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Catholic Bishop: Christian Voters “Cannot Support Candidates Who Will Advance Abortion”
Trump Admin Tells UN: There is Absolutely No Right to Kill Babies in Abortions
Nancy Pelosi Will Force Americans to Fund Abortions if Joe Biden Wins
Bishop Says Catholic Politicians Can’t Support Abortion. Joe Biden Should Pay Attention


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Feminist Defends Killing Babies in Abortions: “I’ve Witnessed at Least 20,” It’s No Big Deal
Joe Biden Supports Abortion, But President Trump Stands for Babies’ Right to Live
What Biden and Harris Stand For is Horrifying: Ripping Babies Limb From Limb in Abortions
Grammy Winner Kacey Musgraves: Anyone Voting for Trump is Committing an “Act of Violence”
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Catholic Bishop: Christian Voters “Cannot Support Candidates Who Will Advance Abortion”

Catholic Archbishop Samuel Aquila urged Americans to “embrace the Gospel of Life” last week after the conclusion of the Republican and Democrat national conventions.




Pro-Abortion Joe Biden Under Fire for Quoting Pro-Life Pope John Paul II

British Government Had Nursing Homes Put DNR Orders on All Residents During Coronavirus

Girl Born With Her Vital Organs Outside Her Body Doing Great After Parents Rejected Abortion

MSNBC Host: Black Pro-Life Speakers at GOP Convention Were a “Modern-Day Minstrel Show”

Genocide: China is Forcing Uighur Women to Have as Many as Eight Abortions

THE VIRGIN MARY SPEAKS TO AMERICA: “Come to Me, all mothers who weep for their children. Come to Me and I will solace you, and you will find great comfort with Me.” – Blessed Virgin Mary –  Join in Our Lady’s 50th Anniversary Vigil, September 26 to 28, 2020.  Priests go free, domestic air, hotels, meals. Buses available in various states. For info or call 609-654-0245 or 609-206-2963.  For a free rose petal blessed by Jesus and Mary write to St. Michael’s World Apostolate, PO Box 514, Bayside, NY 11361 (ADVERTISEMENT)

India Kills 6.8 Million Girl Babies in Sex-Selection Abortions, But Feminists are Silent


Human Life Begins at Conception and Abortion Takes a Human Life

Video Shows Baby Tinslee Awake and Moving Despite Hospital’s Attempt to Remove Life Support

Tasmania, Australia Bill Would Allow Wide-Open Euthanasia

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