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Today’s Politically INCORRECT Cartoon – Yet Poignant

Poignant = poign·ant [ póynyənt ]

  1. causing sadness or pity: causing a sharp sense of sadness, pity, or regret

  2. sharply perceptive: particularly penetrating and effective or relevant

  3. sharply painful: causing acute physical pain

Three Star Line

“Still” Held

Hey Lefties. What about these men
Article collective closing

Bikers going to Mexico to free Marine

Posted on by Conservative Byte


Getting an army of bikers might just do the trick.

Check it out:

Bikers are on their way to Mexico to do what the government won’t: free a Marine.

John Harrington of Shield Tactical is leading this cause, as his plan is to go to Mexico where Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi is being kept for making a wrong turn, and declaring his lawful U.S. weapons.

Let’s wish these guys success in doing what Obama should have done with his magic PHONE:


Hey Lefties. What about these menHeartArticle collective closing


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