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Chelsea Clinton Says It Would be “Un-Christian” to Protect Babies From Abortion
Democrats Try to Trash Bret Kavanaugh With False Sexual Harassment Claims Like They Did Clarence Thomas
Joy Behar: “God Forbid” “Sociopath” President Trump “Lives Another 20 Years”
Diane Feinstein Sat on Letter With Bogus Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh for Months

More Pro-Life News
Chelsea Clinton: “As a Deeply-Religious Person, Its Un-Christian to Me” to Oppose Abortion
Insulting New Ads Imply Women Have to Abort Their Babies to Enjoy Lipstick and High Heels
New Planned Parenthood President Repeats Lie That Abortions are Only 3% of Its Business
How Can Planned Parenthood Prez Leana Wen Celebrate “Being a Parent” and Oversee 328,000 Abortions?
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