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News: Hackers Substitute Porn on ISIS Sites  Success! ISIS responded by telling supporters not to trust their ‘news agency’  Read
Video: ‘How to Beat Your Wife’  The guidelines are truly shocking  Watch and Comment
News: Islamist Extremists Gather Near DC to Promote Jihad‘  Ignorant infidels’ should be forced ‘with a stick’ to accept Islam Read
Video: ‘Fear Us Women’: Canadian Model Fights Against ISIS in Syria  Watch the trailer of the new film documenting her fight  Watch
Opinion: Should America Be Worried About a Saudi-Iranian War?  Rising tensions between the two regional powers may impact American interests Read
Readers Write
America One Step Closer to Defunding Palestinian Terrorists

“And we all wonder why terrorism is increasing in the world and America! Our own gov’t is guilty. I am sick to my stomach”


How Should Extremist Propaganda Online Be Handled?

“The prisons are going to pretty crammed with all those that have seen the footage of the planes flying into the World Trade Center.”


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