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By: Tiffany Layne | April 29, 2023


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We all know what perverts like Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein think of young people. But did you know Bill Gates in among the sickest of the perverts in the land of leftists?

Several stories link Gates with Epstein, as do several mutual “friends,” or as I would call them, victims. Gates’ efforts in preserving eugenics is racist, infantile, and disturbing to say the least. Truly, I wasn’t sure Gates could do much worse than work towards “breeding the black” out of people. But I was wrong. This is definitely worse.

Dr. Rich Swier reports:

The evil on the left is so grotesque that those of us who have been smeared, defamed, libeled because of our opposition wear our ruin as a badge of honor. When the history books are written, we fought for the good against insurmountable evil.


The sex ed said kids under 10 should learn, ‘As you grow up, you might start to be interested in people with diverse gender identities’

By Hannah Grossman | Fox News

Planned Parenthood ripped after approving ‘woke’ sex education

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation donates millions annually to a nongovernmental organization which claims that children are born sexual and should learn about “commercial sex work” under 10 years of age.

The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) – a separate entity from the U.S. nonprofit – wields significant influence on global sex education. The NGO comprises 120 independent organizations in over 146 countries and has received – including its European network – over $80M from Gates. Other significant donors included the World Health Organization.

A toolkit released in 2017 showed an insight into how the NGO teaches sex education to children around the globe.

“Sexual activity may be part of different types of relationships, including dating, marriage or commercial sex work, among others,” IPPF said about children under 10 should be taught, which was first flagged by Nicole Solas of the Independent Women’s Forum.

Children under 10 should also be told “As you grow up, you might start to be interested in people with diverse gender identities,” the toolkit said.
Bill Gates funded an organization which claimed children are born sexual.

The IPPF suggested in multiple instances that children are born sexual.

Children under 10 should be taught that “Sexuality is a part of you from the moment you are born. Your sexuality develops and changes throughout your life.”

“[S]ex positivity acknowledges that human beings, including adolescents and young people, are autonomous sexual beings.”

Sex educators, according to the NGO, should have an “Understanding of young people as sexual beings.”

Read more.

Guess what’s even worse?

The President of the United States is culpable in the sex-trafficking of minors.

Today, whistleblower testimony confirmed these facts:

A House Judiciary subcommittee hearing on Wednesday will feature the testimony from a whistleblower who will warn lawmakers that the U.S. has become the “middleman” in a multi-billion dollar migrant child trafficking operation at the border.

The hearing, “The Biden Border Crisis: Exploitation of Unaccompanied Alien Children,” will be held by the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration Integrity, Security and Enforcement and will examine the surge in unaccompanied children (UACs) at the southern border.

According to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) statistics, the number of UACs who came to the border shot up from 33,239 in FY2020 to over 146,000 in FY 2021 and 152,000 in FY 2022. So far in FY 2023 there have been over 70,000 encounters of unaccompanied children.

When child migrants are encountered at the border, they are transferred into the custody of Health and Human Services (HHS) and then united with a sponsor — typically a parent or family member already in the U.S.

But the Biden administration has been rocked by a number of reports that officials have been unable to make contact with over 85,000 child migrants, and more recently that administration officials ignored signs of “explosive” growth in child labor. A number have been forced into indentured servitude to pay back smugglers and have worked in dire conditions.

Thank God for the Whistleblowers!

Otherwise, we might never know what our administration is willing to ignore.

The Wednesday hearing will hear from three witnesses: Tara Lee Rodas, a whistleblower and former employee at HHS; Sheena Rodriguez, founder and president of Alliance for a Safe Texas; and Jessica Vaughn, director of Policy Studies at the Center for Immigration Studies.

Rodas will warn of a problem that predates the administration, but that has increased significantly during the recent migrant crisis, according to a copy of her written testimony obtained by Fox News Digital.

“Today, children will work overnight shifts at slaughterhouses, factories, restaurants to pay their debts to smugglers and traffickers. Today, children will be sold for sex,” she will say. “Today, children will call a hotline to report they are being abused, neglected, and trafficked. For nearly a decade, unaccompanied children have been suffering in the shadows.”

She will talk about her volunteering at an emergency intake site in California to help HHS’ Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) identify sponsors for minors who have come across the border.

“I thought I was going to help place children in loving homes. Instead, I discovered that children are being trafficked through a sophisticated network that begins with being recruited in their home country, smuggled to the U.S. border, and ends when ORR delivers a child to a sponsor – some sponsors are criminals and traffickers and members of Transnational Criminal Organizations. Some sponsors view children as commodities and assets to be used for earning income – this is why we are witnessing an explosion of labor trafficking,” she will say.

“Whether intentional or not, it can be argued that the U.S. Government has become the middleman in a large scale, multi-billion-dollar, child trafficking operation run by bad actors seeking to profit off the lives of children.”

These are real-life, modern day stories, happening right here, right now, under OUR watch.

This is not okay. Yet, this is what the Biden Administration is busy allowing, while pretending we have a worthy president deserving of a second term.

This right here should be the only thing we need to prove Biden doesn’t belong in public service. Of course, why would we expect more from a man that drove his daughter to addiction after their uncomfortable shower sessions together?

Fox adds:

Rodriguez, of the Alliance for a Safe Texas, will share her experiences at the border encountering unaccompanied children, including teenage boys who she said told her that cartel cooperatives transported children through Mexico and held them at warehouses with armed guards. She will also call for the investigation of federal agencies responsible and for the ending of releasing migrants to sponsors.

“We can no longer turn a blind eye and pretend this isn’t happening. Congress has the power to stop this, which is why I am calling on you to do what is right,” her testimony says.

Vaughn will call too for congressional action, including the ending of legal loopholes that she says force the government to “to operate a massive catch and release program for illegally-arriving alien children.”

“They have been carelessly funneled through the custody of U.S. government agencies and contractors, and handed off to very lightly vetted sponsors (who are usually also here illegally) in our communities without regard to their safety and well-being,” she will say. “There is no question that the system for processing minors who cross illegally is dysfunctional, and has been for some time, and needs to be fixed.”

Wow. It’s only April, but I think we just got the understatement of the year.


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