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Nancy Pelosi: ‘OUTRAGEOUS’ to Blame Democrats for Heated Rhetoric Leading to Alexandria Shooting… Is It?

The leader of the anti-Trump train Nancy Pelosi has said some pretty jaw-dropping, idiotic things in the past. Why should she stop now? House Minority Leader expressed her outrage at Republicans for implying that the recent baseball shooting could be in part because of the constant hate the left is spewing.

“I think the comments made by my Republican colleagues is outrageous,” she said.

She was appalled that Republicans are acting like they weren’t contributing to the problem.

“This sick individual does something despicable and it was horrible what he did — but for them to all of a sudden be sanctimonious as if they’d never seen such a thing before — I don’t even want to go into the president of the United States and some of the language he’s used.”

Or how about the language you and your colleges and supporters have used?

She continued to blame “outside sources” like cable television.

 “Horrible stuff that I hear that is crude and disgusting really comes from the outside.”

Mrs. Pelosi described one person who threatened her and was later put in jail, saying his behavior toward her was from watching Fox News.

“I think a lot of the vitriol and invective — I mean one of the people who went to jail for threats to me — when he was being tried, his mother said he just watches too much Fox T.V. That’s what she said,” Mrs. Pelosi recalled. “They may be inflamed, [but] this mom said it was Fox News.”

The Washington Times

You know what, Pelosi can say whatever she wants. Whatever helps her sleep at night. At the end of the day, she knows, as well as the rest of us, that her rhetoric is not pure white and innocent. But, because she’s on the left, she has to play the blame game.

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