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Written by Wes Walker on February 5, 2019

He met all the qualifications for National Honor Society, but his school found one ‘disqualifying flaw’. All the other ‘boxes’ in his application checked out. But his school refused to recommend him for one reason.

His political ‘Character Flaw’.

Boris Kizenko, a junior at Holmdel High School, said Sunday that his school’s administration and the “council” responsible for determining admittance into the NHS claimed he had a “character flaw.”

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Kizenko added that he met all of the NHS’s grade and community service requirements as well.

The school is back-pedaling and now says they don’t discriminate against politics. But other students from the school got a green light. And the only thing during the year that got him red-flagged by faculty was political: 

It was when he showed his school MAGA spirit. Watch:

‘Offensive’ T-shirts saying ‘Make Holmdel Great Again’ and an Instagram account giving various daily affirmations, including a Presidential quote were NOT received gladly by the school.

“I checked all the boxes, and there’s plenty of pro-choice, anti-Trump — openly — people who get into the National Honor Society,” he said.

Kizenko said that his school believed Trump’s quote — “If you’re going to be thinking, you may as well think big” — doesn’t represent the ideals of his class.

He said that when he posted his quote by Trump and also created “Make Holmdel Great Again” T-shirts for his re-election campaign, it became a “huge problem.”

“I think that kind of shows how the school is just against conservative students,” Kizenko said.
Source: Fox News Insider

If not that, what was his ‘flaw’?

The school hasn’t replied yet but they have been invited to do so.

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