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Jason Whitlock Op-ed: ‘Don’t Stop Believin’’ bogus Super Bowl ending was ‘Made in America’

JASON WHITLOCK | February 13, 2023


Jason Allen/ISI Photos / Contributor, Nick Cammett / Stringer, Cooper Neill / Contributor, Tim Nwachukwu / Staff, Mitchell Leff / Contributor, Cooper Neill / Contributor | Getty Images

Let’s call it “The Sopranos Bowl.”

Super Bowl LVII, Kansas City’s 38-35 victory, unseated “Made in America,” the finale of the iconic HBO mob series, as the worst ending in television history.

With a little less than two minutes to play and the score tied at 35-35, a would-be Super Bowl classic cut to black, leaving more than 100 million fans pondering what could have been.

Would Philly capo Jalen Hurts rally the Eagles from a three-point deficit and win the game or force overtime? Or did Kansas City underboss Patrick Mahomes and button man Harrison Butker whack the Eagles?

We’ll never know because a referee flagged Philly corner James Bradberry for defensive holding on third and eight at the Philadelphia 15-yard line. The penalty gave the Chiefs a first down, allowed them to drain the clock, and set up a game-ending 27-yard field goal with eight seconds to play.

The unnecessary and unjustified call ruined the Super Bowl.

I don’t care that Bradberry defended the ref.

“It was holding,” Bradberry told reporters. “I tugged his jersey. I was hoping they would let it slide.”

No dice. No way.

It was a horrible call. I’ve watched the replays a dozen times. Chiefs wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster never broke stride. Bradberry’s contact never impeded Smith-Schuster from getting into his route. The refs stayed out of the game for 58 minutes. There were no mystery holding calls in the secondary or along the line of scrimmage. It was a clean game. It was a great game. Until the bogus holding penalty on Bradberry.

I’m not a bitter Eagles fan. I’m a happy Chiefs fan. I lived and worked in Kansas City for 16 years. My mother moved to Kansas City in 1984. I moved there in 1994. The Chiefs are my favorite football team. I bet money on Kansas City winning Sunday’s game. I’m thrilled with the outcome.

It’s the same way I feel about “The Sopranos.” It’s one of my two or three favorite shows in the history of television. It’s right there with “The Wire” and “The Shield.”

But more than anything else, “The Sopranos” is remembered for its trash ending. The screen cut to black. Sopranos fans have spent years arguing whether a hit man in a Members Only jacket clipped Tony Soprano as he ate dinner with Carmela, Meadow, and A.J. as “Don’t Stop Believin’” played on the jukebox.

Endings are important. They can taint the memory of an otherwise perfect story. “The Sopranos” might be the undisputed king of television if not for its blown final episode.

A perfect ending can elevate a TV show. “The Shield” pulled off the greatest finale in history. “Family Meeting,” “The Shield’s” final 72-minute episode, is flawless. Dirty cop Shane Vendrell poisons his wife and kid and then blows his own head off. Dirty cop Ronnie Gardocki is dragged off to jail seconds after finding out his trusted leader, Vic Mackey, snitched to save himself. Mackey forfeits his kids and career, is exposed as a cop killer, and is trapped at a desk job surrounded by federal agents who hate him.

The ending enriched all seven seasons and the 87 preceding episodes of “The Shield.”

Sunday’s Super Bowl was a bitter reminder of what’s wrong with the NFL. Referees have too much influence over the outcomes. They have too many judgment calls to make. The officiating is uneven and inconsistent. Sometimes the games feel manipulated. Calls of pass interference and roughing the passer determine outcomes more than the players.

I don’t believe the NFL is rigged. Nor do I believe former NFL running back Arian Foster’s outrageous suggestion that the games follow a script.

What was scripted was the reaction to Sunday’s game-deciding penalty.

I believe the NFL persuaded Bradberry and the Eagles not to whine about the costly penalty. I believe the league persuaded its television partners to downplay the penalty on Sunday. I don’t blame the NFL for this. It’s smart business. The league’s showcase event botched the ending. Roger Goodell wants fans talking about the magnificent performances of Patrick Mahomes, Jalen Hurts, and Nick Bolton, the Kansas City linebacker. It’s better to discuss the coaching brilliance of Andy Reid than the fact that NFL referees are in an impossible position.

Remember the Saints-Rams pass-interference no-call that sent Los Angeles to the 2019 Super Bowl?

The refs swallowed their whistles and let the players decide the game. The refs were ripped. Saints coach Sean Payton whined for months. He wore a Roger Goodell clown T-shirt. A New Orleans fan filed a lawsuit against the NFL (and later dropped it).

The “Nola No Call” in the NFC Championship is more memorable than the Patriots’ 13-3 Super Bowl victory.

Whelp, this time a ref didn’t swallow his flag. He threw it. He directly influenced the end of the game.

The NFL is a television show. Its goal is to create television stars. Its biggest star, Tom Brady, just retired. Patrick Mahomes is the next man up. The NFL is determined to stop a bogus penalty from tainting Mahomes’ second Super Bowl title.

The final episode of “The Sopranos” aired in June 2007, well before the social media matrix distorted truth with controlled narrative. Sixteen years ago, we were all free to rip “Made in America.” Now algorithms and partnerships determine criticism and dissent.

They want us to “fuhgeddaboudit.” That’s Sopranos slang for “forget about it.”



Jason Whitlock Op-ed: Yes, baby-mama culture explains the Tyre Nichols Tragedy

OP-ED | JASON WHITLOCK | January 30, 2023


Getty Images

Sorry, I refuse to follow the script. The script for black influencers demanded that the Tyre Nichols tragedy be laid at the feet of so-called white supremacy.

Five black cops beat a 150-pound black man to death, and the script called for more mass shaming of white people and insinuations that policing should be outlawed.

Had I followed the script, I wouldn’t be embroiled in controversy, public enemy number one of black Twitter, Ciara, and all the other blue-check virtue-signalers.

In fact, had I dishonestly blamed systemic, institutionalized racism for Nichols’ death, I would be the toast of Twitter, drowning in retweets, likes, and applause. I would be high as a kite on dopamine and swimming in interview requests.

But that’s not what I did when I appeared on Tucker Carlson’s cable news show Friday night. I didn’t lie. I didn’t concoct some fantasy narrative where five black cops shouted, “This is MAGA country!” before attacking Tyre Nichols.

They don’t want you to see this … Big Tech does its best to limit what news you see. Make sure you see our stories daily — directly to your inbox.

I blamed the five cops for their criminal behavior and predicted that a predominantly black jury will find them guilty of second-degree murder. I then criticized CNN and other media outlets for hyping the release of the bodycam footage like it was Al Capone’s secret vault and using the video to distract from America’s escalating involvement in the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

And, when surprisingly given an opportunity to provide an additional thought, I argued that the five police officers mimicked gang behavior and that the whole sad event is a byproduct of communities overrun with matriarchal values and controlled by single black mothers. I said that the conversation we should be having in reaction to Tyre Nichols centers on the cost of destroying the black family.

That’s my written paraphrase of what I tried to convey in the final 60 seconds of an unscripted, four-minute TV segment. Watch my comments in full here. YouTube has somehow classified my remarks as “inappropriate and offensive.”

It’s impossible to analyze a situation as complex as the Tyre Nichols tragedy in four minutes. What you try to do is spark a deeper conversation by saying something that will cut through all the garbage being spewed on social media and/or promoted on ratings-hungry television networks.

My first comment was said to establish that a black police chief, black police officers, and black citizens would be in charge of providing justice for Tyre Nichols’ family. What happened to Nichols isn’t about white supremacy. And what will happen to his alleged killers won’t have anything to do with white supremacy either.

My second comment was stated to point out that the media is intentionally overemphasizing the importance of the Nichols tragedy. Our politicians are pushing us toward nuclear conflict with Russia. Millions of lives are at stake. I’m not trying to diminish the value of Tyre’s life. But in comparison to nuclear conflict, his life pales in comparison.

Tyre Nichols is a local story, not a national one. It’s being used to provide cover for more important international tragedies, such as Big Pharma’s COVID malfeasance. The TV networks dependent on the advertising dollars of pharmaceutical companies prefer Don Lemon talking about lawless cops rather than lawless and exploitative international corporations.

Finally, my third comment, the one my critics have seized upon, is an attempt to spark a conversation about the real ramifications of America’s growing preference for female authority and alternative family structures. The matriarchy doesn’t work.

We need to talk about that.

Black urban areas are dominated by matriarchal rulership. It’s an utter failure and disaster. These areas all operate similar to Memphis. Crime is astronomical. Young men settle their differences with deadly violence. Academic performance hovers at record lows. Illegitimacy rates skyrocket.

Tyre Nichols was 29. The five police officers who participated in beating him to death range in age from 24 to 32. The behavior we witnessed from the officers resembles what happens when a group of Vice Lords catch a Gangster Disciple on their turf. The Disciple will flee. The Vice Lords will chase. Violence ensues.

My point is what we saw Friday night does not appear to be an outgrowth of bad policing. I’ve yet to see video evidence that depicts what caused the traffic stop and why Nichols had to be snatched from his car. It doesn’t feel like we’ve been shown the complete story. Something about the encounter feels far more personal than anything born of the frustration created by a resistant suspect. The use of pepper spray makes zero sense.

It feels like the outgrowth of a rotten culture, a culture where black men are canonized and celebrated for handling petty beefs and disrespect with lethal violence. That type of emotional violence is commonplace within zip codes dominated by the matriarchy.

Tyre Nichols cried out for his mama for a reason. I’m not saying that to belittle Nichols. I’m saying it’s a reflection of modern black culture, a culture that inappropriately places women at the top of the food chain. Mama is the ultimate authority and savior.

That’s not what God intended. He is our Savior. He authorized man to exercise dominion over the earth. He prescribed family (man, woman, and child) as the foundation of order, obedience, and His will. No racial group in America is more out of line with God’s natural order than black people. Seventy percent of our kids are born to unwed mothers. We don’t view family as a necessity for success. It’s just one of many options. It’s prioritized well below allegiance to racial idolatry, the Democrat political party, and hip-hop culture.

Those allegiances have made us hostile to a biblical worldview, indifferent toward marriage, and convinced there’s little value in male leadership. Scripture is the kryptonite that weakens us rather than the cape we wrap ourselves in to unleash superpowers.

We’re out of order.

Ephesians 5:22-24: “Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its Savior. Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit in everything to their husbands.”

So what happens in communities without a culture of marriage and nuclear family?

In his book, Kingdom Politics, the great Christian minister Tony Evans says: “The saga of a nation is the saga of its families written large. Whoever owns the family owns the future. When family structure breaks down, all manner of calamity and chaos enter into society. When family breaks down, crime goes up, poverty goes up, abuse goes up. When the family breaks down, gender confusion and role confusion go up.”

Calamity. Chaos. Confusion.

You don’t need to be a Christian minister to recognize what’s going on in black communities with no consistent family structure. Here’s a video of the rapper Jay Z in 2019 explaining the connection between police brutality and single motherhood. And here’s a link to a story capturing the criticism Jay Z received for publicly discussing the obvious connection.

The social media matrix and corporate media are rigged to stop people from discussing the negative outcomes from the annihilation of the black family. The matrix blames “white supremacy” for everything bad that happens to black people, even when white people are uninvolved.

The culture we’ve adopted is designed to produce bad outcomes. The matriarchy doesn’t work.

My critics say my criticism is off base because Tyre Nichols has a mother and stepfather and the city’s female police chief, Cerelyn Davis, is married and a mother. My critics ignore the obvious. No one survives a rotten culture unscathed. A nutritionist will lose his way or suffer collateral damage if he’s forced to set up business inside a fast-food restaurant.

The pervasiveness of baby-mama culture harms everyone, including the non-participants forced to operate within it. The chaos and dysfunction negatively impact everyone.

Why did Cerelyn Davis and the Memphis Police Department implement a SCORPION (Street Crimes Operation to Restore Peace in Our Neighborhoods) unit, the special task force the five officers worked in? They started it in November 2021 to combat the violent behavior of largely unparented young black men terrorizing Memphis. These types of units are common in high-crime, single-parent neighborhoods across America.

Police start gangs to combat gang violence. Young men without fathers in the home are attracted to gangs.

Baby-mama culture celebrates gang involvement. That’s why Snoop Dogg, a proud Crip, is such a beloved cultural figure. That’s why so many black boys and girls from two-parent households and good neighborhoods think their racial identity is tied to behaving in a ghetto or criminal fashion.

Baby-mama culture rules black America in the ‘hood and the ‘burbs. So does matriarchal culture. Black men see black women as our leaders, our saviors.

I don’t. I never will. And I was raised primarily by my divorced mother. My mother was awesome. Spectacular. She took me and my brother to church every Sunday. She took a second job and moved us out of the ghetto and into a working-class neighborhood.

But I am who I am – good and bad – because of my father. I feared and revered him. He taught me the importance of self-sufficiency and never accepting a handout. He had no tolerance for excuses. And luckily I grew up in an era when there was far less pressure to conform to a criminal black stereotype. Rappers weren’t portrayed as heroes and role models. It wasn’t cool to have a baby mama. I was raised to see myself as a leader, a protector, and a provider.

The left frames men like me, regardless of color, as misogynist oppressors. Popular culture promotes the “Woman King,” especially to black people. They ignore the failing results of matriarchal rulership and send women like Cerelyn Davis to fix problems only strong, bold male leadership can solve.

It’s going to take male leadership in the home, in the church, and in law enforcement to fix the rotting culture that took Tyre Nichols’ life. That same leadership is required throughout American society. Baby-mama, matriarchal culture is being pushed within all facets of American society. Illegitimacy rates are rising among all racial demographics.

Christian male leadership has been demonized to placate the feelings and promote the values of the BLM-LGBTQ Alphabet Mafia. Your children’s neighborhoods will have more in common with Memphis than Mayberry.

Jason Whitlock Op-ed: Football feminization reached a new low on Sunday

OP-ED, JASON WHITLOCK | October 10, 2022


Pascal Le Segretain / Staff, Bob Levey / Contributor | Getty Images

We used to understand that not everything is for everybody. We no longer do. We live in the era of unisex bathrooms. In the name of “inclusion,” we killed the Boy Scouts to make room for girls. We expanded marriage. We bought the lie that everything is for everybody. We embraced the myth that we can have it all. No, we can’t. Our collective pursuit of everything undergirds America’s decline.

