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The Left is adding more fuel to the fire of the Class War they created. Once again they are going after wealthy people, describing them as oppressors and evil people who do not want anyone else to succeed and want to keep the poverty-stricken in poverty.

Of course, they are concentrating on Conservative wealthy people, not those of the Left. They are focusing on Mitt Romney and those wealthy people who are contributing to his campaign. Of course, there is no mention of the super wealthy on the Left; George Soros, John Kerry (married into wealth), John Edwards (made his wealth off of bilking millions of dollars out of insurance companies using junk science) and most of the politicians in Congress and The Senate.

According to the latest attack on Mitt Romney regards a steel company that went bankrupt. The facts are that Mitt was not with Bain Capital when that happened. Even so, no one is discussing the difference between a “business decision” and decision all people make every day.

Business executives of all kinds make “Business decisions” every day across America that has a negative effect on their employees. That is the nature of “business decisions”. They have to be made without the emotions of people relationships to save the business and make sure employment for those unaffected by the “business decisions”. I have known some executives to have breakdowns after making such decision because they know how it has affected the employees. However, in order for the business to remain solvent, and the bulk of the employees have a job; those “business decisions still have to be made.

I agree with the notion that the business playing field is not level. Some in business are there because they were born into the business. Others have learned how to play the “office politics game” so well that they get what they really do not deserve. That still is no excuse to work hard and smart, gather as much knowledge as possible, learn from every one’s mistakes, and then use that to move yourself up the ladder, either in that company, someone else’s, or your own. It can be done because it has been done multiple, multiple times.

You can stay the baby bird with its mouth opened saying, “gimme, gimme, gimme.” Don’t blame anyone else because you made that decision.

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