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Written by Wes Walker on February 12, 2019

You just KNOW some poor SOB just dropped a chunk of change trying to run away from the Polar Vortex back home, just to find THIS waiting for him in ‘paradise’. Sometimes you just want to get away from it all. And then you find ‘it all’ followed you anyway.

A record-breaking storm hit Hawaii. You know, the kind of event that is either:

(a) just a weather event you moron, and not evidence of Climate change, or else it’s

(b) proof positive that Climate change is real and we need to rescue Mother Gaia from danger!

… (that difference depends on whether that ‘event’ fits your models or not.)

For all of that, some things just don’t change.

The kids, for example, are loving it.

Blizzard in Hawaii, days after the New Green Deal… just hilarious.

It’s almost as if nature itself is mocking their ambitious plans.

It reminds us of how — for a while — it seemed like every time Al Gore showed his face for some big event to stop Global Warming (as they were still called at the time), he was greeted with a blizzard.

Hawaii has a record storm — with snow — on the week that AOC drops her Climate rescue.

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