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By: Lawrence Johnson | April 11, 2023


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 Image credit: South China Morning Post

Prison Counsellor:  “Why do you say you feel “trapped” in a man’s body?”

Convict:  “Well, sometimes I get them menstrual cramps real hard.”

Those of us that remember this classic scene from the 1987 film “Raising Arizona,” still laugh when we think about the convict uttering those ridiculous words. Ridiculous, we said. Crazy, we thought. Common sense and a little 7th grade biology told us that men could not get pregnant, have periods, let alone experience menstrual cramps. However, that was then- this is now.

Somehow, the invention of the internet that provided billions of people with limitless information daily has now replaced what was once ‘elementary knowledge’ with what equates to a panel discussion. Contrary to what was once believed, common sense is not so common.

At a recent University of Pittsburg event in March, Former University of Kentucky swimmer and Independent Women’s Forum spokesperson Riley Gaines addressed a group concerning winning her competition against transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, a biological man. During her speech, Gaines directed a question to the school’s anthropologist, Professor Gabby Yearwood.

The exchange was recorded in an article in the Washington Examiner:

“I actually have a question for you. You being an anthropologist, which anthropology is the study of human civilization,” Gaines said as the anthropologist noted that his area of study includes a focus on biology.

“So, if you were to dig up a human, two humans, in 100 years from now, both man and woman, could you tell the difference, strictly off of bones?” Gaines questioned.

The anthropologist said, “No,” as those in attendance burst into laughter.

“I’m not sure why I’m being laughed at if I’m the expert in the room,” the anthropologist said. “Have any of you been to archaeological sites? Have any of you studied biological anthropology? I’m just saying, I’ve got over 150 years of data. I’m just curious as to why I’m being laughed at.”

As Gaines began to explain that she had “put a lot of research into this,” the anthropologist cut her off to say: “I have a Ph.D.”

The crowd once again began to laugh. Video of the interaction went viral as Twitter users responded, suggesting the anthropologist was “either incompetent or lying.”

The Buried Truth

The thing to remember here is that Gaines isn’t engaging a student or simply a bystander or even a visitor- Yearwood was a certified University anthropologist- Pitt’s gold standard of academia. In most cases, such a degree generally takes about four years of study to complete, certainly covering basic human biology and bone structure. One might wonder how Gabby would still have a job- and one would be correct to wonder. Regardless of the clear picture of this “expert’s” obvious ineptitude, the Left never says die.

One week later, Gaines was invited to speak at the San Francisco University chapter of Turning Point USA, once again sharing her experience of competing against Thompson. Almost immediately things took a turn for the worse. The New York Post records Gaines’ harrowing experience this way:

“Swimmer Riley Gaines on Saturday threatened to take “legal action” after saying she was assaulted by trans-rights protesters during a speech about protecting women’s sports at San Francisco State University.

“The campus police did nothing. The dean of students was there and did nothing. There will be no repercussions unless I have something to do with it,” Gaines told “Fox & Friends Weekend” host Rachel Campos-Duffy.

“I will be pursuing legal action. These people need to face repercussions.” The former NCAA swimmer and 12-time All-American champ said a mob of demonstrators attacked her while she spoke about including trans athletes in women’s sports during Thursday’s Turning Points USA event at SF State.

Dramatic video Gaines shared on Twitter shows her being ushered out of a classroom and into a hallway by security as protesters chase after her. One of the activists gets in front of her and shouts, “Trans rights are human rights” and “Yeah, you f–king transphobic bitch — I f–king see you!”

“The prisoners are running the asylum at SFSU…I was ambushed and physically hit twice by a man,” she tweeted.   Additional footage shared on social media shows security blocking Gaines from a mass of protesters before she was escorted to a safe room, where she said she was barricaded “for three hours.”

“Truthfully, I think these people resort to anger, both verbally and physically, and violence because they know they don’t have reason on their side,” Gaines told Campos-Duffy. “They cannot debate me with logic or science or any kind of data that supports their argument, so they resort to personal attacks.”

It seems that in the blink of the societal eye everything has changed.

It was only back in 2005 when we were introduced to the TV series “Bones” about the cases of a well-known female forensic anthropologist. Running for nearly 11 years, episodes centered on FBI case files surrounding mysteries concerning often limited and/or badly degraded human remains. In episode 8 season 1, an FBI agent she works with brings her an old freezer he claims contains a human body. Upon prying open the door and seeing the body, the agent asks, “he or she?” Within seconds of looking at the body’s pelvic region, the anthropologist replies, “she.”  To be clear, this deduction was not based on years of case study, or even the acumen that led to her notoriety. This was in a nutshell, basic human biology.

It appears we collectively knew these basic truths like ten minutes ago; only now, the same group collectively denies what we all once professed to know. Despite that, there are still many that consider acknowledging ‘preferred gender’ instead of ‘confirmed gender’ to be a hill worth dying on. Oddly enough, it is those very same individuals that during the Pandemic reminded us ad nauseum to “follow the science,” that now choose to ignore that same “science” when it is no longer politically expedient or beneficial.

Yet, if we’re being honest, “they” do not shoulder all the blame.

Many of us elected to heed the “science” rhetoric despite available truths and data to the contrary. Wearing masks and sheltering in place was no more substantiated science then, than mutilating children is “gender-affirming” care, or men playing God over their bodies by pretending to be women is now.

When that husky man in “Raising Arizona” complained of menstrual cramps, we certainly thought it was funny. If we knew then what we are seeing now, we would have never laughed. Brave men and women like Riley Gaines, Matt Walsh and others are discovering what is truly an inconvenient truth: the Trojan Horse dismissal of films like “Tootsie” and “To Wong Foo”, the Caitlyn Jenner’s, the RuPaul’s and those men lamenting over their bodies challenged with what only women can experience has led us to this. The only way to exterminate this “transfestation” is to combat it with truth. The first inoculation must begin in our own homes. America, we have work to do.


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