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Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile came completely unhinged Tuesday morning when doing an interview on Fox News. Brazile attacked Ronna McDaniel who is Chair of the Republican National Committee and Mitt Romney’s outspoken niece. Before Brazile was on the show, McDaniel was on and she was asked about the DNC and the voting right now.

McDaniel said the following about the convention, “It does depend on how big a lead that Sanders takes out of California is. If he picks up a huge proportion of delegates. I don’t see anybody getting out soon. It is leading towards a brokered convention, which will be rigged against Bernie if those superdelegates have their way on that second vote.”

Brazile didn’t like that one bit. Here’s how she responded:

“First of all, I want to talk to my Republicans. Stay the hell out of our race! Stay the hell out of our race. I get sick and tired, Ed and Sandra, of listening to Republicans tell me and the Democrats about our process.”

“First of all, they don’t have a process. They are canceling primaries. They have winner-take-all. They don’t have the kind of democracy that we see on the Democratic side.”

“And for people to use Russian talking points to sow division among Americans is stupid. So Ronna, go to hell! This is not about — go to Hell! I’m tired of it…We’re not trying to prevent anyone from becoming the nominee.“

She must have forgotten just four years ago when the DNC rigged the Democratic election in favor of Hillary Clinton. She even apologized to Bernie for it.

McDaniel was a good sport and fired a kill shot at Brazile on Twitter.

It’s ok, @donnabrazile.

I’d be having a bad day too if my party was still hopelessly divided.

Talk of a brokered convention and the DNC trying to stop Bernie obviously hit a little close to home.

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