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Video: ‘National Duty to Rape Girls in Revealing Clothes’  Remarks by an Egyptian lawyer during a TV debate  Watch
Opinion: CIA Disclosures: Iran Cooperating With Al-Qaeda  The latest revelations should sink the Iran deal  Read
 Did Weak Leadership Put NYC at Risk?  Authorities are failing to address the real issues  Read more
News: Hand of Iran? Lebanon’s PM Flees Country  Saad Hariri feared he would suffer the same fate as his father & be assassinated  Read and Watch
Readers Write
Spate of Arrests for Members of American Jihadi Cult

“No thanks to the liberal news media these groups go under the radar .”


US Backs Killing ISIS Foreign Fighters

“Killing them makes more sense than Trudeau’s policy of flying them to Canada, giving them Canadian passports and rewarding them millions for every murder they commit…”


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