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Reported By Benjamin Arie | December 13, 2017 at 1:12pm

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It’s no secret that North Korea is an extremely strange place… but the Hermit Kingdom just got even more bizarre.

A spike in the number of so-called “ghost ships” being found washed up on Japan’s coast are an eerie clue that the regime may be teetering on the brink of collapse. The name “ghost ship” is being used to describe fishing vessels that drift into Japanese waters with their crews dead or dying… and experts believe the disturbing trend means that North Koreans are becoming increasingly hungry and desperate.

“Police said 28 North Korean boats had washed ashore or been found adrift in November, a steep rise on the four vessels discovered in the same month last year,” reported The Guardian.

“Of the total, 42 people, all claiming to be fishermen, were found alive in November, while police discovered the decaying corpses of 18 others.”

Socialism: So great, only half your crew ends up dead in a drifting boat trying to escape. Sign us up!

“(T)he sudden increase during November suggests civilian and military fishermen are taking greater risks after calls by the country’s leader, Kim Jong-un, to catch more seafood to feed its million-strong military and for export to China,” the report continued.

That could well mean that the sanctions against the rogue nation are biting deep. Both the United States and the United Nations have worked to stop other countries from trading with North Korea in response to Kim Jong Un’s growing nuclear weapons program. Kim Jong Un could end the problems tomorrow by listening to the U.N. Security Council and ending his missile programs. He continues to refuse.

The reclusive country is known more for its military displays and martial attitude than diplomacy and sanity, but a strange quote from a propaganda newspaper inside North Korea suggests that the nation is starting to realize that it can’t eat its nuclear warheads.

Fishing boats are like warships, protecting the people and the motherland,” boasted The Rodong Sinmun, a newspaper of the socialist Workers’ Party.

“Fish are like bullets and artillery shells,” it declared. Well, that would make for a very strange war.

As the glorious leader’s fish warriors — er, fishermen — desperately push out farther and farther away from the struggling country’s waters, the fragility of North Korean boats becomes a life and death problem.

“To reach their quotas, fishermen and soldiers are steering their small, poorly equipped boats further out to sea to exploit rich fishing grounds close to Japan’s 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zone,” explained the Guardian.

“Those that encounter mechanical problems or run out of fuel simply drift, with fierce currents and a strong prevailing south-westerly wind taking them to Japan.”

In socialist Venezuela, grocery stores are stripped of food and basic supplies. In communist Cuba, an everyday item like toilet paper has become a luxury. In dystopian communist North Korea, illness and starvation force people to risk their lives for a small chance at escape. If there was any doubt that socialism and its evil twin communism were disastrous, this should end the argument.

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