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Reported By Ben Dutka | August 17, 2020

Hours Before Biden’s Big Convention Kicks Off – Poll Shows A Double-Digit Swing In Favor Of Trump

The Democratic National Convention kicks off this week and Joe Biden enters with a lead over President Donald Trump. According to most polls, Biden has the edge.

But now a new poll is out days after Biden’s VP pick of Kamala Harris and just in time for the big Democratic convention. And it’s shaking up the race, once again. This time, the poll is from CNN, but it’s not what most people expected. In fact, Democrats might be getting pretty nervous.

From Breitbart:

Presumptive Democrat presidential nominee former Vice President Joe Biden’s lead has evaporated in the past two months, a new poll from CNN shows.

Biden leads President Donald Trump by just four points nationally — 50 percent to 46 percent — and by even less across 15 battleground states that will determine who wins the electoral college.

It’s important to remember that CNN’s national poll in early June showed Biden with a 14-point lead over the incumbent. Now it’s down to 4, which represents a double-digit swing in favor of Trump. Additionally, in those 15 battleground states, Biden is only leading by a single percentage point: 49% – 48%. This could mean that voting in key states will come down to the wire.

According to CNN’s polling director Jennifer Agiesta, the new poll marks significant changes in demographics: 

For example, those between the ages of 35 and 64 now “tilt toward Trump,” but they were leaning toward Biden in June.

On top of which, there has been a big shift among Independent voters — in June, Biden held a 52-41% lead, but now Independents are almost split (46% for Biden, 45% for Trump).

Lastly, the poll was conducted between August 12 and August 15, almost immediately after Biden announced Harris as his running mate.

That’s why it seems Harris isn’t helping Biden out of the gate; Agiesta noted that Americans have a “narrowly positive” view of Harris, but that’s apparently not doing Joe any favors right now. 

It’s likely we’ll see more shifts in the polls as the Conventions roll on, of course. It’ll be interesting to see where the two candidates stand after both Democrats and Republicans hold their events…

Key Takeaways:

  • Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden still has a lead over Donald Trump. But it has narrowed significantly.

  • According to a recent CNN poll, the latest survey shows a double-digit swing — Biden’s 14-point lead is down to only 4.

  • The poll was conducted after Biden named Kamala Harris as his running mate. So for now, it seems Harris is having a negative impact on Biden’s popularity.

Source: Breitbart

Ben S. Dutka is a journalist, writer and editor with over two decades of experience. He has worked with three newspapers and eight online publications, and he has also won a Connecticut short story contest entitled Art as Muse, Imaginary Realms. He has a penchant for writing, rowing, reading, video games, and Objectivism.

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