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A Day Without Idiots

Authored by Derek Hunter Derek Hunter | Posted: Mar 12, 2017 12:01 AM

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A Day Without Idiots

Democrats are taking to the streets…in waves. First it was women (the day after the inauguration), then it was immigrants (conflating legal and illegal aliens in the hope of making people think they are one in the same), then it was women again (because, presumably, someone ordered too many crocheted vagina hats the first time around and needed to unload them). Which group will be next? Allow me to offer some help.

Should they go back to immigrants? No, no one cared last time. They can’t repeat women after having just done women. Besides, like with immigrants, no one outside of newsrooms gave a damn or really noticed.

How about LGBTQ? “ A Day Without A Gay”? It does have a certain ring to it. But again, the problem is who is going to notice? Americans don’t run around spotting gay people and attempting to “otherize” them, as leftists like to say. And the crocheted design, not to mention the sales or the cost of extra yarn, might leave something to be desired.

There is, however, one group of people the political left has a stranglehold on which is large enough to be noticed by all, though perhaps not missed, if they were to “strike” for one day: idiots.

Might I suggest the next “A Day Without” protest be “A Day Without Idiots.” Newsrooms would be empty. People would notice the normally vacant head of hair reading the nightly news being replaced by an empty chair…eventually…probably. There certainly would be fewer interpretive dances at city council meetings.

Government agencies would undoubtedly be forced to close if idiots took the day off. But if the “strike” was successful, and all idiot-Americans refused to participate in any activities that day, the absence of government employees would go unnoticed by most since their customers would be out as well.

No TV or movie production would take place that day; Hollywood would be as empty as the space between the ears this year’s award winners. Concerts would be cancelled, Broadway a ghost town. Hell, New York would be empty; California would collectively go to the beach. Left lanes on freeways would only be filled by people going fast, blindly j-walking in the middle of a block across a one-way street while texting and looking the wrong way would not happen. Fast-food drive-thrus would move efficiently with the “anchors” on the crew playing X-Box at home. See, it’s not all bad.

Marginally talented comedians wouldn’t accuse anyone with brain cancer of having “Nazi hair” simply because they don’t agree with them politically. It would also spare the country non-apology apologies for a day. No one would have to issue a We deeply apologize for offending tweets to said cancer patients for having “Nazi hair” while remaining silent on all the other people they accused of the same.

Who would have thought we’d come to a point in human history where accusing random strangers of being a Nazi based on having a hairstyle Brad Pitt recently sported because they committed the perceived sin of not agreeing with the accuser politically would only elicit an apology when the recipient is discovered to have a horrible disease but not a blanket apology for making the accusation against 3 other people? Wouldn’t you like a day without more of that? Wouldn’t you like a day without any of this? Just one day?

A Day Without Idiots would empty college campuses , as students, professors, and administrators all marched in solidarity against the injustice of not being able to afford what you want to do for spring break or the horrors of white women wearing hoop earrings.

Since we’ll all be supporting these gender and ethnic justice studies participation ribbon recipients once they graduate now that burger-flipping machines are taking over the jobs for which they are most qualified, a day without them would serve as a nice thank you in advance. Sure, the best vegan restaurants might be forced to close that day for lack of staff, but since there is no such thing as a good vegan restaurant, we, like “The Dude” in The Big Lebowski, will abide.

Best of all, Congress would be out of session for another day this year. And any day Congress is out of session is a good day for America. One day without politicians swearing to you the GOP Obamacare repeal plan is greatest bill ever or another one swearing it will lead to the end of the Republic or people dropping dead in the streets. Wouldn’t a day off from that be nice?

Liberals are fast running out of a “victim” groups to grant martyr status to, it’s time they got creative. And it’d be nice if they were generous with something besides other people’s money, for once. They should give the country a day off from them. While “A Day Without Idiots” might not be to their liking, as long as the concept remains, they can call it whatever they want. Maybe they can even find a way to sell more of those stupid hats. Anything, as long as they leave us the hell alone, for even one day.

Islam in Britain. This is coming to the world.