Pat Riley, the NBA legend, calls it the “disease of more.” A team wins a championship, and every member of the organization wants more for themselves. The quest for more eventually changes the character of the pursuer. He or she loses life balance and compromises core values in the hunt for more.

In my opinion, the “disease of more” explains Tom Brady’s rumored divorce. You can’t have it all.

It’s a lesson that the NFL will soon learn. The National Football League, America’s favorite form of entertainment, wants to have it all. Under the weak leadership of commissioner Roger Goodell, the NFL has spent the last 15 years pursuing corporate media-defined inclusion.

A sport intended to groom young boys and men to compete in a meritocracy has bowed to the feminist worldview of diversity, inclusion, and equity. The NFL strives to be everything for everybody. The push for inclusion has caused the league to prioritize safety.

Safety is a woman’s priority. Men seek thrills and danger. Men aren’t sadistic. We’re made different by design. Our love of danger leads to progress and advancement. Men called “roughnecks” built skyscrapers in the 1920s. Forty percent of them fell to their deaths or disablement. Women never would have done it.

The NFL’s preference to maximize safety and limit danger poses the greatest threat to America’s most popular sport. It’s a far more damaging initiative than the league’s promotion of Black Lives Matter and anti-American sentiment.

People watch football because we’re entertained by seeing men flirt with danger in pursuit of a goal.

Football is far less entertaining than it was 20 years ago, before an onslaught of rules changes softened the game and demonized hard hits. Yesterday’s Atlanta-Tampa Bay game was ruined when referee Jerome Boger flagged a Falcons defensive lineman for a routine sack of Tom Brady. The roughing-the-passer penalty cost Atlanta any chance of a comeback.

On Miami’s first offensive play against the New York Jets, officials monitoring the game removed quarterback Teddy Bridgewater because he allegedly briefly staggered when getting to his feet after a routine hit. Bridgewater was not allowed to return to the game. Facing Miami’s third-string quarterback, the Jets won in a romp.

The Brady and Bridgewater plays are a direct result of the Tua Tagovailoa controversy two weeks ago. Tagovailoa, who is fragile, suffered brief paralysis after a routine hit. Without a shred of evidence, broadcasters and social media influencers connected Tagovailoa’s brief paralysis to a hit he suffered four days earlier.

Broadcasters demonized the Dolphins organization and the team’s head coach for allowing Tua to play. The NFLPA demanded an investigation and then worked with the NFL to enact immediate new rules related to concussion protocols. Those new rules are why Bridgewater disappeared yesterday after one play.

We all want football to be safe. When it’s not safe, we want to blame somebody.

The game isn’t meant to be safe. It’s meant to be dangerous and entertaining. People are going to get hurt. It’s inevitable. It’s no different from boxing or mixed martial arts. It’s no different from working on a skyscraper in the 1920s.

The NFL won’t make this argument because the league wants to be all things to all people. It wants to avoid upsetting women and men who have been feminized to the point that they might as well be women.

The NFL fears moms. Women who won’t let their sons play football because the sport is too dangerous. They’re the same women who won’t let their kids go to school without wearing a mask. They’re women who want to remove all the risks from life. Women and beta males desire for all of us to sit in our homes playing video games, communicating over social media, watching 50-year-old Queen Latifah beat up men in “The Equalizer” TV series, and waiting for our next booster shot. They want us all to transition into women. Their plan is working.

I’ve watched football for 50 years. I turned off my television when I saw Tua’s momentarily disfigured fingers locked in the air. I briefly lost my appetite for football. That has never happened before. It speaks to the impact of football concussion propaganda. I’ll watch someone get knocked out in the ring or octagon and jump for joy.

But we have been programmed to see violence in football as savage and gruesome. Fifteen years ago, Chris Berman and Tom Jackson could react to NFL big hits the way Joe Rogan and Daniel Cormier still do at UFC events. We’re all still allowed to enjoy seeing fighters get put in the concussion protocol. It’s socially unacceptable to enjoy it on the football field. We pretend that the grossly exaggerated CTE pandemic only affects football players. We’ve been feminized. We’ve been programmed to prioritize our emotions and feelings over logic and fact.

We no longer know when, how, and where we should feed and support man’s innate desire to take risks. We’ve been convinced swiping left and right on Tinder is a better venue for risk-taking than a football field. More kids will be permanently and severely damaged in a hospital operating room undergoing gender-affirming surgery than playing football.

You get my point? The very people trying to make the world safer are actually making it more dangerous.

Football isn’t for women. Trying to make the game more palatable to women is a mistake. It’s why Arizona quarterback Kyler Murray showed up to work on Sunday wearing a lime green Hillary Clinton pantsuit. Among other things, feminized football turns men into runway models.

Jason Whitlock Op-ed: Kanye West remains dangerous, disgusting, and harmful to demonic leftists

OP-ED, JASON WHITLOCK | October 07, 2022


Neil Mockford / Contributor, Ronald Martinez / Staff | Getty Images

Kanye West is not as confusing as he often sounds. His outlook on life stems from a defined set of values spelled out in the Bible. His actions and words often conflict with his outlook. He’s normal. Every human being struggles to align their values and deeds. The difference between West and most human beings is the transparency of his failures.

Yesterday, West sat down for an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson. The 45-year-old rapper, fashion designer, and provocateur was his usual mix of brilliance, confusion, contradiction, and oddity. When asked how people respond to a baby ultrasound lanyard he wears, West proclaimed his faith.

“I don’t care about people’s responses,” he said. “I care about the fact that there’s more black babies being aborted than born in New York City at this point, that 50 percent of black death in America is abortion. So I really don’t care about people’s responses. I perform for an audience of one, and that’s God.”

It was a brilliant and courageous answer, especially for a Hollywood celebrity. We’ve come to expect that from West.

Earlier this week, at a fashion show in Paris, West and gal pal Candace Owens donned T-shirts emblazoned with the words “White Lives Matter.” The shirts mocked the Black Lives Matter movement. Via Instagram, Kanye called BLM a “scam.” Owens has a documentary set to release in five days – “The Greatest Lie Ever Told” – that is expected to further expose BLM’s financial malfeasance and LGBTQ agenda.

Kanye is drumming up attention for Owens’ takedown of BLM. The progressive establishment, the globalists using race to divide, conquer, and queer America, are frustrated by their inability to control “Kunta Kinte” West. Adidas is threatening to dissolve its long-standing partnership with West. Corporate media outlets dispatched their legion of race police to publicly flog West for affirming the value of white life. Rolling Stone complained that the shirts legitimized extremism. A potpourri of black intellectuals deemed the shirts disgusting, harmful, and dangerous.

West did not back away from the controversy in his conversation with Carlson. He said he acted on a “gut instinct.” He then oddly analogized the stunt to disgraced Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding.

That’s classic Kanye West. He contradicts. He produces an album titled “Jesus Is King” and then collaborates with Lil Nas X on the song and video “Industry Baby,” which depicts gay prison sex.

West, like most of us, serves God and the world. The pull of the world is much stronger for West. He’s one of the world’s biggest celebrities. The success of his music and fashion depend on public opinion and popularity. He succumbs to those pressures.

Fame is an intoxicating and destructive drug. Kanye is battling his addiction to it with biblical faith. I respect the sincerity of his fight. He truly values family and being a good father. He wants to see black Americans improve our plight. He believes in the power of truth.

His comments related to abortion and the normalization of obesity – “it’s actually clinically unhealthy. And for people to promote that, it’s demonic” – reveal a deeper understanding of the cultural rot destroying America.

We’re in a battle of good vs. evil. Kanye is one of the good guys. He’s trying to be on the right side of God rather than the history left-wing atheists plan to write.

Jason Whitlock Op-ed: Joe Burrow may be suffering from Colin Kaepernick disease

OP-ED | JASON WHITLOCK | September 21, 2022


Kevin C. Cox / Staff, Icon Sportswire / Contributor, Kevin C. Cox / Staff | Getty Images

I hope I’m wrong about Joe Burrow, the Cincinnati Bengals’ quarterback. I’m rooting for him. No different from how I rooted for Josh Rosen, Robert Griffin III, Cam Newton, and Colin Kaepernick. I root for pretty much every young quarterback. I want them all to be the next John Elway or Tom Brady or Peyton Manning.

Great quarterbacks make sports fun and interesting.

So Cincinnati Bengals fans, back off. We’re on the same team. My tweets analogizing Burrow to Rosen and Griffin were not written with malicious intent. They reflect my gut instincts at the moment.

They reflect the reality that sometimes young quarterbacks trip over their own egos and sabotage their careers. I pride myself on having a highly sensitive QB-ego radar that allows me to detect potential problems before others see them. It starts with a gut feeling and then grows.

Monday afternoon, during a discussion with T.J. Moe and Steve Kim on my podcast, I had a tingling in my gut when we started talking about Joe Burrow. Initially I attributed the tingling to the thought of eating Skyline chili while visiting Kings Island theme park last Saturday. The chili is considered a delicacy in Cincinnati. A humane person wouldn’t feed that garbage to a dog.

Upon review, it wasn’t the chili that set off my radar. It was the realization that Burrow has some of the same personality quirks and characteristics as Rosen, Griffin, Newton, and Kaepernick.

Burrow is off to a horrible start in the 2022 NFL season. Fresh off a Super Bowl appearance, the Bengals are 0-2, having lost to the Mitchell Trubisky-quarterbacked Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cooper Rush-led Dallas Cowboys. Joe Burrow is supposed to be the next big thing in football. In his first complete, injury-free season, he led the Bengals on an improbable run to the Super Bowl. Prognosticators saw Burrow as the second coming of Dan Marino. But now Burrow can’t outscore Trubisky and Rush, two quarterbacks who will be holding clipboards around Halloween. What’s the problem?

Burrow has tossed four interceptions in two games. Despite a dynamic receiving corps, his yards per attempt hover around the bottom of the league. Cincy has scored a total of 37 points this season. Burrow has been sacked 13 times.

You can blame the sacks on Cincy’s rebuilt offensive line, but there’s more to the story. Burrow doesn’t look comfortable in the pocket. He’s leaving the pocket too soon, and he’s not climbing up in the pocket and helping his offensive tackles. The sacks are a combination of bad O-line play and a skittish quarterback who was sacked 70 times last season.

There’s more.

Does Burrow have the right attitude? Is Burrow too cocky for his own good? Has he prioritized social justice virtue-signaling above football greatness? Is Burrow suffering from Colin Kaepernick disease?

The disease killed Josh Rosen in the football womb. The UCLA quarterback entered the NFL with the stated goal of being a social justice champion and complaining about the nine teams that didn’t draft him in the first round. He lasted one season as a starter in Arizona.

Kaepernick disease is a deadly form of arrogance, shallowness, narcissism, and wokeness. The disease is triggered when agents, handlers, and media influencers convince young athletes that their mission is to be more than athletes.

The disease has been around for a little more than a decade. Scientists believe the virus leaked from a laboratory in Portland, Oregon, years ago when Nike executives, at the behest of China, developed a formula to make LeBron James the next Muhammad Ali. The leak sparked a pandemic across football and basketball. An early symptom of the disease was the desire to kneel during the national anthem. New variants of Kaepernick disease cause athletes to speak out on political issues they know very little about.

Burrow recently posted on Instagram about abortion and the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. In June, he urged politicians to “get those crazy guns.” Back in 2020, during the summer of George Floyd, Burrow and his Bengals teammates made a joint statement standing in front of the National Underground Railroad Museum.

There’s no doubt Burrow has at least a mild form of Kap disease. It’s not just the wokeness. The arrogance and flamboyance are other telltale signs of Kap. Arrogance and flamboyance destroyed Cam Newton and RG3. Like Newton and Griffin, Burrow had a singular, spectacular season in college football, won the Heisman Trophy, and entered the NFL draft amid high expectations.

Early in Newton’s and Griffin’s pro careers, my QB-ego radar started sending me signals that they would not sustain their success. Once Newton committed to dressing like the Queen of England, I jumped ship. When Griffin refused to come out of a playoff game against Seattle, even though it was obvious that his injured knee rendered him useless, I jumped off the Griffin bandwagon. I was ridiculed and reviled for arguing that their egos and off-field ambitions would undermine their success.

That’s what I see potentially happening with Joe Burrow. He wants to be more than an athlete. He wants to be a fashionista. He wants to engage in political discussions. He’s distracted and cocky. He’s headed down the same path as Rosen, Griffin, Newton, and Kaepernick. Those guys all ignored my warning and continued down the path of destruction. Joe Burrow should focus solely on football right now. He can be a runway model and uninformed political pundit in his 40s. Now’s the time to be a great quarterback.

Jason Whitlock Op-ed: Dave Portnoy and Andrew Tate are the natural outgrowth of a culture hostile to masculinity

JASON WHITLOCK | August 23, 2022


Dave Portnoy and Andrew Tate are the Al Capone and Lucky Lucciano of masculinity prohibition. Portnoy and Tate bootleg moonshine masculinity across the internet. Their wealth and fame are byproducts of America’s misguided masculinity temperance movement.

We’re living in the third wave of masculinity prohibition. Each wave popularizes and enriches a new breed of masculinity bootleggers.

Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, and Tate, a kickboxing champion turned TikTok influencer, are the latest undeserving benefactors of an unholy mission Democrats and feminists devised 60 years ago to demonize manhood. Portnoy built a sports media empire pretending to be a fearless ESPN disruptor standing against the wokefication of sports and American culture. It’s now clear he’s a total fraud and sellout. His lone interests are money and access to barely legal women. He sold Barstool to a gambling company for hundreds of millions of dollars, and now Barstool is every bit as woke as ESPN.

Monday night, Portnoy engaged in a Twitter beef with comedian Alex Stein, a truly fearless internet disruptor. Stein, a contributor to BlazeTV, mocks local and national politicians – of all political parties – with viral videos. Barstool’s Twitter feed posted a hilarious video of Stein trolling members of the Las Vegas City Council. Within hours, Barstool deleted the post. Stein called out Barstool’s cowardice, tweeting:

“It’s so cute that @barstoolsports is owned by Stool Presidente who is accused of the most heinous things, but they are too afraid to keep my content up.”

Portnoy struck his tough-guy pose, responding:

“Buddy shut the fuck up. We are owned by a gambling company. We’ve had roughly 9,000 training sessions not to post shit like this cause regulators don’t like it… Go back to whatever hold you crawled out of.”

Via DM, Portnoy offered to have Stein on a podcast, but quickly changed course.

