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News: How American Dollars End Up Funding Terror  And that terror claims American lives  Read More
News: Encounter With Uber Driver Results in FGM Arrest  A passenger was shocked when the diver told him he had his daughter cut  Read More
Infographic: Timeline of Attacks on US Embassies Abroad  Including the latest attack Feb. 22 in Montenegro  Read and Share
News: How to Stay Connected With Us on Facebook  Facebook is changing its ‘news feed.’ Here’s what you do to continue to see Clarion’s page  Read more
Readers Write
Learn About Child Marriage — and What to Do About It

“So sad the free world is encouraging and supporting systems and ideologies that practice it.”


Why Are Suspected Terrorists Allowed to Buy Guns?

“There will always be room for abuse of ownership denial laws. We must always be careful what power we give the government. Crime reporting to national crime investigation services have been too lax. The Vegas shooting is a perfect example. This doesn’t require new laws. It requires old laws be enforced.”


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