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Opinion: To Combat Islamism: Think Global, Act Local  Although Islamism is a transnational problem, solutions will look different in every country Read
News: Al-Qaeda Recruitment Methods Revealed  Bin Laden documents recently released show the organization’s sinister plans  Read More
Video: Must Watch: Muslim Satirist Lampoons Maajid Nawaz  Veedu Vidz’s satire pokes fun at the toxicity of the debate on Islamism Watch
News: Britain’s Top Clergyman Warns Against Sharia Law  The archbishop of Canterbury said sharia should never be part of Britain Read
Readers Write
Learn About Child Marriage — and What to Do About It

“And where are the self-righteous feminists? Nowhere to be seen when a child needs them. pffft”


Why Are Suspected Terrorists Allowed to Buy Guns?

“They don’t have to buy them legally, they can buy them on the streets from criminals that sell them to make a buck.”


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