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Reported By | Wes Walker |

If the MAGA hat were on the aggressor’s head, the media would have been calling for blood. This is the kind of aggressive stupidity that gets people ‘outed’ on the internet, and — in some cases — fired.

We saw it with the Portland Antifa punk who tried to harass and intimidate the 9/11 widow (he got fired). We saw it with the pro-life girl took a roundhouse from some dumb leftist radical who had pulled a similar stunt on another pro-life demonstrator. (He got fired AND he is facing criminal charges.)

But don’t expect the media to get all ‘huffy’ about this particular exchange, because it doesn’t fit their ‘Orange Man Bad’ talking points. It’s actually the exact opposite.

We’ve got a scene in a coffee shop, where one customer is minding his own business — he’s trying to talk to somebody on the phone, even, if you look closely — while some self-important moron in a football jersey takes it upon himself get right up in the stranger’s face and to ‘correct’ the his politics.

The white Liberal was very offended by the black man’s MAGA hat.’

What’s wrong with my supporting Trump?”

The guy in the hat was just trying to quietly go about his life, but the physically larger liberal guy wouldn’t let it go.

Doing exactly what Maxine Waters has called her supporters to do, he made a scene, got right in his face, got hostile, raised his voice at him and eventually knocked his hat off his head and onto the floor. 

This story has been out for a few days now, but we came back to it because the Media(D) has been hammering the narrative that Trump and the Right are responsible for ‘escalating’ hostility in public discourse, because of mean words.

But how many variants of this story have we heard before?

The MAGA hat triggers some rage event in public, and either someone is berated for it, or the hat gets stolen, or someone is denied service in a restaurant, or someone gets assaulted — one truck was even shot at for having a MAGA flag if you remember, and another one spraypainted ‘Trump’ and burned in Portland more recently.

These are not escalations of violence on the part of Republicans, are they? And what happens when women or ethnic men show their support for the President? They’re ‘traitors’ to their ‘race’ or ‘gender’. They get disparaged by Media Talking heads. Marc Lamont Hill called black Republican Trump supporters “Mediocre Negroes”.

Kanye — who isn’t even a Republican, just someone who has positive things to say about both Hillary AND Donald Trump — was facing death threats for wearing that hat.

Do you know what we didn’t see? When the Free Press (which for living memory has been cleverly disguised as the AV department of the Democrat party) was bending over backward to connect Trump’s words to the mail bomb attacks, or even worse, to the disgusting anti-Semite who shot up a Synagogue over the weekend, they had nothing to say about this video.

Because it was a smaller black guy being harassed by a Liberal white guy. They don’t want THOSE stories in circulation. Not when they’re trying to paint THEIR side as the perpetual victims of the Big Mean Republicans.

But people are wising up. They’ve stopped watching CNN. The political tide is turning.

In our favor.


Wes Walker is the author of “Blueprint For a Government that Doesn’t Suck”. He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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