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Last night Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) was accused of dumping millions of dollars worth of stocks following a private briefing on the Coronavirus back in January.

“Appreciate today’s briefing from the President’s top health officials on the novel coronavirus outbreak. These men and women are working around the clock to keep our country safe and healthy.” Loeffler tweeted on January 24, 2020 — Loeffler reported her first stock sale (jointly with her husband) this very same day.


The Georgia Republican is the second (known) Senator to dump stock holdings before the market plunged. On Friday morning Senator Loeffler joined America’s Newsroom on FOX News to defend herself. Senator Loeffler told FOX News the sales were made without her knowledge and she did not know about the transactions until weeks later.

Ed Henry: Shortly after that tweet you sold over a million dollars in stocks from your portfolio before the market went down. Were you trading on inside information on what was coming?

Sen. Kelly Loeffler: Well, I’m really glad that you asked Ed because I do want to set the record straight. I’ve seen some of those stories and it’s absolutely false. And it could not be true. So, if you actually look at the personal transaction reports that were filed it notices at the bottom that I am only informed on my transactions after they occur, in several weeks. So those transactions, at least on my behalf, were a mix of buy and sells, very routine for my portfolio.

Via America’s Newsroom:

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