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I have shared the following video with you in the recent past. It has resurfaced and needs to be repeated so we can see what is coming to America if we don’t stop the movement NOW. We have this advantage of seeing what has happened in France, is also happening in England, and will happen here, IF, we don’t do something about it right now.

Posted by RottdawgSeptember 30, 2014


Is this where America is headed too?

coming to america

If so, are you comfortable with that?

America Needs toWake Up

Article collective closing

The Root of Oppression in Venezuela

by John Crawford

February 24. 2014,

Many of you may have already seen this brief video that went viral. If you have not, watch it.

Whats going on

The title is unpromising. That won’t catch on, you think. But the short film What’s Going On in Venezuela in a Nutshell, posted to YouTube last Friday, has had more than 1.3m views – and brought the plight of student protesters in Venezuela to international notice.(1)

The number of views is now over 2.5 million. The creator of the video, Andreina Nash, is a student at the University of Florida here in my hometown. She learned how to use Adobe Premier Pro in one day and the next day she skipped all of her classes and made the video. It went viral.(2)

A video like this one presents a great opportunity to discuss and better understand the dynamics surrounding any number of similar political and social crises commonly found in news media these days. There could be extended commentary on Venezuela’s history, the late President Chavez, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, or a myriad of facets of the country’s past and present crisis. My comments will be limited and focused on a more fundamental issue. Nash states near the beginning of her video:

“Millions of young students took matters into their own hands by passively protesting the social and economic crisis caused by the illegitimate government Venezuela has today.”

Venz filmSurely the oppressive government is a central issue. But we must ask ourselves – from where did the oppressive, “illegitimate” government originate?

Anyone who witnesses a video like this, or any number of news stories across our own country, must at some point in his mind think slavery. There may be a difference in degree in any given nation, but slavery and oppression are a reality across the globe. So then, we need to view “what’s going on in Venezuela” with an understanding of the root of such oppression. Augustine states clearly in The City of God,

The prime cause, then, of slavery is sin, which brings man under the dominion of his fellow(3)

The presence of slavery and oppression is a manifestation of the presence of sin. There are only two possible masters in this life.

Do you not know that if you present yourselves to anyone as obedient slaves, you are slaves of the one whom you obey, either of sin, which leads to death, or of obedience, which leads to righteousness? (Romans 6:16, ESV)

We have only two only two choices. We can be slaves to Satan or adopted sons of Christ.

Ultimately, freedom is impossible over time when a society does not operate according to the Word of God.  Put another way, slavery is inescapable in a society that does not acknowledge Christ’s Lordship over every area. Lordship is unavoidable. The question is to whom will we submit?

My sole focus here is not Venezuela. In our own country we have moved from a greater degree of freedom to a greater degree of slavery. Whereas a few generations ago our national shackles were barely noticeable, they are beginning now to get heavy and rub blisters. The discomfort is growing. “Land of the free” has become the land of the rising police statesurveillance and warrantless searches. How does this happen in a nation that many believe was once characterized as “Christian”? How does such a shift occur?

It is simple. God calls his people to govern themselves according to his Word. He also outlines roles and jurisdictions for his divinely ordained covenant institutions of the family, church and state. As Christian people abdicate their individual responsibility of self-government, and the three institutions abdicate their responsibilities over time, a transfer is induced. The transfer is one of responsibility and power. This is because the responsibilities are not relinquished without at the same time calling for them to be picked up by other individuals and institutions. Prime candidates for the other individuals are power-hungry men and women. The primary candidate for the institution is the state.

We all know the phrase, “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Power flows to people and institutions that are willing to take responsibility. If a nation’s individuals, families and churches abdicate their responsibilities, then those hungry for power and influence accept it from within the institution of the state. Power flows out from one group of individuals and institutions and power flows into another – the state. The former begin to ask for care and security from the latter. This increases the power of the state. Over time, the once-empowered individuals, families and churches find themselves powerless. And, being out of touch with God’s covenantal framework, they don’t understand that they operate not only as individuals but also from within a corporate reality. Because of their lack of understanding they begin to blame the empowered institution of the state for their plight. At the same time, having abdicated responsibility and turned over their power, they are limited to peaceful demonstrations in protest in hopes of communicating a message but not evoking the wrath of their self-appointed god.

