post reported Monday morning that Kate testified she was instructed by Maxwell to don a schoolgirl outfit to serve Epstein at his Palm Beach mansion and was once even told she was “such a good girl” after the twisted pedophile appeared to be pleased with her, um, “services.”

Kate said that she met Epstein and Maxwell in Paris in the early 1990s and was instructed to provide sexual massages to Epstein first in Maxwell’s London mansion before later engaging in sexual acts with him in his own notorious Florida property as well. Maxwell, who is standing trial for sex trafficking and sexual abuse, has long been accused of recruiting and grooming young women and girls for Epstein to abuse and even, at times, abusing them herself.

In London, Kate was led to a massage room by Maxwell in the socialite’s London home, where the accused madame told her to “have a good time” as she opened to the door to reveal a nude Epstein, ready for his (ugh) service.

When the encounter concluded, Maxwell told Kate that she was “such a good girl” and that she was “so happy you were able to come.” Kate noted that Maxwell “sounded really pleased.”

In Palm Beach, Kate arrived to visit the notorious power couple to find a schoolgirl outfit laid out for her on a bed, complete with pleated skirt, white socks, and a shirt. Maxwell told her she thought it would be “fun” for Kate to bring Epstein his tea in the outfit. Given what’s well known about the relationship between Epstein and Maxwell — that she played the role of Epstein’s procurer for more than a decade, it’s a fair conclusion that Maxwell didn’t just think the school uniform would be “fun” on her own. She knew it’s what Epstein wanted.

According to the Post, Kate testified that she was then given a tray to bring Epstein his tea, where he then engaged in sex acts with her by the pool.

Last week, an accuser identified as “Jane” testified that Maxwell and Epstein had also appealed to her creative aspirations, playing the chums and even paying for music lessons before they began to sexually abuse her.

There is no doubt that Epstein has consistently been accused of preying on young, vulnerable, and easily influenced women. And while Kate’s disturbing testimony is in line with this theme, it makes it clear that he wasn’t simply interested in young, underage women. He was seemingly interested in girls, and according to her account, enjoyed the impression that he was being waited on. Epstein’s alleged victims have often been referred to as his “sex slaves.”

I don’t think it’s ever been clearer that that’s exactly what they were.

Isa Cox

Isa grew up in San Francisco, where she was briefly a far-left socialist before finding Jesus and her husband in Hawaii. She now homeschools their two boys and freelances in the Ozarks.@crunchyconmama

Bombshell Court Documents: Bill Clinton Went to Epstein’s Island with ‘2 Young Girls’

Reported By Jack Davis | Published July 31, 2020 at 9:35am

In recently unsealed court documents, Virginia Giuffre, a woman who has claimed she was used as an underage sex slave by Jeffrey Epstein, said she once saw former President Bill Clinton with “two young girls” on Epstein’s island and that Clinton owed Epstein “favors.”

Epstein died in August 2019 in a Manhattan jail while being held on sex trafficking charges. His death was ruled a suicide. His associate, Ghislaine Maxwell, is currently in custody as authorities investigate her role in the sex trafficking operation they believe Epstein ran.

The comments from Giuffre’s 2011 meeting with her lawyers were revealed as part of a massive release of information related to a civil suit she filed against Maxwell in 2015. During the meeting, Guiffre was asked, “Do you have any recollection of Jeffrey Epstein’s specifically telling you that ‘Bill Clinton owes me favors?’”

“Yes, I do,” she replied.

“It was a laugh though. He would laugh it off. You know, I remember asking Jeffrey what’s Bill Clinton doing here [on Epstein’s island] kind of thing, and he laughed it off and said well he owes me favors.”

“He never told me what favors they were,” Guiffre said. “I never knew. I didn’t know if he was serious. It was just a joke … He told me a long time ago that everyone owes him favors. They’re all in each other’s pockets.”

Giuffre was asked if she was on the island at the same time as Epstein and Clinton.

“When you say you asked him why is Bill Clinton here, where was here?” Giuffre was asked.

“The island,” she responded.

She indicated that along with Epstein and Clinton, those staying on the island included “Ghislaine, Emmy [a girl who was supposedly a regular at Epstein’s house], and there was 2 young girls that I could identify. I never really knew them well anyways. It was just 2 girls from New York.”

“And were all of you staying at Jeffrey’s house on the island including Bill Clinton?” her lawyer asked.

“That’s correct,” she answered.

A 2019 statement from The Clinton Foundation claimed Clinton “knows nothing about the terrible crimes Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to,” according to Newsweek. “Clinton took a total of four trips on Jeffrey Epstein’s airplane.

