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By John Smith (His real name), Guest Contributor

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You may say something along the lines of the following:

  • I urge you to vote against any Forced Vaccination bills when they come up for a vote. 
  • I am against universal Force Vaccinations for the following reasons:
  • COVID-19 is not so deadly that you should be forcing vaccinations on almost the entire population, even for those who have great immunity because they already recovered from the virus?
  • Controversial bills like this should not be snuck into the legislature at the last minute without ample time for public debate.  
  • This bill is going to force many to decide between feeding their families and getting a vaccine they do not need.

I urge you as my representative to vote NO on AB1102.  Vaccines should never be mandated, as it goes against our freedom.  Many people do not want or cannot get the vaccine for many reasons.  The government has no right to regulate our health.  It’s my body and my choice what to put in it. VOTE NO on AB 1102. Thank you

Make sure to end the call by letting the office know that you are a constituent of your legislator. Feel free to leave your name and address if requested. 

Here are some articles about the bill:

Assembly Considering More Covid-19 Mandates – California Family Council

Democrats Replicating Nazi Germany and Jews With AB 1102—This Time it is the Unvaccinated (

Another Gutted Bill Amended to Compel CA Employers to Require COVID Vaccine as Condition of Employment – California Globe

It goes on…

Pass it on!

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