But whereas this increases awareness, it does not solve the primary issue. Nations of individuals that do not govern themselves according to the Word of God cannot expect to live in the freedom that only submission to him provides.

“it is our right as human beings to have freedom of speech, to have freedom in general”

“…peace will prevail”

Peace will never prevail outside of the Lordship of Christ. “Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” (Romans 5:1, ESV) To the extent we live according to the will of our Creator, is to the extent we will experience the blessing of peace that only he gives. That is not to say that others around us do not benefit from this. Again, this is corporate or covenant reality. But, that is a subject for another day.

The point here is that we should expect neither peace nor freedom where men are not representing Christ’s rule on earth.

In the video Nash comments on the control of TV stations and radio by the oppressive government. She also comments on the “government shutdown” of Twitter, which was the social media of choice for getting the word out. This does not surprise anyone. That said, there is good news in all of this. The word is out. One student, armed with amateur filmmaking, skills in the space of one day created a compelling film that reached millions of people within days.

The Internet is undermining bureaucratic and elitist institutions worldwide. When you think Internet vs. these institutions, think the printing press vs. the Catholic Church during the time of the Reformation. The nation-state in general is being undermined.

The question is, when the word does get out, who has the answer as to the cause of statist oppression? Who has a foundation on which to build a successful society?  It is those who have the gospel – the whole gospel.

Since sin is the primary cause, the remedy is evangelism and the work of the Holy Spirit. It is taking the whole gospel in those evangelistic efforts such that converts know how their eternal salvation relates to their temporal living. This includes the life in the civil realm.

Christians that learn to “observe all that He has commanded” will make decisions differently. With the power of the Holy Spirit, they will govern themselves according to God’s Word. As they do this, such submission is manifested among the institutions in their society. The only alternative to Christ’s rule through Godly representatives is Satan’s rule through ungodly representatives. “Choose this day whom you will serve.”

About the Author

John Crawford lives in Gainesville, Florida with his wife Tina and his three children Cade, Lachlan and Aila. He is a graduate of the University of Florida and has partnered in a successful business in Gainesville since 2001. During his time in the Baptist church, John served as a deacon, bible teacher and on the board of an international missions organization. He has spent the last fifteen years studying the covenant and its implications for all of life. He is currently a member of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and can be reached through his website, –

See more at:

Update on Venezuela

The news has been flooded with what has been happening in the Ukraine, as if that is so very important to the citizens of the United States. In fact, what is MORE important is what is happening to a near neighbor (only 1,366 miles from Miami Beach, Florida), Venezuela, is far more important.

It’s past dictator, Hugo Chavez, was a monster, and had very close ties with China. He purchased missiles from China that are capable of reaching the United States. True, they did not work after they got them installed. However, I have not heard what has happened to them lately.

So here are the three latest’s news reports from FOX NEWS.

Jerry Broussard


Venezuela revokes press credentials for 4 CNN journalists over coverage of protests

Published February 21, 2014


A photographer takes pictures of barricades set up by anti-government protesters in the Altamira neighborhood of Caracas, Venezuela, Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014. Violence is heating up in Venezuela as an opposition leader faces criminal charges for organizing a rally that set off escalating turmoil in the oil-rich, but economically struggling country. (AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd) (The Associated Press)

CARACAS, Venezuela –  Venezuela’s government has revoked the press credentials of journalists from CNN after President Nicolas Maduro blasted the television network’s coverage of political protests.

CNN says Friday that four of its journalists were notified by the Information Ministry that they are no longer allowed to report in the country. They include CNN en Espanol anchor Patricia Janiot

Maduro on Thursday threatened to expel CNN from Venezuela if it doesn’t “rectify” its coverage of unrest that he says is part of a campaign to topple his socialist government. Colombian news channel NTN24 was suspended from Venezuelan cable TV packages a week ago.

