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On Monday morning Antoine Tucker, a former gangster turned Republican candidate for Congress, posted a powerful video after Senate Democrats blocked the $1.8 trillion stimulus bill to save the American economy and American businesses from collapse during the coronavirus crisis.

Antoine labels himself, “Former Gangster turned believer in God. Running for Congress in NY14 to defeat @AOC’s globalist agenda.”

Antoine does not hold back,

“You want proof that it’s never been about Donald Trump. Donald Trump has never been racist. It’s never been about Donald Trump being wrong for the country. Just look at what the Democrats in the Senate just did. They blocked the bill, $.8 trillion I believe. And that bill would have helped ALL Americans. Every last one of us. This stimulus package would have helped every last one of us. But the Democrats don’t give a f***. They don’t give a f*** about helping Americans. They don’t give a f*** about what race you are. They don’t care about LGBT, whatever community you belong to. They care about power. All of this sh*t is about power. All of this media hysteria is about power. Control and power. Control and power. Every day that an American dies, suffers, or finds himself hungry, you thank the damn Democrats for it. Because that’s what the f*** they been doing. F***ing up public trust. F***ing up the economy and blaming that sh*t on Donald Trump like it’s his fault when it’s f***ing them. Be aware man.”

Bottom line is the block was all about Democrats fearing Donald Trump with a huge win in helping ALL AMERICANS!

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