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Reported by Steve Jordahl ( | Thursday, November 15, 2018

Isabella Chow (UC-Berkeley student)

A Christian student at the University of California, Berkeley, is being pressured to resign her post in student government over her biblical beliefs.

When President Donald Trump recently redefined “gender” for federal purposes as the gender an individual is born with, it didn’t set well with students at Berkeley. A member of the student government quickly introduced a resolution condemning the president but student senator Isabella Chow (pictured) couldn’t support it. She didn’t vote no – instead, she abstained. For that, she was roundly condemned by her fellow students at a subsequent gathering.

In an interview with OneNewsNow, Chow expressed her support for freedom from discrimination and freedom from harassment for all people.

“But where it crosses the line for me is that I’m asked to promote LGBTQ identities and lifestyles – and it conflicts with my values and the values of the Christian community that I represent,” she shared.

And when she refused to support the resolution, it didn’t take long for the hammer to fall.

“My political party released a statement right after the vote disaffiliating with me – [and it] was shared widely,” said Chow. “This issue has just gone viral. People are calling me ‘homophobic,’ ‘transphobic,’ the ‘f-word’ and many other slurs that I just don’t want to repeat here.”

Most of the campus is demanding she resign her post in student government – but Chow is determined to stay the course.

“The issue that students here at Berkeley have with my statement is that they fundamentally cannot reconcile how I can say I love you and validate you as an individual, and yet disagree with how you choose to identify yourself and how you choose to live your life,” she explained.

Chow, who has a long year and a half in front of her before graduation, told Fox News that “backing down is not an option” – even though no one except her Christian supporters on campus will even talk to her anymore.

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