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My Own Two Cents

Once again, I find it necessary to chat with you about “LEFTIST-SPEAK”. For those of you who have been with us a long time, you’ve heard this before. Because we are getting new readers every day, and because they may have never heard this important notice of how to understand and correctly interpret “LEFTIST-SPEAK”.

This was prompted this morning when I heard Joe Biden speak with two other men about President Trump and the American people. While he is not the best at “LEFTIST-SPEAK” (the best the LEFT has ever had is Barack Obama. He is reigning champion. Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer are also great at “LEFTIST-SPEAK”), yet because of the chaos of the phony pandemic and the riots, “LEFTIST-SPEAK” can sneak past you. So, here we go.

  • “The President must be a “uniter”.” (Not even an English word) The interpretation? “The Dictator in Chief must get all the American People thinking the exact same way we want, hate the same things we hate, embrace the things we embrace and talk like we want everyone to talk.”
  • “The President must bring everyone together.” Interpretation? “The Dictator in Chief must force all the evil right wingers to comply with what we want, think, talk and hate.”
  • Every criticism the Leftist Speaker gives about anyone who is not on their side, is camouflage because they are the ones actually DOING what they say their opponents are doing.

That’s all I heard in the soundbite. Barack Obama is masterful at “LEFTIST-SPEAK”. After most of his speeches you are ten people what they heard him say, and you’ll get ten completely different responses. “LEFTIST-SPEAK” leaves it up to the hearer what the hearer wants to hear. Ambiguity is the cornerstone of all political speech. “LEFTIST-SPEAK” has perfected ambiguous speaking.

Now you’ll be a great interpreter for you family and friends as you listen to any of these Leftist “spokesholes” on television, or other mediums.

Jerry Broussard


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