Portnoy is a fraud. He has no core values. No defined set of beliefs. He has no redeeming qualities other than his wealth. Remove his money, and he wouldn’t have a friend in this world. If we weren’t living in an era completely hostile to masculinity, Portnoy would be broke in Boston delivering pizza. The prohibition of masculinity is what made heroes and millionaires of men like Portnoy and Tate.

Tate is a former contestant on the TV show “Big Brother.” He started something called Hustler’s University on TikTok, posting relationship and life advice to young men. He’s the pornographic version of Kevin Samuels, the now-deceased popular relationship YouTuber.

Masculinity is like air and water. We need it for survival. The world was built by male energy. Thank God, Jesus was masculine. Thank God, men were willing to die in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and the World Wars for our freedom.

The demonization of masculinity has caused a shortage and inflated the value of it. The shortage has created a market for impostors and moonshiners.

If ESPN wasn’t hostile to masculinity, there would never have been a market for Portnoy’s brand of masculine sports talk. The out-of-control, believe-all-women #MeToo movement created the market for Andrew Tate.

Alcohol prohibition was bad. Alcohol isn’t a necessity. Masculinity is. The ramifications of the prohibition of masculinity are far worse than the repealed 18th Amendment.

We’ve lowered the standard and behavior for manhood so low that idiots believe puberty blockers and surgery can make men. We’re so desperate we’ll now accept any form of masculinity. It can be profane, stupid, obscene, criminal, and godless.

Let me walk you through a brief history of how we arrived at this level of insanity.

The masculinity temperance movement started in earnest in the 1960s, shortly after it became obvious that Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s civil rights movement would deliver full American citizenship to black people. In reaction, feminists partnered with President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society initiative to emasculate men. White men failed to strongly object to this diabolical partnership because they mistakenly believed feminists and Democrats planned to only castrate black men.

The first wave of this prohibition primarily damaged black men, particularly black men of faith. The first wave spawned celebrity poverty pimps such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, the Milli Vanilli of civil rights. They pretended to be fearless freedom fighters while doing the bidding of feminists, Democrats, and the LGBT crowd.

The second wave of this prohibition popularized gangsta rappers. Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, Jay Z, and N.W.A. pretended to speak truth to power while promoting degerancy, criminality, drug use, materialism, and hedonism.

The third wave has brought us Portnoy and Tate. Internet bullies posing as masculine men. Their success has spawned imitators. The next iteration will be worse.

Jason Whitlock Op-ed: We should scrap Juneteenth, aka George Floyd Day, for a holiday commemorating America’s 1865 rebirth

Commentary by JASON WHITLOCK | June 20, 2022


I spent a lot of time this weekend contemplating “Juneteenth,” our newest federal holiday. I first heard of it in 1985, when a college football teammate from Texas chastised a group of us for being unaware of the celebration. He explained the history of it to us. As a boy from Indiana, I understood his appreciation for Texas history but didn’t think it applied to me or my family.

I never celebrated Juneteenth. I never gave it much thought. I’ve lived in Indiana, South Carolina, Michigan, Missouri, Kansas, California, and Tennessee. No one in any of those states ever invited me to a Juneteenth party.

I suspect most people don’t fully comprehend or get Juneteenth. It’s a national holiday because of the death of George Floyd, not because our political leaders had a sincere interest in celebrating the emancipation of slaves in Texas or across the South.

This weekend, the New York Times ran an op-ed from Casey Gerald, an author and a native of Texas. Here are his opening lines:

“I won’t pretend Juneteenth has always meant a lot to me.

“I was born in Texas, as were my parents and most of my kin, all the way back to at least the 19th century, when some of them were enslaved. Still, for most of my life, the day was just another holiday marked on the community calendar — even if it was our day, a day for black Texans. Perhaps one sign that a thing belongs to you is that you take it for granted.

“The past few years have forced some stronger feelings to the surface.”

The “Summer of George Floyd” forced those stronger feelings to the surface.

A weekend article in the Washington Post spelled out the impetus for those stronger feelings, writing:

“During the summer of 2020, amid the racial-justice protests following the murder of George Floyd, millions of white Americans became aware of Juneteenth for the first time. Some companies announced they would give employees the day off on Juneteenth, and momentum grew to make it a national holiday. Last summer, the U.S. did just that, as President Biden signed a bipartisan bill into law on June 17.”

David Kaufman, writing in the New York Post, agreed with the Washington Post assessment:

“At a time when there is so much rewriting of American history, Juneteenth proves why history should be kept intact.

“Officially declared a national holiday by Congress last year in the wake of George Floyd’s 2020 murder, the day marks the emancipation of black slaves by President Abraham Lincoln in January 1863. As we prepare to celebrate it for the first time as a nation on Monday, it feels as important as the Fourth of July.”

Juneteenth’s connection to the George Floyd riots undermines the holiday’s ability to unify Americans. A lack of unifying messaging undermines the success and purpose of a national holiday.

What’s the purpose of Juneteenth?

Opal Lee, known as the “grandmother of Juneteenth,” offered this explanation:

“Juneteenth asks Americans to recognize that our nation’s principles are neither grossly hypocritical nor naively aspirational. We have inherited lofty yet practical ideals, and it falls to us to implement them as best we can.

“In 1865, that meant fighting attempts to reimpose slavery through violence. In 2022, it means opposing new forms of violence, whether it is violence that comes from within a community or violence perpetrated by the police.”

I like the first part of Lee’s explanation. It’s unifying and inspirational. But the second half falls flat. She analogizes slavery to violent police misconduct. The end of slavery freed 2.5 million black people. Slavery was codified into law and custom. The rare instances of illegal police violence are not backed by law or even custom. They’re aberrations.

Casey Gerald summarized his thoughts on Juneteenth this way:

“Let us grieve for our forebears and feel deep gratitude as we think of the enormous price our people paid so we could be free. Let us remember that despite the degradation of slavery, they lived fully human lives, too. They laughed. They loved. They dreamed. They ate sweet treats. Let us pray to them and say, this year and always: Thank you.”

Gerald’s definition leaves out the price paid by the hundreds of thousands of Union soldiers whose enormous price included the sacrifice of their lives. Gerald wants a black national holiday, not a unifying one.

My point is, as black people, we can’t fully explain or justify the Juneteenth holiday. Most black people did not care until George Floyd died. The black female mayor of New Orleans, LaToya Cantrell, best represents our confusion.

Over the weekend, she unveiled a monument she had erected at Lafayette Square in celebration of Juneteenth. The monument is an afro pick with a clenched fist. She said the sculpture represents the freedoms we’ve gained. New Orleans’ next sculpture will be of a durag and a can of Murray’s hair grease.

Let me take a crack at defining Juneteenth.

American black people did a lot of celebrating in 1865.

Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered to Union General Ulysses S. Grant on April 9 of that year, ending the Civil War and kicking off the official death of slavery.

Twenty-two days later, more than 10,000 freed slaves in Charleston, South Carolina, held a parade honoring deceased Union soldiers. The event is credited with starting the Memorial Day tradition.

In June 1865, Union Army General Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston, Texas, and enforced Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. Black Texans adopted June 19th as a day to celebrate their freedom.

In early December, the United States ratified the 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery.

The year 1865 is as important to American history as 1776. America was reborn, reimagined, and resurrected from the dead. The year marks black Americans’ central role in this country’s march toward freedom and exceptionalism. The African-American journey has been America’s north star, its moral compass.

The fact that Juneteenth is such a divisive and polarizing issue speaks to how far this nation and its citizens have strayed from our shared moral struggle, purpose, and values.

I wish we could rebrand Juneteenth as 1865 Day. We could spend the day honoring the people who sacrificed everything for America to experience a rebirth. Right now, it’s a celebration of George Floyd. I feel sorry for George Floyd. I have no interest in celebrating him.

Jason Whitlock Op-ed: ‘BrokeBlacks Mountain’ — Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart Grooms’ Black People for the LGBTQ Agenda

Commentary by JASON WHITLOCK | June 08, 2022


Jonathan Capehart, a black editor at the Washington Post and an MSNBC contributor, wrote in a column Tuesday that he and his white husband might flee the United States over a growing fear of “crazy white people.” He never stated where he and Nick Schmit might relocate, or which nation would be more welcoming of love-the-fruit-hate-the-tree negroes. He omitted their dream destination because he knows black people experience a higher standard of living, life expectancy, and safety in America than anyplace on earth. Nowhere else on the planet could a dark-skinned man as intellectually compromised and limited as Capehart find high-profile work as a public intellectual and white liberal puppet. Capehart and his boo-thang would not abandon America at gunpoint.

So, what is the real point of Capehart’s Tuesday column, “Why black people are afraid of ‘crazy’ white people”?

In it, he argues that the Buffalo mass shooting illustrates that white people’s fear of demographic changes as a result of illegal immigration is causing white people to turn crazy and potentially violent toward black people. He cites polling from the Southern Poverty Law Center that states that 70% of Republicans believe in the “great replacement conspiracy.” He connects the SPLC poll to a Washington Post poll that states 75% of black people worry that they or a loved one will be physically attacked because they’re black and believe white supremacists are a major threat to black people. These polls justify Capehart’s writing one of the most morally bankrupt and racist opening paragraphs in the last 50 years of mainstream newspapers:

“I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Black people are not afraid of white people. We’re afraid of ‘crazy’ white people.”

That sentence is the equivalent of a white columnist writing: “I’m going to let you in on a little secret: White people are not afraid of black people. We’re afraid of n*****s.”

Jonathan Capehart is not a racist. He loves white fruit (Nick Schmit). He pretends to hate the tree (America). Capehart is a soldier in the BLM-LGBTQ+ Alphabet Mafia. His purpose and point are no different from the Black Lives Matter movement. His job is to wrap the agenda of the LGBTQ movement in black advancement packaging. He’s tying the freedom and treatment of black people to homosexuals and transgenders. That’s why he made this ridiculous and illogical reference to Philando Castile when arguing against the Second Amendment and self-defense.

“Think about it. Imagine I get a gun for self-protection (not that I ever would but stay with me). A situation arises in which I use it to protect myself. But then the cops arrive, see a gun, ‘fear for their lives,’ and, well, the rest writes itself. Remember Philando Castile? We can’t win.”

A Minnesota police officer shot and killed Castile during a routine traffic stop. Castile legally carried a firearm. A jury acquitted the officer of manslaughter. The tragedy that befell Castile is an extremely rare occurrence. Capehart knows this. But he’s an operative in the real replacement theory sweeping Democratic politics. Black is the new gay and trans. He’s an executive producer of a new movie, “BrokeBlacks Mountain.” Capehart ties his plot twist together toward the end of his column, writing:

“It’s not just race, either. The SPLC report notes a correlation between the obsession with ethnic ‘replacement’ and a fixation on gender identity. And look: More than 300 anti-LGBTQ bills have been filed this year alone, many of them targeting trans children and their families. This is not to mention the threat to abortion access or to other rights (such as my marriage) that could fall like dominoes.”

There it is. Capehart’s real passion is protecting his marriage to Nick Schmit.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: Capehart would not piss on a heterosexual black man set ablaze at the White House. He loves fruit and hates the way God made him.

For stating this obvious truth, I’ll be accused of homophobia and transphobia. It’s not true. I despise dishonesty and lies. I’m tired of black elites disconnected from the reality of working-class people standing on the caskets of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Philando Castile, Breonna Taylor, Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin, and Michael Brown to advance the plight of the Alphabet Mafia.

Capehart is using black people to promote an agenda that directly contradicts the gospel spelled out in the Bible.

I’m afraid of Jonathan Capehart.

Jason Whitlock Op-ed: Democrats form new confederacy founded on love of dead negroes

Commentary by JASON WHITLOCK | June 02, 2022


Democrats should rename their governing body. The Democratic National Committee, established in 1848, in no way reflects the modern platform, agenda, and strategy of the party. The Dead Negro Confederacy more accurately characterizes the political party obsessed with George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, the 1921 Tulsa Massacre, and 70-year-old racial lynchings.

Dead negroes fuel the DNC.

Yesterday, Charles Booker, a Senate candidate running for Rand Paul’s Kentucky seat, released a 72-second ad featuring a noose tied around his neck. In the ad, Booker claimed mobs lynched his ancestors. Via Twitter, he stated three of his uncles were lynched in Kentucky.

“Lynching is a tool of terror,” Booker wrote. “It was used to kill hopes for freedom. In Kentucky, it was used to kill three of my uncles. In this historic election, the choice is clear. Rand Paul may want to divide us, but hate won’t win this time. It’s time to move forward, together.”

Booker’s commercial criticized Paul for blocking federal anti-lynching legislation. The accusation is disingenuous. After objecting to a proposal that failed to properly define lynching, Paul, alongside Republican Tim Scott and Democrat Cory Booker, co-sponsored the Emmett Till Antilynching Act that is now federal law. The law is purposeless, cosmetic, and totally political. For the last 60 years, death by lightning strike has been far more prevalent than lynching.

What has become prevalent in recent years is leftist public figures and political activists using relics of America’s racist past and dead black criminal suspects to advance their careers.

Charles Booker stole his campaign strategy from Jussie Smollett, the actor who tied a noose around his neck to gain popularity. The ploy backfired on Smollett. It worked for NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace. Wallace rose from obscurity and a lack of sponsorship support on the ridiculous insinuation that a garage-door rope was really a threatening hangman’s noose.

Two years ago, Booker thought he could ride the momentum of Black Lives Matter and his participation in Breonna Taylor protests to challenge Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell for his seat. During his bid for the Democratic nomination, Booker ran a more traditional campaign. He espoused stereotypical, far-left, Bernie Sanders-approved political policies such as universal health care and the Green New Deal. Booker failed to get out of the Democratic primary. He lost to Amy McGrath, who lost a relatively close race to McConnell.

Booker’s supporters blamed the racism of white Democrats for his primary defeat. It’s no surprise that Booker is back campaigning with a racially divisive message. It’s the primary message of the Dead Negro Confederacy. The Grand Wizard of the DNC, Barack Obama, modeled the strategy in the immediate aftermath of the Uvalde massacre.

Obama told the Dead Negro Confederacy, “As we grieve the children of Uvalde, we should take time to recognize that two years have passed since the murder of George Floyd.”

The DNC does everything it can to keep dead negroes at the top of mind for the American public. Wednesday, President Joe Biden commemorated the Tulsa race massacre, tweeting:

“Today, we remember the hell unleashed 101 years ago in Tulsa, where Greenwood was raided, firebombed, and destroyed by a violent white supremacist mob. It wasn’t a riot, it was a massacre. We must continue to reckon with the past and work to build a more just future.”

