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Written by Wes Walker on April 9, 2019

She took the deal and will be pleading guilty.

Anyone who remembers the old Smallville show will immediately recognize Allison Mack as the conspiracy-theorist journalist friend of Superman and Lois Lane named ‘Chloe Sullivan’. But in real life, she somehow got caught up in an actual sex cult conspiracy, complete with spying, starvation, blackmail and … branding flesh with the cult founder’s initials???

Those are the kinds of accusations being thrown around in the NXIVM (Pronounced: ‘Nexium’) case where Keith Raniere, wealthy heiress Clare Bronfman, and Kathy Russell now await trial.

Mack has pled guilty to two racketeering counts, which could carry as much as 20 years each, but will probably be much less, based on sentencing guidelines.

Mack had been facing racketeering, forced labor conspiracy, wire fraud conspiracy and various sex trafficking charges in connection with her role as a high-ranking leader in DOS, a group secretly led by Raniere that purported to be a women’s empowerment sorority.

But in actuality, federal prosecutors said the group was essentially a sex ring to benefit Raniere, with women known as “slaves” who reported to “masters” who ultimately reported directly to him and were wholly devoted to his teachings.

Prosecutors say Mack was a co-conspirator, recruiting women to join the group. She reported directly to Raniere.

…They were also forced to give up collateral – nude photos, statements of family secrets – in order to join the group. DOS leaders threatened to release the information if the women publicly revealed the group’s existence, prosecutors claim.
Source: USAToday

Photos and secrets? That would explain the racketeering charges, as we can see here:

Court papers allege NXIVM formed a secret society of women who were branded with Raniere’s initials and forced to have sex with him. Defense attorneys have insisted any relationship between Raniere and the alleged victims, including an unidentified actress and other women expected to testify against him at trial, was consensual.

On Monday, Mack said that at Raniere’s direction, she obtained compromising information and images of two unidentified women – called “collateral” within the group – that she threatened to make public if they didn’t perform “so-called acts of love.”
Source: NOLA

If you ever get tempted to think someone else with a fatter wallet or a higher public profile has a better life than you do, stop and think about what has to be missing in your life to wind up in a cult where you agree to be branded with some creepy dude’s initials, and to have your own sexual identity subordinated to a cult leader’s wishes.

You can be a ‘wealthy heiress’ to a Distillery’s fortune or a household name from Hollywood and there can still be a void that you go looking to fill in crazy places.

You might think that the reason so many of these celebrities’ lives are so jacked up comes from ‘having it all’ and STILL not finding something in life that truly satisfies and gives real meaning.


Wes Walker is the author of “Blueprint For a Government that Doesn’t Suck”. He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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