The government’s near-complete control of domestic broadcasters has made CNN en Espanol a source of information for many Venezuelans trying to follow the unrest.


Army sending paratroopers to restive Venezuela area as security forces try to quell protests


Objects placed by opposition protesters block a road in the Altamira neighborhood of Caracas, Venezuela, Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014. Violence is heating up in Venezuela as an opposition leader faces criminal charges for organizing a rally that set off escalating turmoil in the oil-rich, but economically struggling country. (AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd) (The Associated Press)


Members of a pro-government “colectivo,” or “collective,” march in downtown Caracas, Venezuela, Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014. President Nicolas Maduro and his supporters say the escalating protests against his socialist government in the oil-rich but economically struggling country are part of an attempted coup sponsored by right-wing and “fascist” opponents in Venezuela and abroad, particularly the United States. (AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd) (The Associated Press)


Demonstrators stand at a barricade during an opposition protest in the Altamira neighborhood of Caracas, Venezuela, Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014. Venezuelan opposition leaders condemned the government Thursday for its heavy-handed attempt to subdue a protest movement with nighttime sweeps that have turned many parts of the country into dangerous free-fire zones. (AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd) (The Associated Press)


An opposition demonstrator holds a poster that reads in Spanish “They are killing us” outside the Venezuelan Military Industries (CAVIM) in Caracas, Venezuela, Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014. Venezuelan opposition leaders condemned the government Thursday for its heavy-handed attempt to subdue a protest movement with nighttime sweeps that have turned many parts of the country into dangerous free-fire zones. (AP Photo/Alejandro Cegarra) (The Associated Press)


A woman walks next to a graffiti with the portrait of Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro and a phrase that reads in Spanish:”They will call me dictator”, downtown in Caracas, Venezuela, Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014. After a chaotic and tense night, with gunfire echoing through the streets of many neighborhoods, violence is heating up in Venezuela as an opposition leader faces criminal charges for organizing a rally that set off escalating turmoil in the oil-rich, but economically struggling country.  (AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd) (The Associated Press)

CARACAS, Venezuela –  Paratroopers are heading to a Venezuelan border area torn by fierce clashes between police and anti-government protesters, while security forces are being accused of turning many parts of the country into free-fire zones in their bid to silence a rejuvenated movement challenging socialist rule.

President Nicolas Maduro’s opponents charged Thursday that he has unleashed the military, police and civilian militias against those who blame the administration for hardships in a country that is rich in oil but struggling with overheated inflation and one of the world’s worst homicide rates.

Violence has escalated across Venezuela since a Feb. 12 opposition rally that was followed by clashes between young activists and the National Guard in which three people died. At least three more deaths and dozens of injuries have occurred in protest violence since then.

Leopoldo Lopez, the jailed opposition leader who organized the mass rally, was ordered early Thursday to remain in detention to face charges that include arson and criminal incitement.

The unrest has been particularly high in Tachira state, on Venezuela’s western border with Colombia, where anti-government protesters have clashed with police and National Guard units, disrupting life in its capital, San Cristobal.

Interior Minister Miguel Rodriguez Torres announced Thursday that a battalion of paratroopers was being sent to Tachira to help bring calm.

“These units will enable the city to function, so food can get in, so people can go about their normal lives. It’s simply meant to restore order,” he said.

San Cristobal Vice Mayor Sergio Vergara, a member of the opposition, disputed that. He said that the government caused the troubles by cracking down on what had been peaceful protests and that as part of its campaign had cut off vital services in the city, including public transportation and the Internet.

Sending 3,000 paratroopers to a city of 600,000 people is “effectively part of an effort at repression being played out by the government across the country,” Vergara said.

National Guard troops and members of pro-government militias have swarmed through the streets of Caracas and other cities firing volleys, at times indiscriminately, in repeated spasms of nighttime violence in recent days.

Henrique Capriles, the two-time presidential candidate of an opposition coalition, said the government is engaging in “brutal repression,” in some cases breaking into apartment buildings to arrest people authorities accuse of being part of a plot for a coup against Maduro.

