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Video: Iran Protests Are ‘D-Day Landing’ in War on Radical Islam  Mauro: Iranian people have the power to bring down the regime  Watch
Infographic: US: We Won’t Abandon Iranian People  World leaders give support to anti-regime protesters  Read and Share
Video: US Coalition to ISIS: We Got You Last Year!  Commanders of Operation Inherent Resolve give us an update  Watch
News: Mosque Pays Fine of Man Who Vandalized It  The vandal was filled with remorse. The generous act is helping him turn his life around Read
Video: Warning Graphic: New ISIS Video Targets World Leaders  A professional video aimed at showing the group is still relevant  Watch
Readers Write

US Coalition to ISIS: We Got You Last Year!

“What pains me is that our brilliant military had the capability of utterly destroying ISIS 4 years ago when Obama called them Junior Varsity. Why did Obama not do it? That is a question we must all ponder very seriously.”


2018 New Year’s Resolution? Read the Quran

“That is exactly why the three Founding Fathers met with the Barbary Pirates (radical Islam) — to find out why they kept attacking us. They brought the book back so the American citizens could understand why we went to war.”


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