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Kevin Jackson | April 12, 2023


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Oh the irony. But real women need to “grow a pair”. Yes, BALLS.

I know this action flies in the crotch of what real women might find necessary. But I say to these ladies, at times real women must “man up”!

If that concept challenges your sensibilities, then real women in America should understand that the competition–the hairy underarm crowd–manned up. Literally.

Feminists have enlisted the help of “former men”. And the two factions have joined to wage war against real women. Which brings up an interesting point.

Can trans-men be real toxically masculine?

Imagine is real men chased a feminist into a bathroom and held her hostage for a couple of hours? I would consider that behavior toxically masculine.

That reality happened to Riley Gaines, a real woman. She was ambushed last week when a trans-activist, aka LGBT thug attacked her. She ran for her life and was forced to hide until authorities rescued her.

I don’t have a toxicity meter. But I’m betting this action by the so-called “trans-activist” would damn near peg that meter. As for masculinity? Well, I suspect both the trans-activist thug and that male swimmer who beat Gaines are both loaded with masculinity.

Yet, not a single outcry from the vagina-hat wearing #MeToo crowd over these obvious cases of toxic masculinity. Apparently, as long as you pretend to be a woman you can keep your balls and not be considered toxically masculine. Even when you behave toxically masculine.

To be clear, fake women target real women with no repercussions.

Gaines felt the wrath of the LGBTQIA simply because she fights to protect the rights of real women. While Gaines finished second to a fake-female swimmer, she fights for women in almost all sports. How does the feminist movement ignore the obvious? Fake-women will destroy real women in sports, if they allow this to continue.

So one must ask, what is the real agenda of feminists? Because if helping women is the goal, they suck at it.

Real men to the rescue.

While Leftists accuse real men of being toxically masculine, it is we who fight for the rights of women. Real men have always valued real women, even before having to use the adjective “real” to separate actual women from the brain-damaged body-dysphoric. Real men exalt women; always have and always will.

I suspect that fake women and feminists hate that they can’t be real women. Thus, subject to the adulation of real men. Further, I have always contended that feminists take girly men as their boyfriends, but they seek real men for physical pleasure. But I digress.

Real women to the rescue?

Olympic legend Sharron Davies is leading calls to boycott Nike over its campaign with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney — which she ripped as “literally a kick in the teeth” to women.

“We can protest,” the retired UK swimmer told GB News late Thursday of the divisive campaign she says reflects the “total disdain that women are being treated with.”

“It’s what’s left for us at the moment because nobody really seems to be listening to the general public,” she said.

Source: NY Post

I find it interesting that it is considered BRAVE to speak up on behalf of biological women. Especially when leftists preach, “follow the science”.


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