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Published by | on November 6, 2017

These two men are undoubtedly heroes.  Check out what they did, it’s incredible!

Stephen Willeford, 55, was the first to confront gunman Devin Patrick Kelley.  He even managed to shoot through the body armor that Kelley was wearing and injured him.  He wanted to make sure that this shooter was stopped and pursued him until the police arrived.

Check out Doug’s take on this devastating mass shooting:

Texas Department of Public Safety Regional Director Freeman Martin said Willeford, a keen biker, had ‘grabbed his rifle and engaged the suspect’.

A local resident told that Willeford, who attends a different church, was first alerted to the shooting when his daughter called him saying there was a man in body armor gunning down church goers during mass.

He grabbed his gun and headed down to confront the gunman.

And Willeford, a plumber by trade, was a fantastic shot.  He saw Langendorff in his truck driving to his girlfriend’s house and told him what they needed to do.

Willeford, a local plumber with no military experience, is however an excellent shot according to the resident, and when he came face to face with Kelley, he shot in between his body armor, hitting him in his side.

At this point Langendorff, who was headed to his girlfriend’s house, came across the exchange of fire.

When Kelley dropped his Ruger assault rifle and fled in an SUV, Willeford came up to Langendorff and hopped in his truck.

Watch Langendorff on Good Morning America here:

No gunfire was exchanged during the high-speed pursuit, but Langendorff told KSAT 12 that he was on the phone with police dispatch while he was driving, and Willeford had his rifle trained on the gunman’s SUV.

Kelley lost control of the vehicle in the chase and shot himself before police could arrive.

In a Facebook post, Langendorff’s girlfriend Summer Caddel described how the pair had ‘jumped in my boyfriend’s truck and they chased that sick b*****d down in pursuit until the cops could catch up. He was able to run the shooter off of the road on 539!’
Source:  Daily Mail

Wow!  That is some kind of bravery.

Kelly had an arsenal in his SUV and could have fired at them.  For some reason, he didn’t.

And these guys, well, they’re heroes.

Is it any surprise?  They’re Texans, after all.

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned this year, it’s that Texans are some of the best people in this country of ours!

God Bless Texas!

Why are Texans so awesome?

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