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Opinion: Judge Disallows References to CAIR-Hamas Ties in Suit  The case involves the San Diego school district which partnered with the Islamist organization  Read More
Poll Results: Poll Results: Gitmo or Criminal Trial for Terrorists?  We asked what should be done to bring foreign terrorists who attacked Americans to justice  Read
Video: Graphic Video: ISIS Executions on Egyptian Streets ISIS fighters freely embark on an orgy of carnage  Watch
News: Texas Couple Gets Prison Time for Lying About Jihadi Sons  Sumaiya and Mohommad Hasnain Ali were in regular contact with their sons who had joined ISIS in Syria  Read
News: ISIS Terror Updates: Virginia, Maryland, New York  The latest arrests, convictions and trials of accused ISIS supporters and would-be terrorists  Read More
Video: ‘Turkey Declares War on US Even if Trump Doesn’t Know’  Turkey’s latest aggressions are part of a larger picture  Watach
Readers Write
Look What Al-Qaeda Did Last Month in the Middle East

“Thank G-d the rules of engagement have changed. All I can say is, do what you have to to get the job done.”


US Holds Arch Terrorists in Syria: Now What?

“As a Canadian who had to contribute to the $10.5 million our government paid Omar Khadr for his experience at Gitmo and who is now free, I say prosecute them in federal court and throw away the key. Do not give them any ground for appeal.”


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