The Dead Negro Confederacy strikes again. Democrats do not offer solutions. They tell black people to lock their eyes on the rearview mirror or risk being caught from behind by racists. It’s the Dead Negro Conspiracy, the conspiracy theory of choice for the left.

In their preferred conspiracy, the only thing standing between black people and a noose is the Dead Negro Confederacy.

Vote Democrat or die!

That’s the same message the KKK sounded when six former Confederate soldiers founded the organization in 1865. The KKK worked on behalf of the DNC. It’s always been the Dead Negro Confederacy.

Dead negroes have long served as the platform to elevate Democrat politicians. It explains why the Dead Negro Confederacy is perfectly comfortable with Planned Parenthood and the astronomical number of black babies killed in abortions. It also explains why cities controlled by the Dead Negro Confederacy have high murder rates among their black citizens and support defunding police.

The Dead Negro Confederacy strives to make black people vulnerable and dependent on the goodwill of government. The DNC is against self-sufficiency and self-defense. It has pitted law-abiding black people against law enforcement by convincing black people that we’re all George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, or Emmett Till.

We’re not.

Tamir Rice is not analogous to Emmett Till, a 14-year-old brutally killed in 1955 after a white woman accused him of untoward behavior. An overaggressive police officer made a tragic decision to shoot Rice while the 12-year-old was holding a toy gun.

The only people who should worry about dying the way Floyd did are people who regularly use fentanyl and think it’s wise to disobey police officers for 20 straight minutes.

If you’re a woman and believe you could be killed in a similar fashion to Taylor, I strongly urge you to get a new boyfriend. Ditch him for a man strong enough to leave you in the bedroom while he checks on the trouble at the front door and one smart enough not to indiscriminately fire his gun at police or intruders on the other side of a door.

Everyone else should be asking themselves what they find so redeeming about the Dead Negro Confederacy. Perhaps it’s the organization’s position on climate change. Let’s hope it’s not the DNC’s affinity for dead negroes.

Jason Whitlock Op-ed: Cam Newton is a ‘bad b***h’ who doesn’t know when to be quiet or how to lead

Commentary by JASON WHITLOCK | April 12, 2022


The coroner’s report on Cam Newton’s NFL career should list “lack of self-awareness” as the cause of death, not misogyny.

Newton returned to the news cycle yesterday after media outlets circulated comments about women he made during a recent podcast interview. On the Sunday edition of the “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” podcast, Newton discussed his upbringing, his parents’ long marriage, and his philosophy on women. The latter comments provoked the ire of feminists, the matriarchy, Twitter, and beta males and cast Newton as the love child of Archie Bunker and Cardi B.

Newton said: “It’s a lot of women who are bad bit***s, and and I say ‘bit***s’ in a way not to degrade a woman but just to go off the aesthetic of what they deem as a ‘boss chick.’ A woman for me is handling your own but knowing how to cater to man’s needs. I think a lot of times when you get that aesthetic of like ‘I’m a boss bit**, I’m a this, I’m a that,’ no baby. But you can’t cook. You don’t know when to be quiet. You don’t know how to allow a man to lead.”

ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio wrote that Newton’s “outdated views regarding gender roles and obligations” will make it more difficult for Newton to land a job this off-season.

I disagree. Sans the profane language, Newton’s views on gender roles and obligations are commonplace in the NFL or among high-net-worth men. His views are standard among people, regardless of income, with a biblical worldview. Genesis 2:18 says that God created Eve as a suitable helper (helpmeet) for Adam. Newton’s views are not problematic or outside the mainstream, especially within his peer group. It’s his lack of self-awareness that’s the problem. The content of his podcast interview is a reflection of the lack of self-awareness that has undermined the success of his NFL career.

Newton never fully delivered on his seemingly endless potential because of his distorted view of himself. Talent and the coddling produced by immense athletic gifts blinded the quarterback prodigy to the harsh realities and inevitabilities of playing the most challenging position in all of sports.

Talent isn’t enough at quarterback. The intangibles of leadership, film study, technique, and persona matter as much as physical skill. Cam Newton was a rock star playing the one position in football that requires an actor. Newton was Rick James, b***h! He needed to be Denzel Washington.

Had Newton played tight end or outside linebacker, he’d likely be seen as a sure-fire Hall of Famer and a missing piece for some team’s Super Bowl dream. Instead, at age 32, the former MVP is jobless, quite possibly finished as an NFL player, and too many miles from Canton, Ohio, to hitchhike to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Rich Gannon, a journeyman, played in more Pro Bowls, won more games, and had a better career than Cam Newton. Why? Because Newton has no idea how to be a leader. You can see the shortcoming in his attitude toward women.

“You don’t know how to allow a man to lead.”

Newton doesn’t know how to lead. He fathered four kids with a woman, Kim Proctor, he refuses to marry. His relationship with Proctor ended because he fathered a fifth child with an Instagram model.

Why would a woman follow a man with five illegitimate kids? Why would a woman cater to the needs of a man who refuses to cater to her desire for monogamy, matrimony, and spiritual salvation? Why would a woman agree to be a suitable helper to a man who eschews being obedient to God’s will?

You can’t lead without sacrifice. You can’t lead without following first. In order to follow God, man must sacrifice the desires of the world.

This is at the heart of Newton’s professional underachievement. His talents convinced him he didn’t need to do all the little things that make great quarterbacks and great leaders. When it comes to relationships, wealthy men suffer the same delusion. They think finances allow them to bend the rules in their personal relationships with women.

I’ve made this mistake too many times to count.

In the podcast interview, Newton praised his dad and mom for sustaining their 38-year marriage. His parents are devout Christians. Newton said his father set a tremendous example of what a man is supposed to be. Did Cam follow his father’s blueprint? Is Cam obedient to God’s will?

Cam’s lack of self-awareness is the reason he doesn’t know when to be quiet, when to be humble, when to be reflective, and when to evaluate his own behavior rather than analyze the actions of “bad bit***s” and boss chicks.

Newton’s intentions on and off the field are positive. He wants to be a great football player. He wants to build a great family, similar to his parents. Talent and money have prevented him from taking the necessary steps to make those goals a reality.

Virtually every NFL owner, executive, and coach desires a woman who can cook, caters to his needs, knows when to be quiet, and will allow him to lead. They want the exact same thing from their players.

As a football player, Cam Newton is a lot like the “bad bit***s” he describes. Everybody eventually tires of “bad bit***s.” The NFL is tired of Cam.

Longtime NBA ref banned over league’s vaccine mandate talks to Jason Whitlock on ‘Fearless’

Reported by JASON WHITLOCK | February 22, 2022   


Ken Mauer, one of the longest-tenured referees in NBA history, says he was forced out of the league at the beginning of the current season because of his religious objection to the COVID vaccines.

During a wide-ranging, two-hour interview on “Fearless with Jason Whitlock,” Mauer, a 36-year veteran known for his slicked-back, Pat Riley-style hair, revealed the reason for his season-long absence.

“I never thought that my faith in our Lord Jesus Christ would prevent me or stop me or get in the way of me refereeing NBA basketball games. … That’s what’s happened,” Mauer said. “Not to just me, but other people.”

Mauer, a lifelong Catholic, has done his own research and has concerns and reasons for refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine, including his belief that aborted fetal tissue was used in the development of the vaccine. (Many experts dispute Mauer’s contention. Pope Francis has endorsed use of the vaccines.)

Mauer said that as many as 17 referees objected to the vaccine mandate the NBA squeezed into its collective bargaining agreement with the National Basketball Referees Association before the season. There is no mandate for players. He said nine refs initially organized and hired a lawyer to fight the mandate on religious grounds. By the start of the season, Mauer, Mark Ayotte, Leroy Richardson, and Jason Phillips (head of replay center) were the final holdouts. Richardson agreed to arbitration and lost his appeal. Phillips, according to Mauer, is paid to work from home. Mauer and Ayotte filed appeals with the EEOC.

“I’m not ashamed of what I’m doing,” Mauer said in the interview that will air early Tuesday evening. “In fact, I’m very proud of what I’m doing. I’m very proud of my faith. … I’m no different than the truck driver, than the schoolteacher, than the health care worker, than the person working construction or whatever. They either medically or religiously don’t feel like taking the vaccine, and now they’re being forced to or else they’re going to lose their job. And I think that’s a shame.”


“There are many referees that didn’t want to take the vaccine. And there are many referees who were forced to because they have children, they have families, and they have bills to pay. … They’re scared and I’m not. I’m never going to take (the vaccine).”

In the history of the NBA, only Dick Bavetta and Joey Crawford attained more service time than Mauer. Bavetta and Crawford retired after 39 years of service. Mauer, 66, said he planned to eclipse Bavetta’s and Crawford’s standard.

Over the course of the interview, Mauer addressed several NBA-related topics, including the league’s embrace of Black Lives Matter. He relayed a story about a five-hour Zoom meeting among referees that was titled “Black Lives Matter.” “It was one of the worst experiences I’d ever experienced as a professional referee,” he said.

Jason Whitlock Op-ed: Michigan coach Juwan Howard feels ‘untouchable’ in racist world liberal elites constructed

Commentary by JASON WHITLOCK | February 21, 2022


Michigan basketball coach Juwan Howard believes he’s untouchable.

And why shouldn’t he? The rules imposed by our China-influenced institutions of government, education, sport, media (corporate and social), and art grant him a bigoted form of privilege.

Howard is black, elite, and a supporter of left-wing social justice. He checks all the boxes for the elimination of standards, accountability, and adult expectations. Our current culture immunizes Howard from real consequence. He took the blackcine, the alleged experimental cure for bigotry that injects people with the mindset that black people are inferior and can’t be held to the same standards as white, Asian, and Latino people.

Howard is fully blackcinated and boosted. He can’t be touched.

We saw that yesterday in the handshake line after the Wisconsin Badgers routed Howard’s Wolverines. Incensed that Wisconsin coach Greg Gard called a timeout with 15 seconds to play, Howard yelled at and attempted to walk past Gard without the customary handshake. Gard placed his hand on Howard’s elbow and tried to explain his use of a timeout. Howard responded by grabbing Gard’s shirt in the center of his chest and then pointing a finger in Gard’s face while repeatedly shouting, “Don’t f—ing touch me!”

Players and assistant coaches separated Howard and Gard. Moments later, Howard reached across several people and struck Wisconsin assistant coach Joe Krabbenhoft. Howard’s blow ignited a fracas among players from both teams.

Howard’s on-court, postgame behavior was embarrassing and justifies a season-ending suspension.

Howard’s postgame interview was troubling and justifies his firing.

“I didn’t like the timeout being called,” Howard told reporters, “and I’ll be totally honest, I thought it was not necessary in that moment, especially being a large lead. And then to have the timeout being called with 3, 4 seconds to go I thought that was – what I felt – wasn’t fair to our guys. So that’s what happened.”

There was no timeout called with 3 or 4 seconds to play. Howard is confused. Given time to collect his thoughts, Howard had no real idea what happened at the end of the game. With 48 seconds to play and leading by 19 points, Wisconsin emptied its bench and inserted its scrubs, including several walk-ons. Howard instructed his players to compete until the final second. The Wolverines pressed full court and caused a Badger turnover.

“It wasn’t a press,” Howard told reporters. “We were just five, pressure defense man to man. That’s what five is for us.”

So, it wasn’t a press. It was pressure defense man to man. Got it. Howard was in a total fog during his postgame media session. It’s like he blacked out. He lost a game and lost his mind.

“For someone to touch me, and I think that was very uncalled for him to touch me as we were verbalizing and communicating with one another,” Howard said. “That’s what ended up happening. That’s what escalated it.”

Getting touched in a handshake line is not unusual. It’s customary. Howard escalated the situation when he hit a Wisconsin assistant coach in the face.

“Oh yeah, it was more than that,” Howard responded when a reporter pointed out the point of a handshake line is to touch. “Yeah, he touched me unnecessary. There wasn’t cause for that when we were talking. At that point I thought it was time to protect myself.”

Five to 10 seconds after being touched by Gard, Howard protected himself by attacking Joe Krabbenhoft. It makes no sense. Howard sounded like a 12-year-old playground bully at best and a violent criminal with no emotional control at worst.

What he did not sound like was a leader, an adult capable of counseling young people not to be easily provoked. You can’t strike a man because someone touched your elbow or stepped on your favorite gym shoes. Striking the Wisconsin assistant was bad. The rationalization of the act was far worse.

How can Michigan have confidence in Howard’s ability to lead? Howard has less emotional control than his players.

Indiana University fired Bobby Knight 22 years ago, ending the era of out-of-control bully coaches. Twenty-years before Knight’s dismissal, Ohio State dumped its legendary football coach, Woody Hayes, for throwing a punch at a Clemson player.

Things we tolerated and/or overlooked decades ago, we no longer do. The Don Draper, Roger Sterling, Pete Campbell, and “Mad Men” era is gone. Juwan Howard can’t be retroactively grandfathered in. Replacing “Mad Men” with “Mad and Untouchable Black People” is a mistake and equally harmful and racist.

But that’s what we’re doing. We’re codifying cultural norms that lower or eliminate all standards of behavior and achievement for black people. You can see it in the education system, the criminal justice system, and the sports world. Leftists are defining black people as incapable of meeting traditional cultural norms. We’ve been defined as a special group worthy of a capital B that distinguishes us from the masses. The behavior of black people has been deemed irrelevant. Only the actions of white people matter. From the use of the N-word all the way to murder, we only care about the behavior of one group – white people. That’s why it’s forbidden to talk about the behavior George Floyd exhibited that contributed to his death. Discussing Colin Kaepernick’s career-destroying and illogical behavior is frowned upon. Criticizing LeBron James or Barack Obama is an unforgivable sin. Floyd, Kaepernick, James, and Obama are untouchable.

When people believe their actions are above scrutiny and irrelevant, their behavior typically becomes more erratic. That’s what we’re witnessing with Juwan Howard.

I first met Juwan when he was a 19-year-old sophomore at the University of Michigan and the most mature member of the famed Fab Five. I covered the team for the Ann Arbor News. Howard was an impressive young person. He was mature, respectful, and classy. He had a huge heart. He brought his best friend from childhood – a kid everyone called “Juice” – to Michigan. Juice was small and smart. He and Howard were inseparable. At the time, it seemed understood that Howard used his athletic gift to empower and educate his best friend from home.

