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Charlamagne Tha God on 'The View'
[Screenshot/The View]

Radio host Charlamagne Tha God criticized President Joe Biden’s leadership and Democrats on “The View” Monday.

Charlamagne interviewed Vice President Kamala Harris in December 2021, asking her whether Biden or Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin is the “real president.” The vice president answered Biden is the president and told him not to “talk like a Republican.” Monday, co-host Joy Behar asked the rapper about the interview.

“What did she say?” the co-host asked.

“Nothing,” he responded. “She didn’t really give an answer. But as you can see, it seems that President Manchin is currently running this country. In hindsight, people thought I was being harsh by asking that question, but now it’s like well, damn, who is running this country? Is it President Biden or Manchin?”

Behar said Manchin has a lot of power for one person, then accused the system of being dysfunctional. She asked if he is “frustrated” by how Democrats are “countering the Republicans.”

“Yes, I feel like Democrats have tried every political strategy except for courage,” he said. “There are four things that need to be done to preserve democracy. One is, get rid of the filibuster so you can properly legislate.”


“Manchin won’t have it,” Behar replied. “And [Democratic Arizona Sen.] Kyrsten Sinema, too. So, it’s not his [Biden’s] fault.”

Charlamagne called on Congress to pack the Supreme Court, pass a federal elections takeover bill and prosecute those involved in the January 6 Capitol riot. (RELATED: ‘The View’ Co-Hosts Blames ‘DINOs’ In Congress For Roe v. Wade Overturn) 

“It takes courage to vote to get rid of the filibuster, but it also takes courage to call out people like Joe Manchin, to call out people like Kyrsten Sinema and let us, the general public, know that people are blocking progress in this party,” he continued.

He credited Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for calling out their colleagues.

Manchin and Sinema have come under fire for opposing the abolition of the filibuster to pass two pieces of legislation aimed at weakening election security measures, and a recent bill intended to codify Roe v. Wade. Sinema argued abolishing the filibuster will lead to greater division during a fiery speech in January.

“The 2013 decision by Senate Democrats to eliminate the 60-vote threshold for most judicial and presidential nominations led directly to a response in 2017 by Senate Republicans, who eliminated the threshold for Supreme Court nominees,” she said. “These shortsighted actions by both parties have led to our current American judiciary and Supreme Court, which as I stand here today is considering questions regarding fundamental rights Americans have enjoyed for decades.”

Manchin has expressed opposition and voted against Biden’s Build Back Better plan, urged for the reinstatement of the Keystone XL Pipeline, and expressed concerns about the administration’s calls for the American people to purchase electric vehicles to combat rising gas prices. He was the sole Senate Democrat to vote against the Women’s Health Protection Act, which aimed to legalize third trimester abortion in all 50 states.


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