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My Own Two Cents

Listening to this socialist trial of President trump, under the transparent guise of being an impeachment inquiry, I am left with many questions.

  • The Leftist are proceeding with a hearing to impeach a dully elected President based on presumptuous, manufactured, taken out of context, spun and manipulated farce they represent as facts. This is more proof of their socialistic mindsets because socialist conduct all trials this way. The verdict is predetermined. The accused is doomed to a guilty verdict. Here’s the question: If given the control of all three of the divisions of The Federal Government, what will stop them from treating all people of the United States the same?
    • Rival politicians?
    • Judges?
    • Governors?
    • Any person whose speech they don’t like?
    • , etc., etc.?
  • What would stop the socialist left from telling the American people that their interpretation of the Constitution is the ONLY correct one?
  • Would these socialist outlaw the Electoral College making all national elections based on who got the most votes removing all possibility that a Conservative/Republican would ever be elected?
    • How long would it take to take over control of the states?
  • How long before our Constitution would be done away with and replaced with a socialist supported document?
  • Where would this stop?

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