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Posted by BLAZETV STAFF | April 05, 2022


Stand-up comedian and actor Kyle Dunnigan joined Megyn Kelly on “The Megyn Kelly Show” and had the former Fox News host in stitches with his uncanny impersonation of President Joe Biden. Struggling to keep a straight face, Kelly proceeded as if actually interviewing the president and asked about the Russia-Ukraine war.

“Vladimir Pukin is … not Pukin. The guy, the guy without the shirt, man. He’s a bad dude. He’s a liar, man, not to be trusted. So, I don’t believe a word that guy says. He’s like, he’s like Corn Pop,” articulated the faux-president before falling asleep mid-sentence.

“Hey! Hey! Did you, did you sh*t my pants or did I? What’s going on here?” he asked upon waking. “Kegyn Melly, the classiest gal … in the news.”

Kelly pressed on, asking about Hunter Biden’s dubious dealings with Burisma in Ukraine.

“My boy, Huntie, he lost his job over there in the Kraines. He had a great nice cushy job there working for $80,000 a week. This guy, man, he blew it all. Blew it all for self-centered reasons … Plutin, man. Pluto blew it for my boy. C’mon, you know the thing. The guy,” faux-Biden said.

Don’t miss the rest of the hilarious interview below:

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