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Student Suspended For Asking That Class Be Taught In English


“Absurdity exists so that we may see what lies outside the bounds of normal human behavior. For without absurdity, we may never understand normality.”

Obama is still lying, John McCain is still spineless, and the Left is still trying their best to incite racial outrage. The world does not change—at least in terms of basic human behavior. In that vein, another thing that doesn’t change is absurdity.

In a story that pushes the boundaries of ridiculousness, an Arizona community college student has been suspended for filing a complaint about one of her classes. Terri Bennett complained that her class discussions were being dominated by Spanish language speaking. According to Town Hall:

In early April, the student, Terri Bennett, formally requested a rule limiting classroom discussion to English. Nursing program director David Kutzler allegedly responded by called her a ‘bigot and a bitch’…Kutzler allegedly charged that Bennett was ‘discriminating against Mexican-Americans’ and threatened to report her complaint as a violation of the school’s policies against discriminatory behavior and harassment.”

Let’s break this down:

1. The Arizona Constitution mandates that classrooms be taught in English. That alone makes Bennett’s suspension illegitimate.

2. Requesting that classroom discussions be in English is not bigoted. This is, in fact, America. Being that English is the language of this country, classes should be taught in English. It is up to those who don’t understand English to learn the language of the country in which they live. It is not Bennett’s problem to deal with.

3. Finally, suspending a student for such a request is deplorable. This is yet another example of the American education system bowing down to the gods of political correctness. It’s a sickness.

This story is so absurd that it could have been a satire. Political correctness is laying waste to our country–especially our educational system. It is a disease that eats away at the heart and soul of what it means to truly educate. Political correctness is a cancer that—If not stopped—will empty out our minds, leaving nothing but a hollow shell.

Terri Bennett’s community college scuffle is just the tip of the iceberg. Our PC culture has become a well organized machine, capable of killing us all, if we allow it.

This is a stunning example of modern American absurdity. This is not normal—or at least it shouldn’t be. Unfortunately, issues like this are becoming routine.

The American education system has failed. It’s time to start from scratch. We can begin by lifting up our heads, getting off our knees, and standing up in defiance of the politically correct state gods. We need to look them straight in the eyes, and declare war on the archaic American educational system.

If we don’t take a stand right now, political correctness will destroy us all.

Another Attempt at Social Engineering

posted on February 6, 2013 by

Students Recite Pledge in Arabic and Say ‘One Nation Under Allah’

The effort to destroy American patriotism has reached a new level at Rocky Mountain High School in Fort Collins, Colorado.  According to Principal Tom Lopez, the Pledge of Allegiance is recited at the school every Monday and I think that’s great, especially considering the fact that many public schools today never recite the Pledge.  When I was in public school, it was recited first thing every day.

The school’s multicultural club has been translating the Pledge of Allegiance into other languages including French and Spanish.  Lopez has allowed them to recite the foreign translations over the schools PS system on occasion.  No one seemed to mind and there were no complaints that I heard of.

However, the club then translated the Pledge into Arabic and in so doing, changed the ending to ‘one nation under Allah.’  Principal Lopez approved of the translation and once again allowed the club members to recite the Arabic Pledge of Allegiance over the school’s PA system.

It wasn’t long before complaints from parents and citizens in the area started to come in to Lopez’ office.  Some of the complaints were lodged against the use of Arabic in general and others were lodged against the phrase ‘one nation under Allah.’  Lopez says that some of the complaints have been threatening.

I read a justification for French and Spanish in one article but I personally disagree.  The article said that the French helped us win the Revolutionary War and gain our independence.  However, in today’s France, America is a curse word and many French people that have forgotten about how we liberated them from Nazi Germany, hate American and everything it stands for.  Additionally, they now have a socialistic government and leader.

Spanish was justified on the ground that there are millions of Hispanics in the US and that they make up nearly 20% of Colorado’s population.  I’m not sure what the percentage of legal versus illegal Hispanics there are, but I’ve seen figures that state that there are between 11 to 15 million illegal Hispanics in the US.  Illegal means they violated the law and therefore should be treated as criminals and made to be held accountable for their crimes and deported.

But to allow students to recite America’s Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic offends me in two ways.  First is the ‘one nation under Allah.’  Sorry folks, but Allah and the God of the Bible and our Founding Fathers are not the same thing.  There are huge differences between the Muslim Allah and the Christian/Jewish God of the Bible.  To change the Pledge to say Allah is offensive to me as a Christian and as an American.

Second, there are millions of Arab Muslims that have vowed to see the United States destroyed or converted into an Islamic nation.  They are working hard to make themselves appear like they are our friends, when in reality they want to change everything that is good and wholesome about America.

Arab Muslims are already incorporating Sharia law into local governments and courts, especially in Dearborn and Detroit, Michigan.  The Obama administration has also taken steps to make any anti-Muslim speech to be considered hate language, but no such measures have been taken when the speech is anti-Christian or anti-Jew, it’s just considered free speech.

When our Founding Fathers were forming the nation, they wrestled with what language should be the official language.  Some advocated French because of the ties we had with France in the Revolutionary War.  Benjamin Franklin pushed for German because it is one of the easiest languages to learn and he saw America to be the melting pot of the world.  However, the majority was English speaking and they settled on English as the official language of the United States of America.

For over two centuries, people who came to the US learned English so that they could be part of America and function in America.  Today, our local, state and federal governments spend millions of dollars printing everything in English and Spanish because so many Hispanics come here and refuse to learn the language.  Yet if we were to go to any of their counties, we would have to learn Spanish in order to cope and get by.

I firmly believe that everything official, including the Pledge of Allegiance and all government documents should be done in English only, the official language established by our Founding Fathers.  If people want to live here, then make them learn the language like we would have to do in their home countries.

And as far as reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, I would call for the termination of Principal Lopez for approving a blasphemous reading of our national pledge.  Sorry, folks, but I’m an American and proud of it and want to keep the country the way it was intended, not what foreigners want to convert it into!

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