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Reported by Charlie Butts ( | Friday, December 28, 2018

Planned Parenthood buildingA pro-life movie that is coming out next year is anticipated to destroy all the myths about abortion spread by left-wing media.

The film is titled, Unplanned: the Abby Johnson Story.

Johnson worked as the director of a Planned Parenthood in the Bryan/College Station area to the northwest of Houston, Texas, for about eight years – doing so because she wanted to help women.

Cary Solomon – the writer, director and producer of the movie – says that Johnson did not do abortions until they were shorthanded one day.

“In her own words, she said I’d done a lot of ultrasounds, but I had never seen a baby so completely as I did that day – hands moving, eyes, you know, everything … legs, Solomon shared. “The baby was alive, and then suddenly, I saw the catheter entered into the woman’s uterus to basically remove the baby, and the baby tried to escape.

Needless to say, the escape was unsuccessfully. A tiny human being was denied life.

It was then that Johnson realized she had been the supervisor over the termination of 22,000 babies during her tenure. She subsequently resigned and joined the pro-life movement.

Solomon explained that Unplanned is a pro-life movie, but noted that it was not done in a fashion to condemn women who have experienced abortion.

“For women that have not had abortions or children or young girls that are considering it, we want them to realize that this is a baby,” the pro-life director asserted. “You have to contemplate that. You cannot buy into the myth of the media and of Planned Parenthood that it’s not a baby.”

Already, Solomon’s crew is working on opening the movie in as many theaters nationwide as possible, and so far, 500 have expressed interest.

Unplanned is slated to make its debut in March.

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