I’ve always been impressed with Howard. I’m shocked to see Howard struggle with his emotions and behavior. A year ago, he had an over-the-top, on-court confrontation with Maryland coach Mark Turgeon. Turgeon says Howard threatened to kill him.

It was an ugly scene. Michigan took no disciplinary action against Howard. The team was nationally ranked and would eventually advance to the Elite Eight of the NCAA Tournament. Howard should’ve been disciplined a year ago.

But he’s untouchable and knows it.

That’s why he was so offended that Gard had the audacity to protect his bench players from Michigan’s endgame, full-court press. Gard’s walk-ons were getting overwhelmed and embarrassed. The final 48 seconds of a blowout are a walk-on’s reward for practicing every day. Upset by the loss, Howard decided to ruin the reward Gard gave his scrubs. When Gard countered with a timeout, Howard emoted and eventually erupted.

Joe Krabbenhoft is white. Had he struck Howard, Krabbenhoft would have been fired Sunday night. He would be portrayed as the second coming of Derek Chauvin.

Howard has somehow been cast as the victim. Calls for his removal as Michigan head coach are being framed as a racist overreaction. For white bigots and black supporters of black inferiority, holding Howard to the same standard as a white coach would be racist. Like Al Capone, Howard is untouchable. He will not be punished for his bad behavior. In a year or two, Michigan will fire Howard for NCAA Tournament evasion.

Jason Whitlock: ‘Freedom, opportunity and self-determination’ go ‘hand-in-hand with Christianity’

Reported By Ryan Foley, Christian Post Reporter | Wednesday, February 16, 2022


Jason Whitlock
Sports reporter Jason Whitlock appears on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Feb. 15, 2022. | Screenshot: YouTube/Awesome Cookies

A prominent political commentator suggested that government opposition to the “Freedom Convoy” of truckers protesting the Canadian government’s ongoing coronavirus mandates stems from a “demonization” of “freedom, opportunity and self-determination” that goes hand-in-hand with Christianity.

On Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Tuesday, the eponymous host devoted his opening monologue to addressing the crackdown imposed by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the truckers who have formed a “freedom convoy” in the nation’s capital of Ottawa. The truckers have gathered in Ottawa to protest the requirement that truck drivers who travel over the United States-Canada border as part of their job have to either get the coronavirus vaccine or quarantine upon re-entry into the country. 

Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act on Monday in response to the protest, which has gone on for multiple weeks. The never-before-used law gives the Canadian government the authority to implement “special temporary measures to ensure safety and security” in a “critical situation of a temporary nature” that “seriously endangers the lives, health or safety of Canadians and is of such proportions or nature as to exceed the capacity or authority of a province to deal with it.”

The Emergency Act also allows the Canadian government to implement “special temporary measures to ensure safety and security” in a situation that “seriously threatens the ability of the Government of Canada to preserve the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Canada.” Trudeau elaborated on what the invocation of the Emergencies Act will mean in a press conference on Monday.

“The police will be given more tools to restore order in places where public assemblies … constitute illegal and dangerous activities such as blockades and occupations,” he said. “These tools include strengthening their ability to impose fines or imprisonment.”

Trudeau further stated his intention to direct financial institutions to begin “regulating and prohibiting the use of property to fund or support illegal blockades.” He then insisted: “We’re not suspending the fundamental rights or overriding the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. We are not limiting people’s freedom of speech. We are not limiting freedom of peaceful assembly. We are not preventing people from exercising their right to protest legally.” 

After Carlson contended that Trudeau had “canceled democracy” by invoking the Emergencies Act against peaceful protesters, he brought on sports reporter and host of the “Fearless” podcast Jason Whitlock to react to the Canadian government’s treatment of the truckers. 

“The things going on in Canada are foreshadowing or working in parallel, in concert with the events happening here in this country,” Whitlock said. 

Whitlock classified both the Freedom Convoy and Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot as demonstrations of “opposition to the Left and their secularization of American society,” and described the governments’ responses to those events as examples of “demonizing freedom.” He maintained that the U.S. government’s response to peaceful protesters on Jan. 6 was very similar to Trudeau’s response to the Freedom Convoy: “They’ve thrown people in dungeons, in dungeons, for trespassing in the Capitol.”

“America has been built upon freedom, opportunity and self-determination,” he added. “That’s what made us the envy of the world.”

Whitlock also contrasted the qualities that built the U.S. with what he views as the new objective of the government, namely, to ensure “equity, inclusion and diversity.” Whitlock explained that while “freedom, opportunity and self-determination” are on “you and me as individuals to go get,” equity, inclusion and diversity are “controlled by elites and governments.” He maintained that “freedom, opportunity and self-determination” go “hand-in-hand with Christianity.” 

Whitlock suggested that the continued secularization of Canada has played a role in the government’s apparent hostility toward “freedom, opportunity and self-determination.”

“And if you go look at Canada and in the ’50s and ’60s, that country, like 65% of them, went to church regularly on Sundays. They dropped that down to about 10% now. And we don’t even value freedom right now because we don’t understand its importance and they’ve handed us equity, diversity and inclusion.”

Whitlock also condemned the push to label those who value freedom as “racists” and “sellouts.” He warned that “We need to pay attention to what’s going on in Canada and pay attention to what’s going on in this country, we are being bulldozed right now, those of us that love freedom, opportunity and self-determination and Jesus Christ.” 

“Secular societies have a very tough time preserving human rights,” Carlson concluded. “They talk about human rights constantly, but they are always the most repressive societies.”

Ryan Foley is a reporter for The Christian Post. He can be reached at:

Jason Whitlock Op-ed: Aaron ‘The Jerk’ Rodgers and COVID-19 might save America

Commentary by JASON WHITLOCK | January 05, 2022


COVID-19 isn’t all bad. It appears that one of its side effects is turning Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers into a combination of Muhammad Ali and Navin R. Johnson.

Of course, you remember Ali, the greatest boxer of all time. Ali fell under the spell of Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X and risked prison and invited national scorn by refusing induction into the military and participation in the Vietnam War.

But do you remember Navin Johnson, the jerk? He was the lead character in the 1979 movie classic “The Jerk.” Comedian Steve Martin played the role of Navin, the white adopted son of black Southern sharecroppers. Navin hilariously has no idea that his black parents adopted him.

Rodgers has fallen under the spell of podcasters Joe Rogan and Pat McAfee and has refused the COVID vaccine injection. The quarterback’s defiance apparently is going to jeopardize his chance to win the NFL’s MVP award and has invited national scorn.

One of the 50 voters for the Associated Press’ MVP award, Hub Arkush, labeled Rodgers the biggest jerk in the league and a bad guy and stated that he won’t vote Rodgers MVP for that reason.

Rodgers is the jerk. He had no idea that deciding what’s best for his body would provoke lunatics to treat him like a 1960s black man.

“I don’t think you can be the biggest jerk in the league and punish your team, and your organization and your fan base the way he did and be the most valuable player,” Arkush said during a radio interview. “Has he been the most valuable on the field? Yeah, you could make that argument, but I don’t think he is clearly that much more valuable than Jonathan Taylor or Cooper Kupp or maybe even Tom Brady. So, from where I sit, the rest of it is why he’s not gonna be my choice.”

This is the kind of utter lunacy COVID has sparked among the Branch Covidians, the mask-wearing leftists who believe “my body, my choice” only applies to killing children in the womb.

Arkush reminds me of David Susskind, the popular American TV host who trashed Ali on national television shortly after a jury disregarded Ali’s religious objection and convicted him of refusing the draft.

“I find nothing amusing or interesting or tolerable about this man,” Susskind said. “He’s a disgrace to his country, his race, and what he laughingly describes as his profession. He is a convicted felon in the United States. He has been found guilty. He is out on bail. He will inevitably go to prison, as well he should. He is a simplistic fool and pawn.”

I find nothing amusing or tolerable about the way Rodgers has been treated since it was discovered his COVID immunization didn’t include taking the experimental medical trial that is being hailed as the corona silver bullet. Arkush gave voice to a sentiment that could derail Rodgers’ MVP candidacy. Arkush was dumb for publicly admitting his bias, but he’s not remotely alone.

Many people within corporate media think it’s perfectly fine to discriminate against the unvaccinated. Rodgers could face additional discrimination because he appears to be flirting with the concept of publicly embracing conservative values.

During ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcast, Rodgers yukked it up with Peyton and Eli Manning, bragged about reading Ayn Rand’s pro-capitalism manifesto “Atlas Shrugged,” and mentioned his Chuck Norris bobblehead. Norris, the action movie star, is a prominent, unashamed Hollywood Republican.

Back in October, I wrote a column about Rodgers cleverly supporting comedian Dave Chappelle by ripping cancel culture and the woke mob during a podcast interview with McAfee.

From way on the outside, it looks like someone slipped Rodgers the red pill.

Or maybe the No. 1 side effect of COVID is the red pill? The red pill is ivermectin?

COVID isn’t all bad. It’s forcing people to wake up and recognize the lies global elites, politicians, Hollywood, Big Tech, and corporate media are shoving into our brains and veins. The beauty of COVID is that it impacts all of us. Men, women, and children. Rich and poor. Old and young. Black, white, and brown. Believers and nonbelievers. Educated and uneducated. Famous and unfamous. It’s unifying in the same way that critical race theory has unified parents concerned about what is being taught inside our public schools. Teaching kids to view our country as a force for evil makes a rational person pause, ponder, and push back.

That’s what’s happening with Aaron Rodgers and people across the globe as it relates to COVID and the alleged vaccines. There are too many lies to be ignored or written off as honest mistakes, too many negative consequences to not raise your voice out of concern.

The lockdowns and isolation have sparked a rise in suicides and depression. The normal, healthy development of kids has been compromised. The experimental medical trials don’t seem to prevent COVID as advertised.

The COVID pandemic just might save freedom. It might make men stand up. It has certainly inspired Aaron Rodgers, the NFL’s most talented and interesting player. Rodgers is remaking “The Jerk” into a superhero movie.

Jason Whitlock Op-ed: Mass Formation Psychosis explains Antonio Brown’s meltdown far more than CTE

Commentary by JASON WHITLOCK | January 03, 2022


Professional sports are no longer a force for good. They do not unify us. They do not inspire us to seek our better selves. They do not provoke participants to take bold and courageous stances. For the first time in my lifetime, I believe professional sports do more harm to American society than good.

This is what ran across my mind yesterday as I watched Tampa Bay wide receiver Antonio Brown strip off his uniform mid-game, toss his equipment to the ground, wave to the crowd, and run off the field.

Professionalized football – collegiate and the NFL – exacerbated the emotional problems that have plagued Brown since childhood. Because of his immense talent, football afforded Brown the opportunity to ignore the mental scars a dysfunctional upbringing in South Florida wrought. Worse, the new social media demands of professional sports sank Brown further into the mental abyss.

Over the next few days, you will hear plenty of analysts and Twitter pundits speculate that Brown is suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy – CTE. CTE and white supremacy are the popular and corporate-media-approved explanations given any time a professional football player, particularly a black one, behaves poorly. They’re bogus excuses that ignore the fact that bigotry and head trauma in sports have been around since gladiators fought lions for the entertainment of the masses. If CTE is real and the cause of unstable behavior, then Spartacus, Bronko Nagurski, Rocky Marciano, Muhammad Ali, Walter Payton, and Joe Montana should all have melted down.

No, what’s new and what explains both Antonio Brown’s plunge into bizarro world and the rapid decay of professional sports as a force for good is the importance of social media brand-building. Brown has no more or less CTE than Troy Aikman, Jim Brown, Joe Montana, Dick Butkus, or any prizefighter.

Brown is suffering from mass formation psychosis. Yep, the psychological disorder Dr. Robert Malone discussed in his infamous Joe Rogan interview. Malone, of course, was talking about our exaggerated fear of COVID-19. Malone compared modern America to Germany in the 1920s and 1930s.

“A very intelligent, highly educated population, and they went barking mad,” he said. “When you have a society that has become decoupled from each other and has free-floating anxiety in a sense that things don’t make sense, we can’t understand it, and then their attention gets focused by a leader or series of events on one small point just like hypnosis, they literally become hypnotized and can be led anywhere.”

Here’s how I translate Malone’s explanation: America, the land of individualism and independent thought, is suffering from social and corporate media-induced groupthink. It’s made us choose group fear over individual freedom. It’s made us crazy. Antonio Brown is nuts, and his addiction to Instagram and Twitter is making him crazier. He turned a rather routine sideline dispute between himself and Bruce Arians into a career-ending confrontation and walk-off. It’s not all that surprising if you have been following Brown’s descent. In 2018, ESPN’s Jesse Washington wrote a prescient piece on Brown and his love affair with the social media matrix. The article perfectly captures the negative impact social media was having on Brown’s reality and worldview.

Brown is the micro. Professional sports are the macro. Social media has eroded the value and integrity of professional sports. It’s done the same thing to corporate media and public discourse. It’s at the root of American division. Social media is a cancer. Mass formation psychosis is just a strand of social media cancer.

For today, I don’t want to stray too far from sports.

Let’s look beyond Antonio Brown. Let’s look at a football player with an impeccable reputation and the damage social media is doing to him: Tom Brady. He suffers from mass formation psychosis, too. You will never convince me Brady believes in the experimental COVID vaccines. Never. The man is meticulous about what he puts into his body. But he has a social media brand he must protect, so he pretends to be on board with the experimental medical trials being forced on the American public.

Pro athletes are cowards. They’re tools of major corporations. They’ve completely sold out for money. They live in fear of the social media mob. Combined, Brady and his wife, Giselle Bundchen, are worth close to a billion dollars. Brady has the money and the accomplishments to say and do whatever he wants. He could use his voice and his platform to speak against the vaccine mandates and the stupid and divisive NFL COVID protocols. He remains silent.

The same goes for LeBron James. He’s a slave to his social media following. Pretending that cops are on a murderous rampage against American black men pleases social media and the Chinese Communist Party. The point of view is detached from reality and a symptom of mass formation psychosis.

Professional sports used to reveal and sharpen a man’s character. We’re all flawed. Participation in sports used to shave some of our flaws. Now the games solely reward talent and men willing to swallow and promote whatever agenda Big Tech and global corporations dictate.

Antonio Brown won the talent lottery. That’s why the Steelers, Raiders, Patriots, Buccaneers, and Tom Brady kept bending their standards to make room for Brown. For me, the Great Reset is turning into my personal Great Awakening. Professional sports and their participants solely serve the dollar. The difference between Antonio Brown and Tom Brady isn’t as significant as you might think.

