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My Own Two Cents

Have you ever read those jokes that start out, “You know you’re in trouble when….” That’s was my reaction to the actions of BOTH Speaker Pelosi, AND, President Trump. Please put down the rocks and allow me to explain.
The temperature of our society is well beyond fever levels. We have been on the presa press of civil war for many years now. Civility is on it’s last legs, and finding any kind of peace is very difficult.

Last night’s actions by Speaker Pelosi AND President Trump did more to fan the flames of anger, and lessened the efforts towards peace. Yes, President Trump was wrong when he refused to shack the extended hand of Speaker Pelosi. Yes, Speaker Pelosi was wrong to mug for the camera during the speech. Yes, Speaker Pelosi went too far in ripping up President Trump’s speech. Disrespect bred disrespect, and a spectacle unfit for our children, and grandchildren, to witness, as well as all the nations watching.

Wouldn’t it be great to hear President Trump say, “I was wrong to let my dislike for Speaker Pelosi influence any lack of civility, and the respect due Speaker Pelosi. I was wrong not shaking her extended hand. That would have been to civil, correct way for The President of the United States to conduct himself. Please forgive me?”
I would shout praises to ABBA FATHER for any politician to demonstrate any form of genuine humility and own up to any wrong. How about you.

Likewise, wouldn’t be great to hear Speaker Pelosi say, “I was wrong in allowing myself to be offended when President Trump ignored my hand extended to shake his hand to honor The Presidency. I conduct was wrong in my actions and facial expressions during The State of the Union speech. I was also wrong in my childish temper tantrum after the speech by ripping up President Trumps speech. This was conduct unbecoming The Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States of America. Please forgive my conduct?”

I would, how about you?

That leaves it all up to us. All of us can take on civil attitudes to lessen the temperature of our political climate. You’ve heard it said, “It’s okay to disagree; just be disagreeable.” I know such conduct will not always inspire like responses. Still, when people looking for a fight, find none, the “air” seems to flow from their “sails”
I know I’m just one voice. Maybe we can stay off the mounting civil war a little longer.

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