“What does the government want, a civil war?” Capriles asked at a news conference.

While several large demonstrations by thousands of people have been peaceful, smaller groups of protesters have lobbed fire bombs and rocks and blocked streets with flaming barricades of trash. Troops and police have responded with tear gas, rubber bullets and blasts from water cannons —  as well as raids by gun-firing men from motorcycles.

The clashes with authorities as well as the pursuit of anti-government activists by troops and militias take place in darkness. During the day, Caracas has largely operated as normal, with businesses and schools open and people going about their business, while stocking up on groceries in case of further unrest.

Tensions could be high Friday in the city of Valencia, where a funeral was scheduled for a local beauty queen who was killed by a bullet this week while participating in a protest. The death of Genesis Carmona, a 22-year-old university student who had been Miss Tourism 2013 for Carabobo state, reverberated in this country that prizes beauty queens.


Associated Press writers Fabiola Sanchez and Andrew Rosati in Caracas and Vivian Sequera in Bogota, Colombia, contributed to this report.


Venezuela braces for large opposition, pro-government rallies after days of violence

CARACAS, Venezuela –  Venezuelans are bracing for trouble as both supporters of the government and the opposition prepare for major rallies in a country that has been roiled by violence in recent days.

Women supporters of President Nicolas Maduro are planning a march Saturday in the capital of Caracas. The opposition says it will also hold large rallies throughout the country.

Opposition Gov. Henrique Capriles says these are intended as peaceful protests to show public discontent over high crime, food shortages and other problems facing Venezuela. President Maduro has said the wave of protests and violent clashes that began Feb. 12 are part of a right-wing attempt to topple his socialist government.

Political violence is blamed for at least eight deaths and more than 100 injuries on both sides.

Arab Spring

While listening to the news today, I heard the phrase, “Arab Spring” and realized I did not know what that was or could give an explanation of why “Arab Spring” is so important. I may be the last person on earth to gain this understanding, but just in case I am not the only one ignorant of the meaning of the phrase, here is some quick reference information from Wikipedia (;

Arab Spring

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Arab Spring
Collage for MENA protests
Clockwise from top left: Protesters in Tahrir Square in Cairo; Demonstrators marching through Habib Bourguiba Avenue in Tunis; Political dissidents in Sana’a; Protesters gathering in Pearl Roundabout in Manama; Mass demonstration in Douma; Demonstrators in Bayda.
Date 18 December 2010 – present
(1 year, 9 months, 2 weeks and 1 day)
Location Arab world (see list of countries)
Status Ongoing

  • Tunisian President Ben Ali ousted, and government overthrown.
  • Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak ousted, and government overthrown.
  • Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi killed after a civil war with foreign military intervention, and government overthrown.
  • Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh ousted, and hands power to a national unity government.
  • Syria experiences a full-scale civil war between the government and opposition forces.
  • Civil uprising against the government of Bahrain, despite government changes.
  • Kuwait, Lebanon and Oman implementing government changes in response to protests.
  • Morocco, Jordan implementing constitutional reforms in response to protests.
  • Ongoing protests in Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Mauritania and some other countries.
Death(s) 50,000–60,000 (International estimate; see table below)

The Arab Spring, also known as the Arab Revolution[1] (Arabic: الثورات العربية‎, al-Thawrāt al-ʻArabiyyah), is a revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests occurring in the Arab world that began on 18 December 2010.

To date, rulers have been forced from power in Tunisia,[2] Egypt,[3] Libya,[4] and Yemen;[5] civil uprisings have erupted in Bahrain[6] and Syria;[7] major protests have broken out in Algeria,[8] Iraq,[9] Jordan,[10] Kuwait,[11] Morocco,[12] and Sudan;[13] and minor protests have occurred in Lebanon,[14] Mauritania,[15] Oman,[16] Saudi Arabia,[17] Djibouti,[18] and Western Sahara.[19] Clashes at the borders of Israel in May 2011,[20] and the protests by the Arab minority in Iranian Khuzestan erupted in 2011 as well.[21] Weapons and Tuareg fighters returning from the Libyan civil war stoked a simmering rebellion in Mali, and the consequent Malian coup d’état has been described as “fallout” from the Arab Spring in North Africa.[22] The sectarian clashes in Lebanon were described as a spillover violence of the Syrian uprising and hence the regional Arab Spring.[23] Most recently, in September 2012 a wave of social protests swept Palestinian Authority, demanding lower consumer prices and resignation of the Palestinian Prime Minister Fayyad.