Jason Whitlock Op-ed: Jussie Smollett is a victim of the systemic racism maintained by white liberals

Commentary by JASON WHITLOCK | December 08, 2021


Jussie Smollett destroyed his career and reputation trying to live up to a racist expectation of “blackness.” It’s the same mistake former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick made. Popular culture’s puppet masters — academia, Big Tech’s social media apps, the executives running the TV, movie, music, and sports industries, and the political left — have established victimhood as the highest form of blackness. Attaining victim status is the primary expectation placed on American black men. Meeting this expectation is especially important for mixed-race, wealthy celebrities. In the culture created by the left, victimhood is their rite of passage into the fraternity of blackness.

As much as I despise Smollett for the 2019 racial hoax he staged in Chicago, the alleged crime that currently has him on trial, my disdain for the culture that baited him into the act far exceeds my disgust for Smollett.

Smollett, the child of a black woman and a white Jewish man, did what the culture told him to do and what the culture puts enormous pressure on half-black, half-white kids to do: prove their blackness. In modern American culture, there’s nothing blacker than being worthy of a white man’s aggression. Smollett isn’t worthy. So, he allegedly paid two black men to pose as white and attack him.

The whole scenario is funny until you consider the sadness of the mental state that would devise such a scheme and a culture that would entice it.

Smollett and Kaepernick, the self-made national anthem martyr, are victims. They’re victims of the racist expectations imposed on them by a sick, secular culture. At different levels, all American black people are victims of this culture. Human beings respond to expectations. Expectations can be and should be the greatest gift imposed on human beings. Expectations inspire behavior and shape mindsets.

Tuesday night, I had dinner with two friends. We engaged in a debate about white privilege. What is it? Does it exist? Can it be fixed? I argued that white privilege certainly exists in America and that the greatest white privilege is expectations that align with success. White people are expected to achieve academically. They’re expected to master the English language. They’re expected to have good credit. They’re expected to show up on time. They’re expected not to use the N-word. They’re expected to make an effort to avoid racist thoughts and actions. They’re expected to wed the mothers or fathers of their children. Do all white people meet these expectations? Absolutely not. But being born into a world that expects you to adopt principles and behaviors that lead to success is a privilege that puts you far ahead of people who don’t have those expectations on them.

Black people, as a collective, don’t have those expectations on them. Popular culture, as controlled by liberals, removes virtually all expectations from black people, particularly black men. We’re expected to excel at football and basketball. And we’re expected to meet the liberal standard of blackness. Anything we do or achieve beyond that is considered a bonus.

The lack of expectations imposed on black people is the most racist act in America. It’s far more racist than Derek Chauvin kneeling on George Floyd’s neck and back. Had George Floyd entered a world that expected him to achieve beyond the athletic field, he would have been much less likely to find himself needing to be restrained by police.

The lack of expectations placed on black people is systemic racism. Victimhood being the highest level of blackness is systemic racism. Jussie Smollett is a victim of the systemic racism maintained by white liberals.

On Tuesday, while being cross-examined by the prosecution, Smollett complained that the white prosecutor was offending the black people in the courtroom by reading aloud Smollett’s direct messages to one of his black attackers. Smollett repeatedly used the N-word in the direct messages. The prosecutor apologized and asked Smollett to read the direct messages. Smollett obliged. We expect black people to call each other derogatory names. It’s acceptable and appropriate. We’ve been programmed to hate ourselves and express our self-hatred in writing, music, and acts of violence. We expect it.

Our expectations for white people are much different. We’re shocked and outraged when they mimic our anti-black behavior. We don’t expect that from them. We’re determined to rid them of the negative behavior. Our expectations for ourselves are much lower and/or nonexistent. That’s why it’s easy for us to ignore thousands of gang murders in black neighborhoods and hold summer-long protests over a tiny handful of police-involved shootings. That’s why Jussie Smollett has no problem saying the N-word repeatedly, but is mortified when a white man reads his words inside a courtroom. We’re victims of the racist expectations we’ve adopted.

Jason Whitlock Op-ed: When it comes to abortion, Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird have misguided priorities

Commentary by JASON WHITLOCK | September 21, 2021

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Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Alphabet Mafia and sports power couple Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird have loaned their names, reputations, and expertise to the abortion-rights debate. The soccer and basketball superstars joined 500 other female jocks in signing a friend-of-the-court brief presented to U.S. Supreme Court justices deliberating a Mississippi law that would ban the killing of fetuses who have lived more than 15 weeks inside a woman’s womb.

According to Reuters news agency, the athletes argued in their brief that ending the growth of babies inside the womb has helped the growth of women’s sports. Quoting directly from the brief, Reuters reported: “The physical tolls of forced pregnancy and childbirth would undermine athletes’ ability to actualize their full human potential.”

Do we really look that Stupid

The brief failed to mention that the physical toll of abortion undermines a baby’s ability to actualize his or her full human potential. Pregnancy, according to 500 female athletes, is now an issue about the growth of sports, not the growth of babies.

Rapinoe, a star on the U.S. women’s national soccer team, said in a statement: “As women athletes and people in sports, we must have the power to make important decisions about our bodies and exert control over our reproductive lives.”

Rapinoe is engaged to Bird, a guard in the WNBA. Rapinoe and Bird, two birthing people, cannot create a child through scissoring, strap-ons, digital penetration, or other forms of same-sex intimacy. Short of rape, they have complete control of their reproductive lives. Their need for an abortion is quite remote unless they changed their minds after intentionally inseminating themselves with male sperm.

Their passion for the abortion issue strikes me as odd. It’s the equivalent of me issuing a statement on skinny-jeans rights. The issue is of no importance to me given my fast-food lifestyle. But here we are in modern America. Professional athletes and other pampered celebrities are the smartest, most informed people on the planet. Their ability to kick, dribble, and throw a ball gives them remarkable insight into abortion rights, criminal justice reform, police-involved shootings, insurrections, and viral videos capturing alleged instances of oppression and systemic racism.

LeBron James struggles to write tweets and Instagram posts at a grade-school grammar level, but he is one of America’s foremost public intellectuals and authoritative voices on racial discrimination. LeBron, the new Muhammad Ali, once analogized his reaction to learning the N-word was scrawled on the back gate of his $20 million mansion in a predominantly white neighborhood to Emmett Till’s mother opening the casket of her murdered 14-year-old son.

Money and fame are the sworn enemies of self-awareness. Today’s athletes have zero self-awareness and even less humility. They don’t know what they don’t know. There’s no reason for them to seek answers. Their handlers, their corporate sponsors, and rigged social media apps provide them all the answers they need.

Let me know the next time Rapinoe, James, or Colin Kaepernick take a public position that isn’t supported by Twitter groupthink. They’re not rebels. They’re voices for the establishment — Big Tech, global corporations, corporate media, and the Democratic Party — pretending to be anti-establishment radicals. The establishment is pushing for radical change, a great reset. Rapinoe, James, and Kaepernick are useful idiots of the establishment.

Do you know how stupid you have to be to reduce the issue of abortion to the growth of women’s sports? Ignorance is the Devil’s best friend. Dishonesty is his spouse.

I keep saying that a lot of what the left supports is satanic. Rapinoe’s stated support of abortion rights is exhibit A, B, C, and D. What else would cause a person to prioritize the growth of sports ahead of the growth of a child?

Technology has given human beings more control over reproductive issues than at any time in the history of mankind. Condoms, contraceptives, and abortions before week 15 give us a lot of control over our reproductive lives. It’s mind-boggling to hear an accomplished athlete argue that abortions after 15 weeks are an infringement on reproductive control. You can’t reach Rapinoe’s level of athletic success without being disciplined and without making sacrifices. Abstinence, requiring men to wear a condom, birth control pills, and female condoms are all highly effective ways of preventing unwanted pregnancies. They’re not foolproof solutions. But they’re better than standing before the world and writing a letter that says protecting the growth of sports is far more important than protecting the growth of life.

That argument is insanity that borders on wickedness. It’s an argument a dumb jock would make at the behest of her handlers. Megan Rapinoe is a dumb jock. She thinks we’re all dumb, too. And worse, she thinks applying discipline, restraint, and sacrifice are behaviors we should use in pursuit of athletic greatness and avoid in our reproductive lives. For Rapinoe, sports are a higher priority than life.

Jason Whitlock Op-ed: Nicki Minaj exposes MSNBC’s Joy Reid as a high priestess in Alphabet Mafia cult

Commentary by JASON WHITLOCK | September 17, 2021


The Alphabet Mafia owns Joy Reid, the black MSNBC cultural overseer at the Rachel Maddow plantation.

Soldiers in the alternative lifestyle wing of the BLMLGBTQ+ Alphabet Mafia captured Reid four years ago when a Twitter user unearthed her homo-hostile blog posts from the late 2000s. Massa Maddow and the other heads of the Alphabet Mafia families — including Don Obama, Don Pelosi, Don Soros, and the don of all dons, Xi Jinping — made Reid an offer she couldn’t refuse.

They threatened to chop off her TV career if she maintained the beliefs she developed as a Christian. After initially claiming a hacker framed her as a Christian, Reid eventually disavowed her religious upbringing and admitted that membership in the MSNBC cult was too lucrative to justify hanging on to outdated moral codes.

She packed her bags and moved into Massa Maddow’s big house, landing a coveted timeslot and the important role of overseeing black culture and thought. Reid is a giant symbol of the rewards awaiting black women and their male idolaters for abandoning their religious views in favor of evangelizing for the Democratic Party and the Alphabet Mafia.

Joy Reid has no discernible broadcasting skill. Broken glass is smoother than her delivery. Her ideas and point of view are Twitter-deep. Al Sharpton has better hair than the endless array of weaves Reid has imported from Xi Jinping’s private stock. Yet Joy Reid earns a seven-figure salary and talks to America during prime time. No wonder women have lost all respect for men. Can’t you envision Joy Reid, Jemele Hill, and Don Lemon on a girls’ night out laughing at Judas?

“Girl, Judas settled for 30 pieces of silver. He thought he got the bag. If you gonna sell out, get the bag for real, for real.”

I bring all this up because this week, Joy Reid has had to earn her salary. There’s trouble in the big house. The rapper and singer Nicki Minaj disobeyed the Commission. She publicly expressed vaccine hesitancy, which pissed off the don of all dons and the other heads of the Great Reset families.

Via Pravda, I mean Twitter, Minaj shared a story about a man allegedly having a bad reaction to the vaccine. His testicles allegedly swelled, he became impotent, and his fiancee dumped him. This all allegedly happened in Trinidad, where Minaj’s family hails from. Minaj said she’s still researching and debating whether to get the vaccine. She advised her 22 million followers to pray and make sure they’re comfortable with their vaccine decision — not bullied.

It’s an extremely reasonable position to take … unless you’re a member of the Hollywood cult and Alphabet Mafia. Cult members are instructed to avoid thinking and prayer. They’re told to follow and obey. The Commission ordered Reid to lash Minaj in front of other cult members. On Tuesday, Reid promptly attacked Minaj on MSNBC. Minaj fired back via social media, setting off a week-long war that included air support from Fox News host Tucker Carlson (Team Nicki) and CNN’s Don Lemon (Team Joy) and Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah (Team Joy).

Carlson’s support of Minaj sparked the typical Alphabet Mafia response: “Carlson is racist, and if a racist says water is wet, then water is really dry.”

Minaj stood firm, tweeting: “Right. I can’t speak to, agree with, even look at someone from a particular political party. People aren’t human any more. If you’re black and a Democrat tells you to shove marbles up your ass, you simply have to. If another party tells you to look out for that bus, stand there and get hit.”

Last night, from the front porch of Massa Maddow’s big house, Reid blasted Minaj for garnering the backing of conservative pundits. Reid labeled Carlson and the Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro as anti-vax, right-wing bomb-throwers. I believe Carlson is vaccinated. Shapiro is a strong proponent of the vaccine. Reid has been instructed to frame anyone who is hesitant about mandating the vaccine as a racist Trump supporter. Reid doesn’t think. She does what she’s told. She’s owned by the Alphabet Mafia. The fact that black people, the most obedient members of the Democratic Party, are America’s most vaccine-hesitant is lost on her. She took to the airwaves Thursday night and ranted about how Carlson and Shapiro are using Minaj (the way Massa Maddow uses Reid).

They need and crave authentic members of the culture, hip-hop culture,” Reid told her viewers. “Let’s just be clear, (Carlson and Shapiro) look down on that culture and hate that culture and would never, ever, ever support someone like Nicki Minaj other than to pull her on to their team. Case in point, Laura Ingraham once criticized President Obama for just meeting with Ms. Minaj, citing the profanity in her lyrics. But they need her right now. And let’s not forget the freak out the right had over the WAP lyrics by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, or Lil Nas X for giving the devil a lap dance in a music video. The right has no use for people in the culture until they’re useful for the purposes of hurting people in the culture.”

Little Nasty X-rated, the rapper, built a following among young children with the song Old Town Road. He’s now making music videos featuring prison sex, prison shower scenes, and descending to hell to ride the devil’s rod, and Joy Reid is on national TV proclaiming it a culture worth defending.

Joy Reid is a high priestess in a satanic cult. She went from homo-hostile blog posts to a Jesus-hostile television show.I hope it’s worth the money.

Jason Whitlock Op-ed: Bill Maher is traveling the slippery slope to a godly awakening about corporate media

Commentary by JASON WHITLOCK | August 30, 2021


Bearded conservative talk show host Bill Maher did it again. He turned his Friday-night HBO platform, “Real Time with Bill Maher,” into a smorgasbord of left-wing ridicule. He ended his show trashing the woke, arguing that the events in Afghanistan are an example of what real systemic oppression looks like. Earlier in the broadcast, he lamented the success of Fox News host Greg Gutfield’s comedic late-night show, suggesting the left had opened itself to satire by adopting talking points that sound like Onion headlines.

“Three-year-olds pick their own gender is an Onion headline,” Maher quipped.

In a fascinating moment of unintended irony, Maher griped that politics is becoming a new religion and that America would be better off if we talked less about politics. Maher is an atheist. In 2008, he released a documentary, “Religulous,” that mocked religious faith. He’s unwittingly becoming aware that the removal of religion from American culture creates a void that is filled by the idolatry of partisan politics. I’d love to be in the room when Maher finally realizes that unity among disparate humans can only be achieved through faith in God. I believe he’ll have that epiphany within the next 12 months. He’s too honest to remain in denial.

