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Reported by Daphne Moon | June 22, 2021


I couldn’t imagine being threatened with a lawsuit from a tax-payer-funded school system just for asking questions but that’s exactly what Nicole Sola of Rhode Island says she now faces when she requested more information about the school system’s Critical Race Theory curriculum, according to her interview on Fox News:

“I wanted to speak out because I have to fight for my daughter’s education and I’m in a special position. I don’t have a job to lose because I’m a stay-at-home mom. My daughter is just starting out in school. So if I have to send her to private school, I will,” Solas told “Fox & Friends.”

“And I think it’s really important for parents to start asking more questions, because the more parents that ask more questions, the harder it will be for schools to retaliate against a lot of parents.”

She called the principal and was told that they don’t refer to “kids as boys and girls.”

“I was also told that they refrain from using gendered terminology in general terms of anti-racism. I was told that kids in kindergarten are asked what could have been done differently at Thanksgiving, and this struck me as a way to shame children for their American heritage,” Solas said.

After failing to get meaningful answers, Solas sought to see the curriculum for herself, which was a challenge, she explained to Fox. She had not yet gotten a copy of the curriculum after requesting it. Solas was advised by the school district to submit a public records request through the Access to Public Records Act. Upon receiving some information, Solas said she “did not see any evidence of gender theory or anti-racism but knew that it was being taught to students. She continued to use the APRA request system to seek answers to more of her questions.

“I have a lot of questions. I’m asking them. I wish that my questions would have been answered without having to do it this way. But they told me to do it with their own questions. They’re teaching something that they’re trying to hide from you. … They’re being opaque about it.”

Here is the kicker, a local report a school committee is allegedly considering to sue Solas’ just for basically questioning the curriculum. You would have to be unconscious not to see how that line of thought parallels communism.

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The school has reportedly painted the mom as being some negative-Nancy whose questions only sever to shed a negative light on the CRT curriculum. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if it wasn’t corrupt how in the world could asking for more information shed negative light?

Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma are just a few of the states to ban Critical Race Theory training in their school system.

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