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Trump Defunds Planned Parenthood, Abortion Biz Loses $60 Million in Taxpayer Dollars
Alyssa Milano Killed Two of Her Babies in Abortions, Admits Using Abortion as Birth Control
Planned Parenthood Director Fired for Exposing How Its Abortions Hurt Women Wins $3 Million
40 Babies Born Alive After Botched Abortions in Just Three States in Three Years

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Kirsten Gillibrand Defends Abortions Up to Birth: “We Should Not Give an Inch on This”
Pro-Abortion Legislator Claimed Baby’s Heart Begins Beating in 2nd Trimester. She’s Totally Wrong
Government Refused to Pay for Medical Care of Father With ALS, He Was Euthanized Instead
Pro-Abortion Poll Finds Americans Oppose Paying for Abortions With Their Tax Dollars
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Trump Defunds Planned Parenthood, Abortion Biz Loses $60 Million in Taxpayer Dollars

The Planned Parenthood abortion business announced today it will officially withdraw from the Title X program — costing it $60 million in taxpayer funds because it refuses to follow a new Trump administration rule that requires it to segment out its abortion business from legitimate health care if it wants federal funding under the program. 

Washington Post Claims Men Can Get Pregnant With Headline “A Mother, Not a Woman”

“Unplanned” Movie Star Establishes Scholarships to Help Pregnant Women Keep Their Babies

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Ironman Dave Kurtz’s Own Adult Stem Cells Saved His Life. Embryonic Cells Haven’t Cured Any Patients

Abortions Rose 4% in Georgia Last Year, That’s Why the Legislature Passed an Abortion Ban

Elizabeth Warren Claims “We are Called to See the Value of Every Human Being.” But She Supports Abortion

President Trump: “Virtually Every Top Democrat Supports Late-Term Abortion Right Up to Birth”

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