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Reported by Chris Woodward ( | Friday, December 21, 2018

NYT PP storyA pro-life activist who famously left a Planned Parenthood job says she is grateful for a New York Times story that took on the abortion giant.

The liberal newspaper published a Dec. 13 story describing how pregnant employees are mistreated by Planned Parenthood, an obvious and ironic slap at the beloved hero of feminists and abortion rights supporters.

The supposed champion of feminism and women’s rights, the Times revealed, doesn’t offer maternity leave to its own employees, and the story describes the harsh treatment employees received while pregnant.

Other corporations and a liberal law firm are also named in the story.

“In interviews and legal documents,” the story states, “women at Planned Parenthood and other organizations with a feminist bent described discrimination that violated federal or state laws — managers considering pregnancy in hiring decisions, for example, or denying rest breaks recommended by a doctor.” 

Abby Johnson was among the people interviewed for the article because she gave birth while employed there.

“They asked me some questions and so I just told them Well, there is no parental leavepaid maternity leave for employees,” Johnson says. “They told me at that time that they were going to be writing this exposé on Planned Parenthood. Here they are, this group who is supposedly a champion for women, yet they’re not taking care of their own employees.”

According to the reporters Johnson talked to, she learned that Planned Parenthood tried to stop the article from being published.


“I have no reason to believe these two reporters at The New York Times are pro-life,” she tells OneNewsNow, “but I do know they are really disgusted with the way Planned Parenthood is treating their employees, the lack of care that their showing for their employees.”

Johnson was asked about her own non-profit organization and told the reporters it offers 12 weeks of paid parental leave for employees.

Johnson estimates her revenue to be about one percent of Planned Parenthood’s.

“Yet we’re able to provide 12 weeks parental leave for our employees and Planned Parenthood is saying they can’t do it for theirs,” she points out. “Yet they’re making over $1 billion a year.”

Meanwhile, Johnson suggests the revelation about Planned Parenthood should be a reminder that organizations that claim to value children and motherhood should lead by example.

“Because we have got to treat our employees better than Planned Parenthood is treating theirs,” she explains. “This is just one area where we can start.”

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