An honest man can only pretend to be a liberal Democrat for so long. And television is an uncomfortable platform for the last honest man. Each week, Maher sounds more and more like a short-time HBO employee. Nothing breeds honesty more than an expiration date. And honest people can’t work forever within modern corporate media. The restraints are too tight.

Bill Maher is his generation’s George Carlin, the pot-smoking culture critic who performed regular stand-up specials for HBO during the 1970s and 1980s. Like Carlin, Maher is as smart as he is funny. Unlike Carlin, Maher is too smart for the current iteration of HBO, a subsidiary of globalist telecommunications company AT&T since 2016. When Maher arrived at HBO in 2003, the network was at its creative and risk-taking zenith. At the time of Maher’s arrival, “The Sopranos” and “The Wire” made HBO the envy of television.

AT&T’s acquisition of HBO dulled the network’s edge. HBO is safe and corporate. It supports the social engineering the establishment is orchestrating. Maher is doing the best that he can, but you can’t tell the truth on HBO. Not the whole truth. Friday night was a prime example.

While complaining about the Biden administration’s catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan, Maher expressed disappointment that the adults (Democrats) handled the pullout as poorly as he theorized the children (Republicans) would. This is becoming a regular theme for Maher. He argues that Democrats are mature, rational, and thinking adults and Republicans are immature, emotional, and unsophisticated children. Maher is too wise to believe this.

Thomas Jefferson and the nation’s founders identified America’s children at the outset. Politicians are kids. Whether Federalists or Anti-Federalists, Jefferson, George Washington, and the rest recognized the childishness of politics and politicians. The founders devised a system designed for the people to supervise the children elected to public office. The adults assigned the primary task of babysitting politicians are called journalists, reporters, pundits, the media, and the press. When the adults act like children, chaos and tyranny take root. When there is no credible supervision of politicians, the whole idea of self-government falls apart.

In 1787, Jefferson wrote a letter to Edward Carrington, a confidant of George Washington, stating the importance of journalism.

The people are the only censors of their governors, and even their errors will tend to keep these to the true principles of their institution…. The way to prevent these irregular interpositions of the people is to give them full information of their affairs through the channel of public papers, and to contrive that those papers should penetrate the whole mass of people. The basis of our governments being the opinion of the people, the very first object should be to keep that right; and were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.

The media has failed America. The mainstream media merged with global corporations, the Democratic Party, and government intelligence agencies. It no longer acts as an independent fourth estate in charge of supervising the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government. Corporate media supervises Donald Trump and anyone else classified as an impediment to the Great Reset and the reshaping of America into an authoritarian regime similar to China.

From his $10-million-a-year HBO/AT&T perch, Maher cannot comfortably attack corporate media, the real children selling out America. He can insinuate the stupidity and dishonesty of the New York Times’ 1619 Project, but a full-on assault of the woke’s Pravda would be a suicide mission. It would bait #MeToo allegations.

The woke culture that Maher constantly rails against would not exist if the alleged adults did their job. The Times, CNN, MSNBC, Politico, ESPN, CBS News, the Washington Post all serve woke trickbait for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Maher thinks American oppression pales in comparison to Afghanistan oppression. He’s right. But for how long? We’re trending in the oppressive direction of all nations that govern without proper supervision of their elected officials. Power corrupts. There are no good guys in politics, only children in need of spankings by the press.

When the media refuses to discipline, politicians oppress and revoke freedoms. You must wear a mask. You must take a vaccine. You must tolerate violations of privacy for your own safety. It’s a slippery slope. Things change quickly.One day, the people shouting “I’m with her” and “believe all women” and “Sharia law is misogynistic” turn into the same people defending the execution of an unarmed, 5’2″, 135-pound woman for posing a threat to the House of Representatives.

Jason Whitlock Op-ed: Bill Maher and the left’s house of Trump cards teeters at the brink of collapse

Commentary by JASON WHITLOCK | August 23, 2021


Bill Maher is lying. To his audience. And to himself.

He’s no longer a loyal Democrat. He’s anti-Trump. And his enthusiasm for Trump resistance is rapidly waning.

The liberal comedian’s HBO talk show, “Real Time with Bill Maher,” has turned into a weekly ray of hope for those of us praying America snaps out of its left-wing fascism revolution.

Every Friday night, it seems, Maher finds a way to trash the woke, and every Saturday morning across social media platforms, conservatives gleefully share his most recent rebuke of the left.

The latest episode of his show convinced me that Maher has been red-pilled and that former President Donald Trump is the sole reason Maher won’t admit it. Trump is the only thing holding together the Democratic Party. He fig-leafs progressive insanity.

On Friday, Maher opened his panel discussion addressing the Biden administration’s catastrophic handling of our withdrawal from Afghanistan. Maher trashed Trump and then declared that the former president couldn’t have made a bigger mess than the current one.

Panelist Jackie Calmes, a columnist for the Los Angeles Times, vapidly responded:

“You know how you always say, ‘I can’t believe Trump did that.’ Nothing he did would make you think he’d hit bottom, and then … Well, it could be worse.”

That should be the slogan of the Democratic Party: “It could be worse.”

To his credit, Maher pushed back and demanded that Calmes explain how things could be worse. She had no answer. She backpedaled, claiming she wasn’t trying to defend the Biden administration.

The left is a house of Trump cards. Remove Trump and the progressive movement immediately collapses beneath the weight of its bulls**t. Remove Trump and the left can’t defend the authoritarian actions it’s taking to overhaul America’s cultural norms.

Without Trump, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey would be viewed as treasonous villains for their censorship of free speech. Trump resistance justifies infringement of the Constitution’s First Amendment. Big Tech, especially smartphones, has too much influence over American society. On Friday, Maher ended his show explaining the negative impact of our cellular devices. Maher understands that smartphones and social media apps are disconnecting and dividing us.

Trump resistance is the lone catalyst and justification for corporate media framing the events at the Capitol on Jan. 6 as an “insurrection.” The insurrection is the Big Lie. No one authentically believes you can overthrow the government with flagpoles, moose heads, and zip ties. The Taliban staged an insurrection in Afghanistan. Trump supporters staged an unruly, criminal protest that never reached the level of violence seen at a typical Antifa or Black Lives Matter protest.

Without Trump, the left would have to vigorously defend its contention that men can be “birthing people.” It would also be forced to defend allowing biological men to compete against women in sports.

Would America’s laissez-faire policy at our southern border exist without Trump? Our immigration policy makes no sense. It can’t be defended. It doesn’t serve the greater good of our country. It is as big a mess as Afghanistan. We’re allowing illegal immigrants to flood our country simply because doing so is anti-Trump.

Critical race theory depends on Trump resistance for legitimacy. It can’t survive scrutiny and analysis. On Friday, Maher and his interview guest, gay conservative writer Andrew Sullivan, mocked the New York Times 1619 Project and complained that the left has moved away from the goal of a color-blind society.

You should watch Friday’s show. It was amazing. Maher flirted with multiple third rails, including suggesting that vaccines and masks shouldn’t be regarded as a more important response to COVID than exercise, losing weight, and a healthy diet.

Watching Maher on Friday made me ponder what the world would be like if Trump abandoned politics. Would it hasten the collapse of the fascist left? If you removed the Trump card, would it force the fake leftists to confront the fraudulence of the rest of the progressives’ hand?

I believe, at this point, the majority of leftists are fake. Black people, the house pets of liberals, are required to hate Trump and all conservatives. Gangbangers and drug dealers command more respect in the black community than black Trump supporters.

There’s nearly as much pressure on white people. Who wants the baggage of being assumed racist for espousing conservative beliefs? Disavow Trump and supporting leftist policy protects you from accusations of homophobia, racism, and misogyny. Pretending to be a Democrat exempts you from being held accountable for any violations of political correctness. Late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel co-hosted “The Man Show” and performed in blackface. He’s in good standing. Meanwhile, “Jeopardy” just canceled its brand-new host because of things he said on a podcast no one listened to 10 years ago.

Maher recognizes this hypocrisy. And he likely knows that he would be canceled, too, if he didn’t keep up the charade of being a loyal Democrat and devout Trump hater.

Trump hate is the Democratic platform. It justifies Afghanistan, the border, 20 new genders, censorship, critical racism theory, mandating experimental vaccines, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Sometimes I think Trump has proven his point. He awakened the public to the swamp, the financial alliance among global corporations, political elites, and America’s adversaries.

Does he have more to offer? Or is he now an impediment, a blinding force that stops well-intentioned people from seeing the damage the other side is doing to America?

Could Trump save America by stepping aside and fully exposing the lunacy of the Left?

What I’m suggesting reminds me of the strategy that civil rights workers used to defeat segregationists. Bible-carrying men and women put on their Sunday-best clothes and let photographers and cameramen document the behavior of bigots. The images won the civil rights movement. Compelling liberals to defend their agenda without their trusty Trump card would unmask their wickedness.

Jason Whitlock Op-ed: Whitlock: US Olympic relay failure exposes the bigger problem undermining the success of black men

Commentary by JASON WHITLOCK | August 05, 2021


U.S. men’s 4 x 100 relay finishes sixth in qualifying heat. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

The Olympic 4 x 100 relay is racist. That’s the only logical explanation for the embarrassing performance of the United States men’s relay team last night and over the past two decades. We can’t do it. We certainly couldn’t do it last night. And we’ve struggled doing it for the past 20 years.

In a qualifying heat at the Tokyo Games, Team USA finished sixth, behind China, Canada, Italy, Germany, and Ghana. It’s impossible to make the relay final from sixth place in a heat. The United States won’t be winning any sort of medal in an event we absolutely dominated until the race turned racist after our 2000 title at the Sydney Games.

Up until 2004, Team USA had won the gold in 15 of the 20 4 x 100 relays held in Olympic history. We owned the track and virtually all the sprints. We flashed our God-given gifts, our work ethic, and our ability to work as a team for the greater good. It was a showcase of black American excellence. Bob Hayes, Jim Hines, Carl Lewis, and Maurice Greene took the baton symbolically handed to them by Jesse Owens and represented this country at the highest level.

Then something very disturbing happened at the 2004 Olympics. Systemic racism started easing its way into the event at the Athens Games. America finished second in Greece.

Ibram X. Kendi argues the systemic relay racism was always there. But it wasn’t until 2008 that black Twitter and ESPN pointed out that the Proud Boys, Trump supporters, and right-wing insurrectionists began manipulating the relay batons and the baton exchange zones. This manipulation made it impossible for black American men to excel in track and field’s premier relay event. America has not won a single medal in the relay since white bigots took control of the relay.

OK, I’m being sarcastic. Systemic racism has nothing to do with the two-decades-long failure of our once-dominant relay team. Systemic dysfunction actually explains the failure. What we witnessed last night is a symptom of a larger problem we in black America are loath to discuss. Rather than having uncomfortable conversations with white people, we need to have uncomfortable conversations amongst ourselves concerning the fact that black men don’t function well together. It’s obvious to everyone else. We’re the only people who refuse to talk about it. We just hope the Crips and Bloods get old and retire. We think our kids will learn to resolve conflict without resorting to violence when white liberals decide to teach us other options. If we ignore our dysfunction long enough, it will go away.

That kind of wishful thinking led to last night’s relay fiasco. What transpired last night surprised no one paying attention. It’s the equivalent of feigning disbelief on a Monday morning when you learn of how many black men or boys were gunned down over a weekend in Chicago, or Baltimore, or Indianapolis, or New York City. Black male dysfunction is expected.

Hours before the qualifying heat, the Washington Post published a long piece detailing the relay team’s baton issues. The piece was titled, “Medal or nothing: U.S. men’s sprinters have a handoff problem.” The story reads as prophecy.

Last night, U.S. sprinters Ronnie Baker and Fred Kerley struggled mightily to complete the second baton exchange. It took three attempts. By the time it was completed, Baker and Kerley were side by side and Kerley was at a relative standstill. Anchorman Cravon Gillespie briefly climbed to third place and then faded badly as he began to look around at his competitors. Reaction to the collapse was swift and angry.

“The USA team did everything wrong in the men’s relay,” Carl Lewis complained via Twitter. “The passing system is wrong, athletes running the wrong legs, and it was clear that there was no leadership. It was a total embarrassment, and completely unacceptable for a USA team to look worse than the AAU kids I saw.”

We got smoked by China. Not a Jamaican team led by Usain Bolt. China won the heat. Germany beat us. Ghana beat us. Ghana advanced to the final. Ghana apparently doesn’t give a damn about the Proud Boys and the insurrectionists. We can’t use COVID protocols as an excuse. All the other countries have had limited practices because of the pandemic. You can’t cover up 20 years of failure with excuses.

I know I keep making sarcastic jokes about racism. I’m doing it because the most damaging racism impacting black people today is the use of racism to eliminate accountability and responsibility for black men. Our sprinters are irresponsible because we fail to hold them accountable for their failure.

Black people across the globe immigrate to America and achieve their dreams because they embrace a far different mentality than what’s cultivated in black American culture. Black sprinters in Ghana, Jamaica, Canada, and everywhere else don’t have the kind of baton problems we have.

We can’t work together. What happened?

When you’re raised in family dysfunction, that dysfunction follows you for life, especially when you never acknowledge it, pretend it never existed, or believe it’s white people’s responsibility to address it or adjust to your dysfunction.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with black people. The problem is culture. We’ve embraced a culture that undermines our success. We’ve been programmed to believe our actions don’t really determine our destiny. The actions of white people are all that matter. This worldview eliminates accountability and empowers irresponsibility.

Re-watch the 4 X 100 relay qualifier. Maybe one member of the Chinese relay is good enough to make our relay team. But China smoked us. How? Why? It’s not talent. It’s culture. It’s an inability to set egos aside and work together in a cohesive fashion.

Let’s say white people pitted us against each other. Let’s say it started in slavery. No problem. I agree it happened. I also think it’s insanely foolish to expect white people to fix it. It’s not going to happen. It’s no different from a man breaking your leg in a fight and expecting him to do the rehabilitation. Only you can do the rehab.

Black men, we have a culture problem. What are we going to do about it?

Our silence is violence.

Jason Whitlock OP-ED: Fearless: Jason Whitlock’s letter to black America explaining the real purpose of made-for-TV racial conflict

Commentary by JASON WHITLOCK | June 25, 2021


Dear Black People:

We are being lied to and set up. The mainstream media, Democratic politicians, social justice activists, and perhaps even your church pastor have led you to believe America is in the midst of a racial conflict similar to the Civil War and the civil rights movement.

