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Mrs Hughes Humor

I had never heard of Mrs. Hughes until a friend sent me this video in 2007. And it was definitely worth the seven plus minutes.

So grab a cup of coffee — or beverage of your choice — “take two” (or seven) and enjoy this stand-up in the old style of comics from an era when humor was actually family friendly and funny!

“If any of you out there are planning on having children, take my advice and have natural childbirth. Save that anesthesia ’till that kid’s a teenager and you really need it.” Mrs. Hughes

“One minute Scooter’s ten years old and the sweetest child. The next thing you know, like that, he’s fifteen and he’s copped an attitude. We’d been fighting all day and he came over to me and he goes ‘SO, why’d you have me?’ Well, actually we didn’t know it’d be YOU!” Mrs. Hughes

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