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By: JOSEPH MACKINNON | January 27, 2023


Image source: Twitter video, @GavinNewsom – Screenshot

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California Gov. Gavin Newsom recently ran a pro-abortion ad wherein a young woman appears crying outside the U.S. Supreme Court. The woman’s tearful response appears to have been strategically situated in the video to convey grief over the high court’s Dobbs decision, which overturned Roe v. Wade and enabled the states to once again make their own determinations about abortion.

There was, however, nothing grievous about the woman’s actual response.

In fact, contrary to the voiceover that states in the ad, “Panic is the primary reaction,” the woman seen crying was jubilant, overwhelmed by the hard-won result of decades of pro-life efforts and prayers.

“Panic? Sad? Try ecstatic, blown away by God’s grace on this country,” tweeted Macy Petty, a pro-life activist and student at Lee University.

Petty is the woman grossly misrepresented in the Democratic governor’s agitprop, posted to the official California governor’s Twitter account as well as to Newsom’s personal account.

She has called out Newsom for seeking to retroactively convert her documented joy into anguish for the purpose of promoting state-sanctioned homicide.

In a Jan. 21 statement posted to Instagram, Petty said, “California governor Gavin Newsom has used my image in one of his political ads in yet another attempt to show his support for women. He and pro abortion Democrats have once again shown Americans that they care little for my voice as a woman.”

Despite reaching out to Newsom and his team several times, “asking them to stop their pathetic mischaracterization of who I am,” Petty noted “they have chosen once again to use my image and misrepresent me as a pro-life woman.”

Petty added, “I do not appreciate, nor do I consent to this kind of treatment and belittling of who I am as a woman. … Remove my image from your shameful ad and stop your disgraceful treatment of pro-life women just like me.”

Ahead of the midterm elections, Newsom and other supporters of pro-abortion Proposition 1, including former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, circulated a campaign video that similarly used the footage of Petty crying. Petty had called them out then as well, noting, “In your campaign video, you portrayed me in an evil light and distorted my emotions as part of your political game.”

The pro-life activist, who has also taken a stand against men in women’s sports, clarified, “As I continued to witness history, I pondered how lucky I was to witness such an event. I thanked the Lord for this decision and for opening my eyes to the evil of abortion. This is what brought me to tears.”

Clinton shared the deceptive video wherein “SAD” is superimposed on the student’s face on Oct. 18. Days later, Petty tweeted to her, “Hey Hillary, I’m the girl crying in this video. I am pro-life and those are HAPPY tears because I just witnessed a MIRACLE!”

Petty told the Christian Post, “I’m part of a generation of pro-life activists. … My mom worked at a pregnancy center, and my grandma started one. So it’s in my blood. And I was just so grateful to be there to witness it because there are so many people who were in the fight before me who didn’t get to witness it.”

Campus Reform reported that Petty has recently partnered with the California Family Council to take the Newsom administration to task.

The CFC issued a statement Monday, writing, “The California Family Council and Macy Petty are urging Governor Gavin Newsom to apologize for his act of defamation, remove the video from circulation, and never again use Macy Petty’s name to promote a pro-abortion stance.”


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