They have pitted us against the Proud Boys, the KKK, rural militia groups, and Trump supporters in a made-for-TV race war. Just five years after Barack Obama completed two terms as president of the United States, we’re supposed to believe America has been overrun by violent white supremacists determined to reinstate segregation, Jim Crow laws, and maybe even slavery.

Evidence of this massive wave of 1920s-style bigotry amounts to three things:

  1. Republicans want all voters to show a government-issued ID;
  2. On January 6, unarmed Trump supporters crashed the Capitol and took pictures inside Nancy Pelosi’s office;
  3. Across the nation, police kill on average 250 black men and 450 white men per year.

Oh, I almost forgot. There’s a fourth piece of evidence. Colin Kaepernick failed to land a job as a starting quarterback after pissing off a large segment of football fans by taking a knee during the national anthem.

Those are the main smoking guns proving that white supremacy is the most dangerous domestic threat America faces. George Floyd, a habitual criminal and drug addict, is the Crispus Attucks of this raging race war. He is our rallying cry and hero.

It’s a setup. We’re being used as decoys and distractions in a war that has nothing to do with race.

The real war is about global power and the future of America’s system of government. This country’s elite, global citizens, and corporations prefer communism over capitalism and democracy. They prefer China’s system over our system.

America has been the world’s leader in racial progress and fairness. The mainstream media are not allowed to explain this to you. Advertisers, aka major corporations, will no longer support media outlets that back our current democratic and capitalistic systems of governance.

You say, what about Fox News? Turn it on. It’s filled with a bunch of MyPillow and wounded soldier commercials. America’s big, global corporations, the ones looking to improve their market share in China, are not financially supporting Fox News. The most popular voices at Fox News dislike China.

The faux race war the mainstream media have promoted is a tool being used to convince you and non-black Americans that our system of government has been a giant failure. They want you to believe that a great reset is necessary to achieve fairness.

The reset is communism, which starts with the gateway drug of socialism and ends in full-blown Marxism. China is run by the Communist Chinese Party. Communism has no respect for individual freedom or religion of any kind. Communism has no tolerance for political dissent.

Your religion and free speech will not survive the reset. Communism is racial oppression’s best friend. When a nation is stripped of religious faith and free speech, few people have the courage to defend the rights of minorities. The elites cozying up to China do not care about you. They are aware of how despicably China treats black people. They are aware of how China squashes dissent.

Do your own research on communism and what it stamps out and how it oppresses. Don’t take my word.

You might be wondering why Oprah Winfrey or LeBron James or some other super popular black celebrity isn’t telling you what I am. They’re global elites. The reset won’t hurt them or their loved ones. Communism favors wealthy elites far more than capitalism and democracy do. Oprah, LeBron, and the other uber-wealthy black tokens will thrive under socialism and communism.

You won’t. Unless you’re a 6’6″ basketball star or some other black entertainer capable of entertaining the people in power. That’s a tiny percentage of black people.

Why won’t your favorite white cable newsman or newswoman tell you what I’m telling you? Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, Chris Cuomo, Joe Scarborough, aren’t they our allies? No. They’re not. They’re political lobbyists working on behalf of the corporations and politicians pushing the reset.

OK. What about me? You might think I’m a political partisan working on behalf of conservative Republicans. That is certainly how I’ve been painted by left-leaning media outlets and social media platforms. And I’m now partnered with Blaze Media, a platform that leans right.

Judge my career. I have been at this for more than 30 years. I have been equally despised by the left and the right. I have publicly feuded with Bill O’Reilly and Keith Olbermann. I’ve been a guest on their old Fox News and MSNBC shows. I’ve worked and/or written for ESPN, Fox Sports, the Huffington Post, Playboy Magazine, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal. I spent years bashing Sarah Palin.

I don’t play for any political team. I’ve never voted. I go wherever I believe I can speak, follow, and write the truth. The truth I believe the most is that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. I believe Jesus is under attack. That’s why I’m at Blaze Media. You can’t defend Jesus at corporate media outlets. Advertisers won’t allow it. You can discuss the religion of racism every day at ESPN, CNN, MSNBC, and even Fox Sports. But it’s taboo to discuss the cure for racism — Jesus — on those platforms.

I’m not saying any of this because there’s a big paycheck for black men espousing my views. The money for black broadcasters and journalists is connected to preaching the race-bait religion.

Let me be clear. I’m not broke by any stretch. I’ve earned and saved a substantial sum of money. But I’ve bypassed far more money than I’ve earned with the choice I’ve made to follow the truth wherever it leads and my refusal to support the racial groupthink dictated by global elites.

My faith won’t allow me to jump on board with the lunacy, racism, and sacrilege of Black Lives Matter, a movement founded by three lesbian self-admitted trained Marxists. BLM is an atheist movement in support of LGBTQ issues and the reshaping of America into a communist country. BLM is part of the deception.

Black people tell me all the time: “I don’t support the BLM organization, but I support the slogan and sentiment.”

Let me translate that. You despise the devil’s tree but love the fruit it produces. That’s some Don Lemon-Lori Lightfoot-Van Jones-Colin Kaepernick level of hypocrisy. You know, all the Malcolm X-wannabe, anti-white radicals in relationships with white partners. They hate the white tree but can’t live without the white fruit.

We have to stop letting everyone use us. We’re being played. We’re all being played, black and white working-class people. It’s all a giant setup. Look at what they did to Trump supporters. They were manipulated into storming the Capitol, and then the corporate media portrayed it as a bloody, violent KKK rally intended to overthrow democracy. The so-called “insurrection” is an excuse for the government to seize more power and crush dissent.

We, black people, have been convinced the crushing of working-class white people is good for us. It’s not. Working-class white people, Christian white people, are our true allies, not the elites. We can’t see that because of the made-for-TV hyper-focus on racial conflict.

The defunding and demoralizing of police are tactics deployed to increase violence in major cities. Local media outlets are focusing on this rise in crime, national media outlets have followed suit, and social media platforms are generating viral videos exposing the crime wave. Guess who are the stars of this content. Black perpetrators.

It’s all a massive setup. The stirring of racial animus between Obama worshippers and Trump worshippers is orchestrated by billionaire elites, executed by trained Marxists, promoted by millionaire influencers in the media, sports, and entertainment worlds, and co-signed by religious leaders pursuing popularity.

Black America, print this letter and share it with family, friends, co-workers, and, most importantly, your pastor.

My critics will tell you: “Oh, Jason Whitlock is a sellout. He hates black people.”

That’s laughable. It’s part of the deception. I despise the people deceiving us, manipulating us to participate in a racial clash that will be used to destroy the religious and individual freedoms that liberated us.

There’s a reason black and brown people across the globe fight to get into this country and excel when they do. They love the American tree and the fruit it produces.

Thanks for reading, Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock Op-ed: Faith conquers fear, powers the American dream, and fuels my Blaze Media project

Commentary by JASON WHITLOCK | June 08, 2021


In the absence of religious faith, fear reigns and freedom recedes.

Discerning the origin of the current, fear-based American social climate is not difficult. Don’t blame scientists in China for releasing the angst virus assaulting traditional American liberties. Blame the tech engineers operating in Silicon Valley laboratories. They invented the social media apps that amplify fear and empower “cancel culture,” the nuclear weapons dislodging America from its Judeo-Christian values.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey are Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Douglas S. MacArthur ending America’s 60-year culture war with an unparalleled bombing campaign. What started with President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society initiative is closing with repression of speech, corporate media propaganda, and an evisceration of America’s Judeo-Christian ethos.

Facebook and Twitter finished the mission of turning America secular, godless, and shamelessly immoral. The apps allegedly intended to bring us together have torn us apart. We should not be surprised. The apps urge self-worship, celebrity worship, and consumerism, which lead to hedonism, idolatry, and materialism. A secular society always produces chaos and division.

Photo courtesy Jason Whitlock

Branded as racists, Uncle Toms, coons, homophobes, transphobes, hypocrites, and misogynists, American Christians fear publicly identifying themselves by their faith. They’ve placed their political identity and racial identity above their religious identity. They’re conservatives. Or Republicans. Or nationalists, both white and black. Or libertarians. Or liberals. Or social justice activists. Or, worse, Trump supporters and Trump resisters.

They avoid saying the name that made John Brown and Frederick Douglass abolitionists, compelled Thomas Jefferson to write that “all men are created equal,” comforted Union soldiers during the Civil War, and inspired Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream. They avoid directly referring to the name that made America great in the first place, the name that forced us to overcome our superficial differences and transform those differences into our greatest strength.


He’s been canceled, crucified by a toxic secular culture that bullies His believers with threats to expose their sins on the Satan-con Valley social media platforms and/or the Satan-con Valley-catering corporate media outlets.

Photo courtesy Jason Whitlock. Jason Whitlock (left) and his brother James (right) sit together on Easter Sunday in 1974.

Fear is the enemy of truth, freedom, and the American dream.

I signed a contract to partner with Blaze Media on a digital media project dedicated to pushing back against the corporate-supported, systematic effort to undermine America through racial division and fear. I joined Blaze Media because I wanted to partner with people who wouldn’t look at me funny when I referred to Jesus as part of my journalistic worldview and platform. I joined Blaze Media because Glenn Beck smiled when I said Jesus is the only solution for what ails America, because Steve Deace wears his faith publicly, and so do Phil Robertson, Allie Beth Stuckey, and others.

I am not a sports journalist-turned-preacher. I’m not a finger-wagging hypocrite looking down on the people who don’t share my beliefs. I’m a sinner. I’m the same guy who wrote hilarious Pussy Galore columns for Fox Sports, the same guy who used to waste his time and money drinking and carousing inside the Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas, Tootsie’s in Miami, Diamond Joe’s in Kansas City, and Magic City in Atlanta.

I’m someone who knows that in order for me to make better decisions — in all aspects of my life — I need Jesus. I’m someone who recognizes that any success I’ve achieved in a 30-year career is a byproduct of the values my grandmother, a tiny church in Indianapolis, my parents, and my siblings instilled in me as a young boy. My testimony is amazing. It’s further evidence of the power of faith and the availability of the American dream.

My brand and approach to journalism and broadcasting are fearless. My courage is rooted in faith.

Photo courtesy Jason Whitlock

Fear is destroying America. It locked us in our homes, forced us to cover our faces, and forbade us to worship together for more than a year. It stole freedoms we took for granted. It allowed Colin Kaepernick to polarize our national anthem. It turned rare incidents of deadly police misconduct into a fictional genocidal pandemic. It spawned race hoaxes and a generation of race-baiting grifters. It diminished sports’ ability to unify.

That’s why we are launching the Fearless platform, which will start with my show, “Fearless with Jason Whitlock,” and a second podcast showcasing my friendship with my right-hand man, “Uncle Jimmy” (Dodds), and will eventually include a Fearless writing vertical.

We’re going to fight back. We’re going to be the abolitionists of fear. From my new hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, we’re joining hands with Beck, Deace, Robertson, Mark Levin, Steven Crowder, Dave Rubin, Allie Beth Stuckey, and the rest of Blaze Media to stand as an example of what Americans can accomplish when we put our differences aside and work together.

On the surface, Fearless will look a little different from the rest of the Blaze Media family. But our love of country will be just as strong, our appreciation for this nation’s founding documents just as sincere, and our search for liberating truths just as intense.

The 400-year African American journey is this nation’s most compelling and powerful narrative. It’s proof the American dream is real and attainable. That’s why our adversaries abroad and within are perverting, manipulating, and weaponizing the African American narrative. Black Americans’ fight for freedom made the United States live up to the ideals espoused in the Declaration of Independence — the equality of man and unalienable rights bestowed by our Creator.

Our relentless pursuit of freedom was the iron that sharpened American iron.

The Chinese Communist Party knows this. The revolutionaries in Satan-con Valley know this. The editors at the New York Times know this. The trained, self-described Marxists who founded Black Lives Matter know this.

In order to destroy America, you must cripple belief in the rags-to-riches American dream and the conviction that America is a force for good. Reshaping the African American narrative into a journey that damns this nation — rather than one that illuminates our unprecedented resolve to do better — hastens our decline.

The black journey fueled American exceptionalism. The elite architects of chaos cleverly and covertly attack this obvious truth.

“Black Twitter” is not an organic construct. It’s a social media algorithm designed to paint any truth-speaking public figure as a racist or a race traitor. The New York Times’ 1619 Project isn’t journalism. It’s the companion of academia’s virus, critical race theory, propaganda designed to foster racial animus and erode black patriotism. Black Lives Matter isn’t concerned with the welfare of black men. It’s a fundraising arm of the Democratic Party and a lobbyist for the LGBTQ agenda.

The racial conflict BLM, Antifa, and social media influencers promote smokescreens a far more insidious plot — the plot to cancel Jesus and impose a cultural Marxism on the United States. Global elites prefer China’s system of authoritarian governance and worker exploitation. Backers of the Great Reset and Build Back Better prefer that America function the way China does. Jesus and communism cannot coexist. Karl Marx, the father of Marxism and the proponent of communism, explained that in his political theory.

The racial smokescreen is working. We’re losing the faux race war and surrendering the freedoms that made America the envy of the world.

We’re losing because we’ve sidelined our best soldier — Jesus. The original combatants of the Civil War drew on Jesus as their primary power source. Have you ever studied the lyrics of the Battle Hymn of the Republic?

Here’s my favorite passage:

In the beauty of the lilies Christ was borne across the sea
With a glory in his bosom that transfigures you and me
As he died to make men holy let us die to make men free
His truth is marching on
Glory, glory hallelujah

Julia Ward Howe, a white abolitionist, wrote those words in 1861. The words spurred men to sacrifice their lives for the freedom of others. Mine eyes have seen the glory of what Americans can accomplish when we come together as one nation under God, when we conquer our fears.

Your sin does not nullify your Christianity. It justifies it. Let go of that fear. Your sins, no matter what they are, do not prohibit you from speaking truth, standing on biblical principles, and being heard.

The enemies of truth, the elites rewriting history and redefining American freedom, are not silent or scared. Their immorality (sin) emboldens them. Our sin silences us. Not any more. Not if I can help it.

The mission statement of the Fearless Project is simple: We’re a digital media platform dedicated to promoting a culture of fearlessness, free speech, truth-seeking, and American patriotism. We will accomplish our mission by critiquing, lampooning, and probing the events shaping conversations around sports, race, and popular culture.

You will not have to believe what I believe to enjoy and benefit from “Fearless.” That’s the gift of a Judeo-Christian culture. It works to ensure that non-believers receive the same opportunity to pursue their dreams as everyone else.

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