“Staff, supporters of the Foundation, and his Secret Service detail traveled on every trip,” the statement continued. “He’s not spoken to Epstein in well over a decade, and has never been to Little St. James Island, Epstein’s ranch in New Mexico, or his residence in Florida.”

lawsuit filed by the attorney general of the Virgin Islands claims that Epstein used his Virgin Islands homes to engage in sex trafficking.

“Epstein created a network of companies and individuals who participated in and conspired with him in a pattern of criminal activity related to the sex trafficking, forced labor, sexual assault, child abuse, and sexual servitude of these young women and children,” the lawsuit filed by Attorney General Denise N. George stated.

The lawsuit said Epstein’s alleged trafficking began in 2001 and continued through 2019. Epstein brought girls as young as 11 or 12 to Little Saint James, an island he owned in the Virgin Islands, and tracked women and girls through a database, the lawsuit said.

“Epstein clearly used the Virgin Islands and his residence in the U.S. Virgin Islands at Little Saint James as a way to be able to conceal and to be able to expand his activity here,” George said.


WIKILEAKS: Here’s How The Clinton’s Free Private Jet Scam Works

waving flagAuthored by Richard Pollock, Reporter / 10/31/2016

URL of the original posting site:

donersIra Magaziner, the CEO of the Clinton Health Access Initiative, asked former President Bill Clinton to thank Morocco’s King Mohammed VI for “offering his plane to the conference in Ethiopia.”

“CHAI would like to request that President Clinton call Sheik Mohammed to thank him for offering his plane to the conference in Ethiopia,” Magaziner gushed in a November 22, 2011 email released by WikiLeaks.

Clinton frequently has expected free, luxurious private jet travel during his post-presidential life. Clinton, his wife and daughter have artfully secured free air travel and luxurious accommodations since they left the White House. It’s an effective way to accept gifts of great value without declaring them for the Clinton Foundation.

“It’s highly illegal and it’s likely that the owners of these aircraft took tax deductions as a gift to the Clinton Foundation,” Charles Ortel, a Wall Street analyst and critic of the Clinton Foundation, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

In the Moroccan case, Clinton was able to fly for free, jetting 3,367 miles from Rabat, Morocco, to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on the King’s specially equipped 747-400 jumbo jet. Not including the flight, King Mohammed has donated at least $28 million to the Clinton Foundation(RELATED: Hillary’s Two Official Favors To Morocco Resulted in $28 Million for Clinton Foundation)vote-in-one-and-you-get-them-all

Clinton was traveling to attend a conference organized by Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi, an Ethiopian-Saudi billionaire who is the second wealthiest man in Saudi Arabia. The sheikh has donated up to $10 million to the Clinton Foundation.

But neither the Clinton Foundation nor CHAI have listed any “non-cash contributions” — such as free jumbo jet travel — on their 2011 tax return for the free use of the aircraft.

Clinton also stayed in 2014 at a five-star hotel in Jaipur, India on official Clinton Foundation business and stayed in a $13,900 per night villa — which was not itemized on the foundation’s tax returns. There are a large number of other free trips and expensive perks Clinton and his family have enjoyed, many from foundation donors.

Vinod Gupta, former CEO of InfoUSA, was sanctioned by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for using company assets – such as cars, yachts and luxury vacations — without approval from the board or any other authorized party. He was later fired and fined $9 million. But Gupta also gave “Clinton and his family” $900,000 worth of free air travel on the company jet, according to the SEC. One free Gupta trip in 2002 was for Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton to fly free to Acapulco, Mexico for a family vacation, according to a New York Times report.

Another InfoUSA jet ride was for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to travel to New Mexico that cost $18,480. A group called “Friends of Hillary” paid a paltry $2,127 for the trip. Gupta has contributed up to $5 million to the foundation, according to the Clinton Foundation.

The Saudi Crown Prince in 2004 — now King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz — gave Clinton his personal Boeing 767 to fly with 20 of his best friends to Davos, Switzerland to attend the annual global gabfest led by the world’s business kingpins, according to Joe Conason, a Clinton supporter and author of the new book “Man of the World.” The Saudi king has donated more than $25 million to the Clinton Foundation.

Clinton also traveled numerous times free of charge on film producer Stephen L. Bing’s Boeing 737. Bing has donated up to $25 million to the foundation

The former president has flown on Ron Burkle’s private jets through Central Asia, India and China, and Clinton pocketed $15 million to be a part of Burkle’s Yucaipa Partners hedge fund. While at Yucaipa, Clinton became a business partner with United Arab Emirates Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum and his Dubai Investment Group. The Dubai Foundation and the United Arab Emirates have each contributed $5 million to the Clinton Foundation.

Perhaps the most notorious freebie flights were when Clinton flew 26 times on the private jet owned by sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. His aircraft, dubbed the “Lolita Express,” was supposed to be equipped with a bed for sex with underage girls. On at least five occasions, Clinton dumped his Secret Service detail for the flights, according to Fox News.

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