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Leftist Hypocrisy EXPOSED: Separating Families for Political Payback

By: Tiffany Layne | March 14, 2023


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 Image credit: Texas Tribune

‘Do NOT separate children from their families’- they said. ‘It doesn’t matter if they are criminals’- they said. ‘It’s not fair to cause stress on the family unit’- they said.

In fact, leftists said a lot of things about trying to save children from possible sex traffickers by temporarily separating children from adults. Barbaric, unacceptable, downright cruel. At least that’s their story when conservatives want to vett the illegal migrants crossing our border every day.

But guess what happens when the tables are turned?

For those of you waiting for me to spell it out specifically, it’s okay to separate children from their families, just as long as conservative Americans are suffering.

The Gateway Pundit explains:

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene retweeted a short video of two disappointed young children after they were denied visitation with their father, Kyle J. Young this past Sunday.  The tweet from Kyle Young’s wife states the family drove over 12 hours in hopes of seeing her husband and the father of the two children.

Jack, age 3, excited to see his daddy after a 12 hour drive!

The federal prison in Arkansas that Kyle is held at permits visitation on both Saturday and Sunday.  The family was allowed some visitation on Saturday, but on Sunday, they were turned away.  No reason was given by the prison officials.

Kyle’s wife and two of their four children (the oldest is grown and living on their own) have only been able to visit him one other time previously, in January of 2022, since his incarceration.  His son Jack, aged 3, was only 15 months old when Kyle was arrested and held in a maximum security side of the Warsaw Prison in Virginia.  Kyle’s wife told The Gateway Pundit that he is the only J6 prisoner she knows of that was held in the maximum security wing of the prison.  This is of course a much more difficult section of the prison to be living in and Young, who had not been convicted of anything at this time, was constantly in fear for his life.

According to and confirmed by his wife, Young was charged with 13 separate charges relating to the questionable claims of Officer Michael Fanone, but pleaded guilty to just one charge in a plea deal: “Assaulting, Resisting, or Impeding Certain Officers”.  Young was subsequently sentenced to 86 months of prison, or a little over 7 years, and 3 years of probation upon release.  At first, it was unclear if Young would be eligible for early release under the First Steps Act, however, his wife informed us he is now signed up for the First Steps Act and taking classes for his recidivism.

Once Kyle took the plea deal, he was conveniently transferred out of maximum security and integrated into the same facility that housed other J6 political prisoners.  It is believed that the maximum security holding may have been an effort to coerce Young into a plea deal rather than waiting for a trial date which would have taken substantially longer.

Deal or No Deal?

I’m not sure if the rules are universal, but where I come from, if you accept a plea deal, you are forbidden to ever appeal the decision. So, no matter what evidence comes out now, Young is stuck with this ridiculous criminal record AND jail time. Unless of course Congress decides to address the J6 prisoners with legislation that would right this magnanimous wrong. But even that wouldn’t restore the time, money, or the fundamental faith in America these patriots lost by simply exercising their constitutional right to protest.

Forget due process or equal protection of the law. These people are locked in solitary confinement, denied bail, and cheated out of legal discovery evidence that could effectively win their cases in court. Do you think these leftists care if Americans are incurring legal fees that will put them out of house and home? Of course not. They’re too busy making concessions for illegal immigrants here to drain the system, break our laws, milk our government, and leave this country looking exactly like the shithole they ran away from. That, my friends, is what happens when you trust a leftist to be in charge.

** If you would like to support Kyle Young and his wife and children, please consider giving at


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