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My Own Two Cents

There has been an arrest in the mailed pipe bomb case. It is a man, who by his van, is an extreme right wing person. The article I published on Monday was done because of all the evidence we have of the left putting these kind of acts together designed to embarrass those of us on the right. 

I WAS WRONG in my assessment.

Almost weekly I am sent, or I find published articles and postings that scream evidence of some wrong doing of someone on the left. I vet as thoroughly as possible before I pass anything along to you. These articles and posts are tracked back to leftist operatives who publish them knowing those of us on the right will enthusiastically republish them and when it’s proven a hoax, we look stupid and over reacting.

I have said to you that I try not to get involved in speculation. I apologize for the speculation given.

Thank you,

Jerry Broussard

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