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WATCH: Heroic Bro Rescues Dogs From LOCKED Cage In Flo’s Rising Flood Waters

Reported By K. Walker |

This is both awesome and horrific at the same time. It’s wonderful that these dogs were rescued, but it’s absolutely terrible that they needed to be.

Six dogs were abandoned by their owner and left in a locked cage as flood waters rose following Hurricane Florence.

Flooding in North Carolina had reached 4 feet on Sunday, and the water is still rising.

Video of the heroic rescue has gone viral and shows the dogs barking and standing on their hind legs, desperate for someone to let them out of the cage.

The dogs were rescued from a property in Leland, North Carolina where their owners left them as they fled Hurricane Florence, without thinking of how the animals would fare in the violent storm.

Source: Daily Mail

Who leaves dogs caged to weather a hurricane on their own?

Fortunately, not everyone is so callous.

Watch the beautiful moment when the dogs were rescued:

Ryan Nichols of Longview, Texas rescued the dogs by wading into the knee-deep flood water and releasing them from the cage.

The dogs were on their hind legs howling and desperate to be let out.

Once the cage was opened, the dogs swam out whimpering and howling. They then headed for a nearby wooded area and rescuers followed them.

When you have animals, you sign on to take care of them, and when a big storm is heading your way, they’re still your responsibility.

Don’t leave your dogs to fend for themselves — especially in a hurricane!

Kudos to Ryan Nichols and all of the others that are rescuing animals that were abandoned by their owners.

We need more heroes like this.

A.F. Branco Cartoon

“Act of God”

In their non-stop bash Trump fashion the Leftist Mainstream is now blaming Trump for hurricane Florence and the death of thousands in Puerto Rico.

Trump and Hurricane FlorencePolitical Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2018.
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