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Hollywood Actress Reveals Why She’s Going Back To Church Every Sunday- ‘A Transformative Experience…’

waving flagReported by Jack Davis February 25, 2016

Garner stars in “Miracles From Heaven,” based on the true experiences of a young girl Anna, who’s near-death encounter and serious illness cause her family to grow closer to God and each other. The film reflects the strong Christian theme of Anna’s survival and the faith of her mother, Christy Beam. The movie opens on March 18.

“I grew up going to church every Sunday of my life, and when I did move to L.A., it wasn’t something that was just part of the culture in the same way, at least in my life. But it didn’t mean that I lost who I was,” Garner said in an interview.

She explained the lack of faith that exists in the Hollywood culture saying, “It’s made me really look at my town of Los Angeles and realize, we don’t talk about faith. It is not a conversation we have between takes on set … It’s something that’s become very political.”

“But there was something about doing this film and talking to my kids about it and realizing that they were looking for the structure of church every Sunday,” Garner said. “So it was a great gift of this film that it took us back to finding our local Methodist church and going every Sunday. It’s really sweet.”Praise the Lord

Garner said her children played a major role in her decision.

“I was talking to my kids about the movie and they said, ‘Mom you don’t take us to church,’ and we went that Sunday … . That decision was a direct gift from this movie and for that I’m very grateful,” Garner said.

Garner recently joined the Beam family at their church.

“I fell so in love with this family, I fell so in love with their love for each other. I fell so in love with their faith,” Garner said, then spoke about Christy Beam. “It was a transformative experience to play this woman right here, she made me stronger.”

“I love the message in the film, and I love the message of hope,” she said. “I love how inspiring the film is. But I also really connected with Christy just from reading the book and from reading the script, and I wanted to honor what she and Annabel and the whole family went through.”

Garner was asked about whether her faith helped her with personal challenges.

“Of course. I think that’s what it’s all about,” she said. “But there’s a beautiful line in the movie that really resonates with me; Christy is having a conversation with her pastor and she says, ‘I just don’t understand. I don’t know where my faith is right now.’ She’s in the crisis of faith. And he says to her, ‘You know, everyone is going to struggle and I look at it this way: I’ve struggled with faith and I’ve struggled without it. And I’ll tell you, it’s a whole lot easier with.’”

h/t: TheBlaze

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