The protests have shared techniques of mostly civil resistance in sustained campaigns involving strikes, demonstrations, marches, and rallies, as well as the effective use of social media[24][25] to organize, communicate, and raise awareness in the face of state attempts at repression and Internet censorship.[26][27]

Many Arab Spring demonstrations have met violent responses from authorities,[28][29][30] as well as from pro-government militias and counter-demonstrators. These attacks have been answered with violence from protestors in some cases.[31][32][33] A major slogan of the demonstrators in the Arab world has been Ash-shaʻb yurīd isqāṭ an-niẓām (“the people want to bring down the regime”).[34]

Some observers have drawn comparisons between the Arab Spring movements and the pro-democratic, anti-Communist Revolutions of 1989 (also known as the Autumn of Nations) that swept through Eastern Europe and the Communist world, in terms of their scale and significance.[35][36][37] Others, however, have pointed out that there are several key differences between the movements, such as the desired outcomes and the organizational role of (internet) technology in the Arab revolutions.[38][39][40]



Numerous factors have led to the protests, including issues such as dictatorship or absolute monarchy, human rights violations, government corruption (demonstrated by Wikileaks diplomatic cables),[41] economic decline, unemployment, extreme poverty, and a number of demographic structural factors,[42] such as a large percentage of educated but dissatisfied youth within the population.[43] Also, some, like Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek attribute the 2009 Iranian protests as one of the reasons behind the Arab Spring.[44] The 2010 Kyrgyzstani revolution might also have been one of the factors, which influenced the beginning of the Arab Spring.[citation needed] The catalysts for the revolts in all Northern African and Persian Gulf countries have been the concentration of wealth in the hands of autocrats in power for decades, insufficient transparency of its redistribution, corruption, and especially the refusal of the youth to accept the status quo.[45] Increasing food prices and global famine rates have also been a significant factor,[46][47] as they involve threats to food security worldwide and prices that approach levels of the 2007–2008 world food price crisis.[48] Amnesty International singled out Wikileaks‘ release of US diplomatic cables as a catalyst for the revolts.[49]

In recent decades rising living standards and literacy rates, as well as the increased availability of higher education, have resulted in an improved human development index in the affected countries. The tension between rising aspirations and a lack of government reform may have been a contributing factor in all of the protests.[45][50][51] Many of the Internet-savvy youth of these countries have, increasingly over the years, been viewing autocrats and absolute monarchies as anachronisms. A university professor of Oman, Al-Najma Zidjaly referred to this upheaval as youthquake.[45]

Tunisia and Egypt, the first to witness major uprisings, differ from other North African and Middle Eastern nations such as Algeria and Libya in that they lack significant oil revenue, and were thus unable to make concessions to calm the masses.[45]

The relative success of the democratic Republic of Turkey, with its substantially free and vigorously contested but peaceful elections, fast-growing but liberal economy, secular constitution but Islamist government, created a model (the Turkish model) if not a motivation for protestors in neighbouring states.[52]


Yes, I believe that these riots and demonstrations will show up here in America. Yes, I believe that it will be American Islam radicals doing the demonstrating. Already we’ve seen many efforts to get Sharia Law adopted into our courts, and as more and more Muslims make demands on American business and facilities, riots and demonstrations are not far behind.

It is all the more important that we elect leaders that will stand up to them and deny them their special privileges. Encourage everyone you know to vote prayerfully, being well-informed on the issues and void of the hype. 2012 elections are indeed the most important of all elections in our history. Truly, may God Save the United States of America.

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